May, 3 2018

Found Dog Porscha



I have used this service 2 times in last few years. I have gotten phone calls from neighbors who spotted my dogs. This is amazing service!! I recommend to everyone!!!!!

May, 1 2018

Found Dog Maddie


German Shepherd

My 5 year old German Shepherd was missing for 13 days. I was absolutely heart broken. But, I never lost faith that she would come home. A man found her about a mile from my house. She was dirty and thin, but otherwise healthy. And so happy to be home. The man that found her; googled lost German Shepherd in the Humble area and the flyer from LostMyDoggie came up. I have signs posted everywhere, but he didn't see those. It is because of this site that I was reunited with my baby. We have an appointment next week to get chipped. This experience has put me in touch with several non-profit groups that help animals and their humans. I will be donating and volunteering at these organization. My heart goes out to everyone with a lost fur baby. Don't give up. With all of my heart Thank You!

April, 25 2018

Found Dog Moose


Basset Hound

We found Moose two hours later. However it was impressive that two phone calls came in after we found him on where they saw him. And that was where we found him. I would use this site again if it ever happened. Thanks!

April, 24 2018

Found Dog King


Pit Bull

less than 24 hours of me posting him missing i got an email for a possible match ...they sent me the contact info. I sent a text and picked him up a couple hours later. I am beyond grate ful and couldn't have found him if this service asentamientos available..So thhank you so so much.

April, 16 2018

Found Dog Bama



Lost My Doggie website is AWESOME. I posted information and with in 15 mins a vet office called and said a couple just walked in with a dog matching the description of Bama. My daughter picked him up within an hour of posting. We are grateful and thank you so much for this service. We will make a donation to this organization for sure. Thank you!!!

April, 6 2018

Found Dog Lola



I can't believe that you help me find my dog instantly within a day! Thank you so much for being so helpful :-0

April, 4 2018

Found Dog Bella


Yorkshire Terrier

I’m so thankful for this site, because of the the notifications and postings at the Vets my baby was found. Someone spotted her and called.

March, 26 2018

Found Dog Lola



I have used this service three times now to find my missing pets. It has worked for me every time. I cannot say enough good things about lostmydoggie.com. The timeliness of the emails, faxes and calls are extremely important in recovering a lost pet. Thank you so much for the care, time and love that you put into finding our babies. I refer you all the time and will continue to do so!

March, 23 2018

Found Dog Milo


Jack Russell Terrier

On 3/22/18 I took my dog, Milo, on a ride to the grocery store. Upon returning to my vehicle, I found that the door had been opened, and Milo ran away. I looked for him until early the next morning to no avail. 2 hours after I returned home, I received several phone calls that he had been spotted, and they kept updating. Thanks to lostmydoggie.com, several social media sites, and animal shelters had been alerted that Milo was missing, and gave the folks who had seen him, the ability to reach me. I don’t know that we would have found him, had it not been for this website, and we’re eternally grateful for it. Thank you all again, for helping Milo return home.

March, 20 2018

Found Dog Blondi



Excellent website. Our dog Blondi was found and reunited with owner in less than 8 hours!

March, 16 2018

Found Dog Lila


Mixed Breed

I don’t know what I would have done without you guys. My furry baby was only gone for two days. You guys are amazing alerted the Vets in our town - I mean just phenomenal.

March, 15 2018

Found Dog Lou


Boston Terrier

Within 10 minutes of posting on this site about our lost dog, we received a call from one of the nearby vet clinics!!! This site, paired with our dog's microchip helped us find him in no time!! Thank you so much for getting him back home with us where he belongs!

March, 12 2018

Found Dog Ruby


Bernese Mountain Dog

Our baby was found! We are forever grateful to everyone that helped us find her & every resource there is out there. This site was great- I went to the local veterinary offices the day after posting to this site & “lostmydoggie” had already emailed flyers to all of them! Thank you!!

March, 2 2018

Found Dog Peppa



Because of lost my doggie’s help I was able to be reunited with my best friend!! I love this website! If anyone ever (god forbid) loses their dog, I recommend using this website!!

March, 1 2018

Found Dog Jack


Miniature Pinscher

We are so grateful to Lostmydoggie.com it is an awesome network of caring individuals who helped narrow down Jack's whereabouts. Thank you again!