Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

June, 14 2024

Found Dog Sonic


Mixed Breed

Thank you so much!!! Because of this service alot of people I didn't know where looking. One of those.people messaged me and I was bleeding to.find him 3 hours later!. Because of this site my son and sonic woke up with a smile on their face!!

June, 12 2024

Found Dog Teddy or Yada

Teddy or Yada

Yorkshire Terrier

Wow! We just found our furry little friend because of the alert you guys sent to a vet. A lady found the dog in a park nearby and took it to a vet , to check to see if it was chipped , which he wasn’t and the vet told the woman , that they had just gotten an alert today from your site and in turn the lady came to the neighborhood and saw the posters that I printed from your site , amd Teddy was returned to his owner and family ! Thank you lostmydoggie.com ! This is an awesome site! Worth every penny ! Thank God you guys were here to help us ! Forever grateful ! Teddys Mom

June, 3 2024

Found Dog Yogi


Blackmouth Cur

This service was amazing within a couple hours we were able to get pictures of sightings leading us track him down the next day and bring him back home I’m forever grateful and thankful

June, 1 2024

Found Dog Esme


Wire Fox Terrier

Lost my doggie helped me find my dog Jake a few years ago. If you have ever had a missing pet, you know how terrifying it is. My sister's puppy, Esme, went missing this morning. My first resource was LostMyDoggie. Happily, Esme was found safe just a few hours after going missing. This is a great website. Remember to chip your dog!

May, 3 2024

Found Dog Bella


Shih Tzu

LostDoggie.com came to my rescue when my furry friend went missing. Their service was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I submitted my lost pet report, I felt supported and hopeful. Their user-friendly platform made it easy to provide all the necessary details about my beloved dog. Within hours, I received notifications about potential sightings in my area. The community outreach feature was particularly impressive, as it mobilized local volunteers to keep an eye out for my pet. The LostDoggie.com team showed genuine empathy and dedication throughout the process. They provided helpful tips and resources to aid in the search effort. Their prompt response to any questions or concerns was truly reassuring during such a stressful time. Thanks to LostDoggie.com, my dog was safely reunited with me immediately. I cannot recommend their service highly enough to anyone experiencing the heartache of a lost pet. They are a beacon of hope for pet owners in need.

May, 3 2024

Found Dog Marley


Terrier Mix

We lost little Marley for 6 days! He wandered alone and was finally found by a Good Samaritan family… the father saw him on their driveway and their teenage daughter was able to say to him that she had seen him in an email we sent through LostMyDoggie and that we were looking for him. They called us right away. So grateful for this service!!

April, 28 2024

Found Dog Riley


Mixed Breed

I am so thankful for this service. I chose the free option where a fax and email is sent to nearby rescues and shelters and immediately received a call from ASPCA. It helped to have a picture on the flyer where the shelter was able to see him, since our dogs’ microchip was not active. Our entire family is elated to be reunited with our best boy! Thank you!!

April, 28 2024

Found Dog Roscoe


Australian Shepherd

Great website and nice flyers- really helped get thr word out on our lost pup. Highly recommend!

April, 18 2024

Found Dog Dutch


American Staffordshire Terrier

I’m so thankful of this website because of yall I was able to find my Dutch and he is home safe!

April, 16 2024

Found Dog Jester


Mixed Breed

Great service!!! I chose the option to email/ fax local vets and shelters. Someone turned my dog into a local vet office that had received the flyer with my dogs pictures and we were reunited!!

April, 16 2024

Found Dog Chloe


Miniature Schnauzer

This is the best site and allows you to print a flyer for posting. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to put up as many signs as you can to find your dog. The flyers will lead people to keep an eye out and find your pet!! They did mine!! And they’re faxed to shelters and vets near you. Thank you so much Findmydoggie.com!!

March, 27 2024

Found Cat Felix



I was able to find my missing thanks to the alert sent ^^ definitely will recommend to others if they need

March, 27 2024

Found Dog Oreo


American Bully

Thanks to this site my dog was found within 24 hours and a kind user took my dog in and took care of him until she was able to reach out to me!

March, 25 2024

Found Dog Max


German Shepherd

Through LostMyDoggie, someone was able to contact me with a sighting of my dog. I drove out to where they were, following him, and encountered him. He was on a run, full of adrenaline, and continued his run into a community college campus. I searched with the caller for 45 minutes and we were unable to find him before dark. The Next morning, however, he was back from a miles-long trek and in our yard. He quickly returned to me upon seeing me. Thanks, LMD!

March, 21 2024

Found Cat Kora


LostMyDoggie.com really gave me confidence and made me feel secure knowing that flyers had been sent out to help Kora be brought back home. The website itself is easy to use and flyers we sent out almost immediately.