Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

September, 20 2022

Found Dog Kona Seiler

Kona Seiler


This website is AWESOME!!! I used their automated amber alert call and it worked really well. The call included my dog’s name, breed and when she was last seen. This made my family feel supported and like there was a good chance at finding our girl. And we did!!!!

September, 14 2022

Found Dog Coco


German Shepherd

Worth every penny. Dog found within one hour. Don’t know how they do it.

August, 23 2022

Found Dog Cocco



I'm so delighted how much lost my doggie helped me find my fur baby. I received a phone call the next day I posted on Lostmy doggie from a lovely lady that saw my post and shared it. I'm impressed by how fast it works and the kind people that help.

August, 22 2022

Found Dog Macy



We had a fantastic experience, we highly recommend this service and would pay again for sure! The flyer had everything necessary and got the job done right. The local vets and animal shelters were properly notified and everyone in the area knew. Everyone on social media knew too. LostMyDoggie is the BEST!

August, 13 2022

Found Dog Beatrice



Definitely helped me find my fur baby I’m so happy I found this website

August, 12 2022

Found Dog Fred



This is such a great resource to use. I have now used the phone-call option twice (different dogs) and have found it extremely effective! There are so many dog owners out there, that to send a call out to your community is a great way to get extra eyes looking for your pet. There are so many good folks willing to help if you just ask. The call helped us find the first dog in a busy residential neighborhood in Washington, DC:. A phone call recipient heard the message and saw the dog hanging out behind his house! In the second instance, we used it in a much more rural area and were so comforted to know that the call went out within an hour of its request—most importantly it went during daylight hours! We were reunited ultimately by walking dirt roads and farm fields, but very confident we will recommend this service to anyone who is missing a loved pet. Thank you!!

August, 8 2022

Found Dog Juju


Pit Bull

Juju was found at a nearby vet thanks to the emails that were sent to all the vets in the area after see was lost for 24 hours. She was found not even 2 hours later. Thank you LostMyDoggie for this great service!

July, 25 2022

Found Dog Kenobi


Australian Shepherd

Found my little boy! This site was an absolute peace of mind when we lost him and didn’t know what to do. Ended up someone on Facebook spotted him 15 miles from home! The best part of this site/app was that you sent emails to all the vets and shelters in a 25min range so when we call them they already knew what dog they were looking for!

July, 13 2022

Found Dog Choco



lostmydoggie helped me find my dog within 24 hours by alerting nearby animal shelters and placing ads on facebook. i cant thank this service enough for helping me bring choco back to our family again.

July, 11 2022

Found Dog Blue


Mixed Breed

Im so happy with this website because they help me located blue they send alerts to all the shelters and one of the shelters call me that they had found him

July, 9 2022

Found Dog Gabby


Yorkshire Terrier

My fur baby was found within 24 hours thanks to lostmydoggie.com the person who found her utilized it to post her as found and I used it to post her as lost! Great customer service and fast results spreading the word

July, 9 2022

Found Dog Cocoa



We were vacationing in South Haven, MI when we lost our dear pet at 9 pm. I came across this website while I googled to look for next steps. I registered at 3.30 am. A good hearted lady found my pet far far away, took to animal hospital who had my phone number on the fax notification from this website. Thus we reunited happily!!! I feel what I spent was so little for the reward.

July, 8 2022

Found Dog Nala


Mixed Breed

Thanks to this web site my dog was found minute after I put the ad on my boyss r so happy thanks you so much

July, 6 2022

Found Dog Riley



We are so pleased with the service. We are sure the flyer helped us find our precious baby!!! We thank God first, but the flyers helped get the word and our number out and the site gave us direction for what to do to help find our baby. Thank you!!!!

July, 5 2022

Found Dog Luke


Belgian Malinois

Couldn’t be happier with my experience with lost my doggie. Luke was found within 24 hours. Hurray!