Most lost pet orders are processed within one hour (during our alert broadcasting times). Otherwise, if it's not during alert broadcast hours, your calls will go out shortly after the broadcasting time starts. Our automated calling system can send out any amount of calls within 1 hour. We do our best to get calls out ASAP as we understand that if we act quicker, it can increase the probability of finding your pet.

Our Alert Broadcasting Times are Mon-Fri 10AM to 7PM and Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM. These times are applicable to the time zone you are in. These times are also the best time to reach your neighbors at home.

Although we do our best to find your lost or stolen pet, we cannot guarantee that your pet will be found. We also cannot refund you if your pet is not found. Our service is an effective way to find a missing pet, but of course no guarantees can be made.

Yes, when we get an answering machine, we leave our message with your missing pet and contact information. When a live person answers the call, we play the message with your missing pet and contact information. Our toll-free number also is displayed to people who have Caller ID, so many times they will call us back as well if they didn't previously answer. Our service is classified and registered as an exempt organization by the DNC (Do Not Call Registry).

LostMyDoggie.com, LLC is classified and registered as an exempt organization by the DNC, thus we can phone your neighbors who are on the Do Not Call List.

This is not an issue. Our proprietary system will call the main emergency number that is on file with the credit bureaus and/or the utility company. This will include cell phones, mobile devices and voip phone systems.

We have a database of over 210 Million U.S. telephone numbers, with over a 90% accuracy rate. We maintain our database monthly to continually update it and keep it accurate.

Although we do our best to pronounce your name as well as your pet's name, mispronunciations can happen. This is not as important as you might think though, the most important thing in locating your pet is for you to accurately fill out the missing pet information form and including a picture, this is crucial to locating your pet, much more so than the pronunciation of the names.

You can always login to your account and see an updated status of your pet alert message. It will be updated once calls go out. Also upon request, we can provide you with a detailed call log of all calls that were sent out.

Yes, our extensive database of phone numbers includes apartment complexes and condoes. It does not include business phone numbers so businesses in your area will not be notified, but neighbors in your area will.

NOTE: IF the pet alert message has already gone out, it cannot be changed. Please first login and make sure the alert message has not already been broadcast. If it hasn't you can still change it simply by logging into your account and editing the missing pet information. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-818-0060.

Due to our upfront costs at the time of processing, paid amber alert packages are NOT refunded or CANNOT be cancelled if the pet is found before the next alert time or for any other reason. Add on services have a 100% money back guarantee if your pet is not found within 30 days...see details

We notify all types of pet related business that include, but not limited to, animal hospitals, veterinarians, animal shelters, rescue groups, pet stores, pet groomers, dog walkers and trainers, and other pet related businesses.

Upon request we can email you the complete name and address list (including phone numbers) of the pet businesses we mailed flyers to. You can then verify with them that they received a flyer from us about your lost pet.

Is LostMyDoggie.com a scam? Or, "Is LostMyDoggie.com legit?" ... "Has anyone used LostMyDoggie.com before?" We think they're fair questions. We're proud of the positive experiences our customers have had with our company. LostMyDoggie.com has been using our pet amber alert system online since 2008 and has been instrumental in locating 1000's of lost pets. We are Paypal and GeoTrust verified and we can provide any other credentials to put you at ease. We can also give you detailed phone and address logs of all amber alerts we send out. If you still think we're a scam please review our 100's of success stories or simply give us a call at 877-818-0060. You can also read independent 3rd party reviews on Reviews.io HERE or at this other independent 3rd party HERE.