March, 18 2017

Found Dog Unknown


Labrador Retriever

I found a stray at about 1:30pm this afternoon. After getting her some initial veterinary care, we began looking for the owners. I posted to nearly 10 different facebook groups dedicated to lost pets in the area, called every petco and petsmart within a 25 mile radius, created craigslist posts, contacted local vets, everything we could think of... with no results. We feared our stray was actually abandoned. I posted a 'found pet' listing on Lostmydoggie.com, and within half an hour I was on the phone with the owners. Lostmydoggie had forwarded my listing to the owner's vet, who promptly contacted the owner. Our stray was picked up at about 8pm. I'm honestly shocked at how well, and how quickly, this service worked! If I EVER lose one of my own pets, this is the first place I'll turn!

January, 20 2017

Found Dog Unknown


Jack Russell Terrier

This afternoon I put up an ad for a dog we'd found a few nights ago. Just this evening, I got a phone call from the owner, and she specifically cited LostMyDoggie as the place she found her picture & my contact info. Lucky girl got to go home tonight! Thank you; will return if - knock on wood - this or the inverse should happen again!

January, 11 2017

Found Cat Stacher


American Shorthair

After our cat ran away from the fireworks on New Year's Eve we immediately started posting on Craigslist and putting flyers up near our area. It wasn't until someone saw our cragslist add and told us about lostmydoggie.com. After 13 days of searching someone 2 miles down the road said that they had seen our cat and she looked like the cat she had seen on lostmydoggie.com through amber alert. What a amazing site. We got at least 6 calls from people who said that they got the Amber alert and had thought they had seen her. We found her less then a mile from our home and she was in good health. Thank you so much Brittany

January, 1 2017

Found Dog Chubby



This is a wonderful service. The robocall worked. Within an hour of having it go out, a neighbor called. Mu brother's missing puppy is now safe at home.

December, 13 2016

Found Dog Batman


Labrador Retriever

I am very pleased with the LostMyDoggie service!! On the same day I purchased, we received a call with a sighting of my dog, who had been missing for 4 days. We were definitely able to reach more people with the calls. Thank you!!!

December, 3 2016

Found Dog Ester


Australian Cattle Dog

Thank you! We received a tip after the first message broadcast and then we got a call this morning and she was found and we were reunited because they heard the message.

November, 15 2016

Found Dog Raimi


Labrador Retriever

This website was worth every penny. Our lab had been missing for 10 days when we purchased our package and in less than 24 hours we got 3 phone calls, 1 of which led to us ultimately finding her.

November, 8 2016

Found Cat Yardley


Domestic Short Hair

I am overjoyed that I found my sweet cat Yardley. Your service is amazing. The moment I posted I started receiving phone calls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

October, 24 2016


Labrador Retriever

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with LostMyDoggie.com! The process of entering the information and uploading a picture was quick and easy. Within minutes of submitting my information for the free alert option, I had a call with an offer for the phone call option. I knew my pup was close to home but we live in a rural area so I took advantage of the offer. I added some details about his disappearance in the comments section. With in a few minutes I received a call which was the alert call regarding my dog. It was a lovely (real, human) voice giving details about my sweet dog and some of the notes I made. Clearly, they had looked at his picture and had an accurate description of him in the message. To be honest, I wasn't sure if the phone call would really go out to the homes nearest mine or if everyone would be called. Within a few minutes of the call, I received a call from a neighbor who had my dog. Later that evening, I received another call from a neighbor who had seen him the night prior and received a voicemail from LostMyDoggie.com about him. Less than 24 hours after our dog was scared off, we had him back. I'm so impressed and thankful! THANK YOU LostMyDoggie.com! I'm a forever fan! I've told everyone I can about the amazing service you offer that brings our fur babies home!

October, 22 2016


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My dog walked out the front door this afternoon and no one saw. My mother realized almost 20 minutes later and starting looking for him immediately. An hour later when she still couldn't find him she called me hysterically crying and agonizing over our missing dog. We searched for Harvey (our dog) for hours! and I thought of looking up some sort of way of putting out an alert for him. I googled "I lost my dog what do I do?" and lost my doggie came up. I made my profile, submitted a picture of Harvey and literally within minutes I had a phone call from an organization called "Queens Lost and Found Pets" saying they got a call from someone who found Harvey!!!!!! I burst into tears as I spoke to the lady, and thanked her generously. My sister picked up Harvey a few minutes later and brought him home. Thank you so much to everyone who helped find my precious Harvey! I never wish this upon any pet owner, and I only hope I could help reunite other pets with their owner if there ever a need! THANK YOU!

October, 3 2016



Every time my dogs get lost I count on Lost My Doggie to get things going. Luckily I found them quickly this time. Getting out there, posting signs and asking everybody you see is absolutely essential. Lost My Doggie helps you reach more people quickly. Thanks from a happy and relieved dog mom.

October, 1 2016


Bichon Frise

Great website. I highly RECOMMEND IT. I posted it and then a neighbor who found my dog went online and saw our posting and called us. We got our dog back within 90 minutes. Great site. Thanks again. Priceless!

September, 17 2016


Australian Shepherd

I posted that I had lost Sadie the morning after she came up missing. I had been looking for her since the afternoon before. Within two hours of adding my information to the service I received a phone call that my dog had been found. I don't think I would have found her without the help of lost my doggie.com.

September, 15 2016



I can't thank you enough for helping me find my baby! I really appreciate it my life is complete.

September, 9 2016


Pit Bull

We knew a neighbor had her. She had been missing 17 days, so as my last ditch effort to find her (I spent everyday combing through every site looking for her) I paid LostMyDoggie and they robo called my area. That evening the sheriff's dept found her AROUND THE CORNER FROM OUR HOME *17 DAYS LATER and took her to the shelter where we just picked her up from. Maybe a guilty feeling neighbor, or one that knew their neighbors would get the same call, must have let her out. She's home now. Worth every penny