February, 17 2020

Found Dog Gretchen


German Shepherd

Just wanted to thank u for ur services. I posted Gretchen missing last night and this morning I had messages saying she was located at the local shelter here in lancaster. I'm so thrilled! once again ur service was a blessing for us.

February, 17 2020

Found Dog Butters



Butters was last for 36 hours. I found him running down a street after a lady had told us where she was this morning. Once he saw me, he started running towards me. Thank you all so much.

February, 13 2020

Found Dog Willy


Mixed Breed

Found my dog within an hour of placing my ad!! Thanks so much!

February, 12 2020

Found Dog Lebron


Mixed Breed

Thank you! While lost my doggie.com didn’t find our boy, the service was awesome. Every vet I called had already been notified that he was missing. Thank you!!!

February, 11 2020

Found Dog Gizzmo


Shih Tzu

I am truly greatful for this site ...... my Gizzy was found in hours........ thank you for your service

February, 10 2020

Found Cat Looney


Domestic Short Hair

When Looney went missing i was heartbroken and didn't know where go start, i am so ad i gojnc this website, i would have never been able to think of all the people I had th o contact, or even consider giving my state of mind. Thank you go all for your help and hope you can bring joy to many other pet parents. Your site is a gift to us all ???

February, 10 2020

Found Dog Titan


American Bulldog

I found my pup thanks to you guys. My neighbor from down the street knew that his neighbor found him. Thanks to the phone call he got rim you guys I got him back !!!!! TY for everything and TY for my boy back he's my heart and soul. God bless you all

February, 8 2020

Found Dog Gigi


Mixed Breed

When you lose your pet it is nothing short of the same feeling of losing your child. In a frantic desperation I googled “find my lost dog”. When I came upon lost my doggie I was still not hopeful. I tried a couple other pet finders but they were not user friendly and more energy to use than I would like to in a time of desperation. Gigi a 6 pound peek/ Yorky had been out from 8 pm on a cold Henderson Harbor evening. My house is on the harbor and she made across the harbor on the ice. A local resident picked her up and took her to the vet to see if she was chipped. My other dog is chipped but she is not. As the vet examined her one of the assistants said oh my God her photo came over our fax this morning. I than received a phone call with the overwhelming joy saying I have your puppy. Of course tears eyed and choked up I said thank you to the fine people involved. Now I say thank you to you at LOST MY DOGGIE.com. You are superb!! I would not have been able to function properly if I had to go another evening without finding her. You found her within 5 hours of my post. THANK YOU!!

February, 7 2020

Found Dog Jakson


Bichon Frise

Thank you Lost My Doggie!! My little guy is very friendly and when he got off his leash was swooped by an unscrupulous person who put him in their car and drove away, with me chasing after! I thought it was hopeless but found an ad for Lost My Doggie online. I filled.out the info, which only took a.few.short minutes, and this great service created a professional looking flyer that they faxed and emailed to numerous places. From rescue centers to veterinary clinics, the flyer was disbursed by Lost My Doggie. The process was simple and user friendly. Six hours later.i received a call from a nearby vet's office saying they had my dog!! I dont know if i would have found him without you!! Now my best friend / kid is safe at home and my worries are over!! THANK YOU Lost My Doggie for bringing my Jakson home!! I will recommend this site to anyone who lost a pet!! A Five * Service!!!

February, 6 2020

Found Dog Anton


Labrador Retriever

What a great service. They helped me find my lost dog in less that 24 hours. I live in a rural area and it would have been impossible without them!

February, 5 2020

Found Dog Max


Yorkshire Terrier

We are so happy that Max was found and returned to our home safe and sound. Thank you to this awesome website that worked and called sent out the alert. We are forever grateful thank you LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM

February, 3 2020

Found Dog Lily (begal)

Lily (begal)


Thank you, LostMyDoggie.com! We found our dog within an hour with your help.

February, 1 2020

Found Dog Knox


Shih Tzu

Excellent!!! My dog was found within 4 hours after posting my add with lostmydoggie. I strongly recommend this website if you’ve lost your pet.

January, 2 2020

Found Dog Yuyi


Yorkshire Terrier

It's a miracle!! It's SHOCKING how this website helped us find our dog in no time PRAISE THE LORD!! We did pay for the upgrade but trust me it was SO WORTH IT! We left our Yorkie at our family's friend to take care of for the holidays at Sanford, Florida (Orlando) while visiting family in West Palm Beach and we got a call at around 3:00 pm that she sneaked out of the house.... We all were desperate since she's my 21 y/o daughter's baby and she loves her more than her real family (Yuyi has been with us for 10 years) and when my daughter found out the news 3 hours later, she literally lost her mind. I reported it to all of the authorities in the area, posted it to petharbor.com but no luck and then at around 6pm found this website. I'm not kidding when I tell you that LITERALLY an hour later we got a text from a very sweet lady who got one of the blasted messages from this website who told us that she saw a post on facebook on a local facebook group that she had found a Yorkie! We couldn't believe it! The power of prayers! Shortly after we got a text message confirming that they had found our Yuyi, we immediately called our new "Angel" that had found her on facetime and there she was! wow that's crazy! Not only that, but we prayed and asked God that a loving person found her and she is beyond that! She gave her a bath, improvised the cutest bed with a box and a towel and kept her until we were able to pick her up two days later. SERIOUSLY THE POWER OF PRAYERS! We still can't believe it but it's real!

December, 29 2019

Found Dog Lucius



This was an invaluable service. The robo calls, the alerts, the faxes and emails. All of these played a vital role in helping us reunite with Lucius. We are so thankful.