January, 31 2019

Found Dog Zeus


German Shepherd

Thank you so much! I have used your services for several found dogs. And when mine went missing, your help got the information to the right people.He was found very skinny wandering in the freezing cold lost for 8 days, but is alive and home.Thank you so much! What a great service!!

January, 24 2019

Found Dog Apollo


Mixed Breed

This is the second time our Apollo went hiking on his own. This time we went straight to lostmydoggie.com and within an hour we found him. Their pet alert is a miracle and guardian angel for animals. I don't know how to thank you for all you do. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! We are forever grateful for bringing our Apollo home twice. The Lubin's

January, 24 2019

Found Dog Stoli


Jack Russell Terrier

Such a great site! I would highly recommend anyone who has become separated from their pet to seek out this site! The advice on procedures you should follow and the phenomal follow ups are an exclusive! Thank you for assisting in the safe return of JR! G Garland

January, 18 2019

Found Dog Lorenzo


Yorkshire Terrier

Lorenzo finally appeared after 5 very difficult days, he was in the forest reserve that is close to our house, today we decided to go as a team to look for him inside the forest and he was stuck with his leash among the undergrowth and in good health. Thank you all for sharing the search for Lorenzo, his expressions of love and good wishes. Thank you very much, we are very happy!

January, 9 2019

Found Dog Coco


Mixed Breed

Thank you for your help finding my beloved Coco! She’s safe back home.

January, 2 2019

Found Dog Lakota


Dutch Shepherd

I am in absolute AWE. Within 1 1/2 hours of receiving my ROBO call I received 2 calls from people in my area. First dog wasn’t her. Second call IT WAS HER!!! I would recommend lostmydoggie.com to EVERYONE. My husband is crying he’s so happy! Thanks for bringing Lakota home to her FAMILY!!! God bless you guys!

January, 2 2019

Found Dog Murray



Lots of people I talked to while searching for my dog said they had received the phone call. A great tool in addition to flyers in the area.

December, 24 2018

Found Dog Stormy


Mixed Breed

Losing a pet is probably one of the most traumatic experiences possible. You feel so helpless. Where to look, what to do; how do you find something you love so much? When Stormy ran away, I immediately searched everywhere. For the next 2 days, I walked, called, and talked to everyone I could. I posted her on every site I could think of. After day three I started to lose hope. It was so cold and I felt as though Stormy was gone. Then that night I read an article on how dogs are resilient and find ways to survive. There was a reference to the site lostmydoggie.com and I thought to myself that I would do everything I could to get her back. So I set up a profile and purchased some other packages with my account. I wanted to get more information out to the surrounding areas. At first I was sceptical. But then on Christmas Eve day I received a recorded message with my dogs information and my contact information on it. Everything sounded legitimate. About two hours later my phone rang. I’ve been waiting for 4 days for my phone to ring with a strange number. When the man said he saw a dog matching my dogs description, I immediately drove like crazy to get to that area. After a brief search, I couldn’t believe it, I found her. Both my dog and I cried and wimpered together before we finally were met by my wife with a vehicle. After I got home, I called the man back who spotted her and asked him how he got my number. He said he had a message on his phone, the same recorded message I received earlier, and after hearing it, saw my dog run through his back yard about an hour later. Unreal!! Even after I found Stormy, I received 2 more calls from people regarding her that also received the same pet alert recording. I cannot thank lostmydoggie enough. The happiness is overwhelming. No doubt in my mind, a Christmas Miricle.

December, 17 2018

Found Dog Apollo


Mixed Breed

I lost my Apollo on December 15th. I posted him everywhere, contacted all available resources, used all social media. It wasn't until I found out through research lostmydoggie.com that he was brought home. Their amber alert called brought Apollo home to his family 15 minutes after l signed him up on their website. Thank you so very much to all of you who has done the work behind the scene to help our family find our baby. God's blessings and Happy holidays, the Lubin"s

December, 17 2018

Found Dog Lilo


Rat Terrier

It only took hours for our furbaby to be found. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for their sweetheart. Thanks

December, 10 2018

Found Dog Rocco


German Shepherd

I would like to thank lostmydoggie from the bottom my heart for promptly reuniting me with my dog Rocco, he was so excited to see me and I can’t tell you what it means to me to have him back home with us… In less than 24 hours of my post, lostmydoggie reunited me with One of my most valued family members... Thank you guys for all of your help!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!??????????????

November, 29 2018

Found Dog Mojo



http://www.lostmydoggie.com saved my fur babies life. When I signed up, people were calling in a matter of minutes prior of reporting him missing. Thank you so much! Casey Thackston Pet: Mojo

November, 6 2018

Found Dog John


Mixed Breed

Lostmydoggie.com is the reason my pup is back home! When my fur baby was hiding in someone's front yard, the lady already had a voicemail with all of my information (and my pup description) from Lostmydoggie, which is how she knew to call me...and the rest is history :)

November, 3 2018

Found Dog Bean


Golden Retriever

My little bean was taken from my home and dropped off in another city 15 miles away. I posted my ad after two days of not being able to get any information, and within 2 hours of posting, I received a call from the San Gabriel Humane society saying they found my dog!! A big thank you to the staff at SGHS and to Lostmydoggie.com. I can’t believe this actually worked. ????

November, 3 2018

Found Dog Olivia


Shih Tzu

Thanks to your wonderful website I was able to put up a good sign very quickly. This was instrumental in bringing my baby back in a matter of hours.