Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

October, 11 2021

Found Dog Beauregard



This website is outstanding. They followed through on all of their promises. We could not have found our Beauregard without their assistance.

October, 6 2021

Found Dog Polly


English Cocker Spaniel

Our recently adopted dog had a very eventful first day in our home. We had just gotten her home when she bolted out the front door. We frantically tried to find her, posted on a lot of lost dog sites and social media. But a local police department suggested we post on LostMyDoggie and I am *SO* happy I did. Within 3 hours, I received an email stating someone saw a dog matching Polly’s description on a site that LostMyDoggie contacted. I called the contact person and yes, it was Polly! We are happily reunited. I can’t thank LostMyDoggie enough. They were the vessel through which we have our dog back. Highly recommended! 5 stars!!

September, 30 2021

Found Dog Sawyer


Mixed Breed

We found our beloved Sawyer on 9/29/21. He was missing for 6 days. I am convinced the services, tips and encouragement from LMD was a huge reason why we were able to find him. In a panic, I alerted LMD that the faxes and emails were not showing up sent on their website. Within 5 mins I got two calls from them and 3 emails proving they were sent. Sawyer was found because one of the fliers I put at a local store. Our family is overjoyed to have our boy back. Thank you LMD for providing a Valuable, inexpensive service to speed up a process that otherwise would have been impossible for just a few people to handle. Thank you for helping to keep our HOPE alive as we searched. I hope I never have to use this service again, but if I do, I will NOT hesitate!! Sincerely, Sawyers Happy Family

September, 25 2021

Found Dog Diesel


Mixed Breed

This website and service is incredible as I received a phone call within 90 minutes of him coming up missing!!

September, 21 2021

Found Dog Chunky



I’m very happy to say that because of lostmydoggie.com and some very good hearted people I was reunited with my doggie Chunky!! Within a couple minutes they had a poster created for me and within hours they had notified all animal hospitals and animal rescue places all around my location! Their website was very user friendly and I did not have any issues. It made an awful situation much easier..

September, 19 2021

Found Dog Rusty



Our dog Rusty was missing for three nights. I was beginning to feel discouraged. After finding lostmydoggie.com and sending out the phone alerts, I had Rusty in my arms within hours!! Thank you!!

September, 8 2021

Found Dog Riley


Golden Retriever

We found Riley!!!! Thank you to the phone blast system @ lost my doggie.com!!

August, 2 2021

Found Dog Lily


Pit Bull

The amazing person that brought lily back to my and I was able to locate us thanks to the flyers I was able to create and print out copies. I don't know if we would have ever found our little baby girl without the help oh lostmydoggie. Thank you so much for the amazing service that you are able to offer

July, 22 2021

Found Dog Tyson


Pit Bull

After 3 days of missing my dog was found a couple of miles away thanks due to lostmydoggie. A kind family held him for me. Stay optimistic!

July, 17 2021

Found Dog Mila



Great app. Animal shelter contacted me within posting...very gratefully.

July, 17 2021

Found Dog Bailey


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Thank you for getting the word out about Bailey. We're so thankful to have him back safe and sound.

June, 24 2021

Found Dog Greyson


Mixed Breed

So glad I made decision for the neighboring calls that took place. This totally gave us a lead that we were able to follow and find our sweet Greyson ! Thanks to lostmydoggie we are a complete family again !

June, 3 2021

Found Dog George



Lostmydoggie.com is a Godsend. After 42 hours of non stop searching, 100's of posters, notifying all the vets, shelters, police, mail carriers and posts all over social media I knew that the first 48 hours of finding your pet are the most important. So I decided to add more fire-power to my search strategy and reached out to 4 more national search companies. Lostmydoggie offered a few unique programs no one else did. The one that sealed the deal was the 500 local phone calls they offer. At first I thought it was a scam to make money and little to no calls would be made. How could I check this? But within an hour of purchasing one of their very reasonable away packages I was getting phone calls to my house asking me about the call they had just gotten. On hour 52 of my Basenji being loss I got the best phone call ever from a small deer farm 4 miles away. The woman on the phone said she got a call and thought it was a spam call and let it got to her voice mail. She then listened to it back and as she was listening to the well recorded and informative message she looked up and in one of her fenced in areas she spotted my black and white boy. She was amazed and quickly ran out and closed the gate so he would not get away and called me immediately. I sped there and after a few hours of coaxing my very skittish, dirty and tired boy was ready to go home and get clean, eat and sleep. The reason he is here right now is because of the phone calls lost my doggie made. They are very reputable and while I did not read any of the reviews when I purchased the package I would have gladly paid more. I spent more on making copies to post everywhere than what I spent here. If you ever lose one of your precious 4 leggers don't hesitate and use their services!!! I am indebted and so grateful, Thank you Lost My Doggie you are the reason my boy George is safely home. Your newest cheerleaders, Glenn and George

May, 19 2021

Found Dog Nanna



UPDATE! Nanna has been found! I received a call from a ups delivery driver who said he had spotted a dog that matched her description when he delivered to Tom’s 4 wheel drive this morning. He had gotten an alert call from lost my doggie.com. I was at Sheetz in welcome, so I sped over there as fast as I could. I was about to turn into that place and saw little Nan walking on the side of 52. I just stopped in the middle of the road, stopping traffic & grabbed her. She was so excited she peed on me. Thank you everybody for all the sharing & help! Squie & me are together again ?? ! & Thank You to lostmydoggie.com!

May, 17 2021

Found Dog Peaches


Siberian Husky

Thanks to lostmydoggie.com, we had an entire community on Facebook keeping their eyes out for peaches, one lady had called us with a sighting and while we didn't see her in the area, there was a woman that called us over into her neighbors yard where peaches was. Thanks to lostmydoggie.com our family is complete, this is not just another fake testimony to get views, text us at 609-509-4657 if you have any doubts about this website and we'll tell you it's no lie