September, 17 2020

Found Dog Oscar



Thanks to this website I was able to quickly put a notice out that my doggie was missing. In less than 24 hours we were able to locate him. We are so happy and thankful to have him safe at home.

September, 7 2020

Found Dog Zona



We lost our beloved poodle mix while moving, and were definitely distraught. We used LostMyDoggie.com to send the neighbors and Amber Alert, used the professional flyers to advertise on numerous websites, and had our dog back within 48 hours. We highly recommend using LMD.com!

September, 7 2020

Found Dog Winston


Cocker Spaniel

Our dog Winston was found less than 24 hours after posting! Thank you for this site and helping us find our baby.

August, 27 2020

Found Dog Naomi


Mixed Breed

Wow! I am beyond surprised that my decision to post about my friends lost dog here on LostMyDoggie would lead to her being reunited with her stolen pup. It seemed like a long shot. Someone broke into her running car and stole her dog when she ran into CVS for food. I had faith that she would be reunited but never thought it would be because of action I took by posting her story here. Thank you! I’m so happy that she has been reunited with her doggie. Best day ever!

August, 24 2020

Found Dog Spot



Lost My Doggie gave me incredible peace of mind. It was incredibly easy to post pertinent information and his information was sent to area shelters. The Angel (woman) that found my adorable dog called the local animal shelter and that’s how Spot and I were reunited! I’m very grateful for Lost My Doggie! So is Spot!

August, 19 2020

Found Dog Whiskey


German Shepherd

SO happy I found this site! because of you guys I found my dog within hours! I cant thank you guys enough! I will forever recommend your site

August, 18 2020

Found Dog Sammy  sam sam

Sammy sam sam


The most valuable information I can give anyone when their pet is lost,is to put the flyer posters out immediately to an area within 2 miles of your home.These guys at lostmydofggie did it super fast.After 1 hour,my posters were ready,my amber alert was out and faxes to all the nearby vets were done.One Hour,,that's fasttttt!!!

August, 17 2020

Found Dog Kaia



I did not think this would work, because I live in a very small town but thanks to you guys I found my baby. Thank you soo much!!!!!

July, 29 2020

Found Dog Fenway


Golden Retriever

I got a call within 4 hours of posting and picked up Fenway soon after. Thanks to lostmydoggie and everyone who helped!

July, 28 2020

Found Dog Ronaldo


Chinese Shar-Pei

Amazing platform for spreading the word! It helped me to notify neighbors and eventually to find my dog

July, 24 2020

Found Dog Duque/Duke


Cocker Spaniel

Thank God I found this website. Our dog was found and taken to a local shelter. Someone called me within a few minutes after I posted the lost dog report and we were able to get him back the next morning. I would highly recommend this website to anyone who has lost their beloved pet!

July, 16 2020

Found Dog PUP


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lostmydoggie.com really worked very well! After posting the alert we got a call with in 1.5 hours from the people who found a dog, received and alert and called us ! This is really an amazing feature ! It was a blessing for us !

July, 16 2020

Found Dog Champ


Yorkshire Terrier

Love this site!!! Less than 2 hours after uploading my missing Yorkie’s information we were united with him. This site is heaven sent. THANK YOU!!!

July, 13 2020

Found Dog Hussi


Siberian Husky

I got a phone call from an animal hospital 30 miles away from where we live with the information on our dog location. There is no way we could've reached them without your faxes going to right recipients. It took 3 days to bring our dog back home. Thank you so much the LOSTMYDOGGIE team!

July, 13 2020

Found Dog Kenlly [ken-jy]

Kenlly [ken-jy]

Mixed Breed

Within an hour of posting info about our lost dog, we got a call saying she was found and safe. Thank you so much with all the help this website gave. We highly recommend it!