December, 29 2019

Found Dog Lucius



This was an invaluable service. The robo calls, the alerts, the faxes and emails. All of these played a vital role in helping us reunite with Lucius. We are so thankful.

December, 27 2019

Found Dog Loki


Miniature Pinscher

This site is so awesome! My dog got out 2 days before Christmas, forcing us to go out of town without him. The holiday would not have been the same without the phone call I received informing me he had been found!!!!! I am telling anyone who will listen, that this site is amazing!

December, 25 2019

Found Dog Jessica


Mixed Breed

We have our baby and it feel soooooooo GOOD!!!! That was the worse experience that we could have ever had but God is so great and our community is too! Lostmydoggie, you guys ROCK!!!!! We are FOREVER grateful! Thank you infinitely! The Lopez family... it literally took approximately a few hours to find her!

December, 2 2019

Found Dog Chloe


Mixed Breed

LostMyDoggie was exceptionally helpful with providing peace of mind during the search. Within a couple hours of posting I received numerous notifications from friends and colleagues that they had received alerts regarding our lost dog. Thank you for the valuable service, and keep up the good work!

November, 22 2019

Found Dog Athena


French Bulldog

This service is so so Awesome. I paid $119.00 to find my pet on this site and printed out 200 flyers from this site also and posted them everywhere that you would possibility imagine!!! Within one days time we received a call from a nice gentleman that found my pet miles away from our home. We also offered $1000.00 reward that was indicated on the flyer. This is an excellent service and I definitely recommend it to anyone that has lost a pet!! Wonderful!

November, 12 2019

Found Dog Bandit


Mixed Breed

Superb service and ability to notify surrounding animal shelters. This post thru LostMyDoggie generated a phone call from an animal hospital which led me to another shelter where I got the dog back!

October, 24 2019

Found Cat Beni


Domestic Short Hair

Found my kitty that was missing for two weeks, in a matter of three days after the Amber alert went out! Amazing service!

October, 13 2019

Found Dog Teddy


Terrier Mix

Thank you to LostMyDoggie.com! My Teddy Bear was lost for 5 hours. I posted with LMD and less than an hour later a wonderful family with their own fur baby contacted me through the website. They had my Teddy Bear. So happy and grateful!

October, 13 2019

Found Dog Gizzie


Shih Tzu

I live in the country side of N.C., I have a baby puppy that escaped through the doggie door and did the Amber Alert for Dogs. Instead putting floured up and such, this service called nearby neighbors and got a call at 7am about a missing puppy. Sure enough, it was my puppy. They knew to call me from a phone the night before through this service!!!

September, 30 2019

Found Dog Oliver



Our sweet Oliver was lost for over a week. We wouldn't have found him without lostmydoggie. The lady that found him called one of the local vets who had received the faxed flyer from lostmydoggie. Thank you thank you!

August, 10 2019

Found Dog Ed



Thank You for the great service and advertisement. It is because of this website that the person who found my dog was able to locate me. I’m ever grateful

August, 10 2019

Found Dog Unknown



This site is the best I’ve ever come across! I posted the lost dog on Monday and by Wednesday, I got the response from it’s owner. This dog was so sweet and it was great to see him back with his owner. Thank you for making it so easy to use the site and post lost pets!

August, 9 2019

Found Dog TAIKA


Alaskan Husky

Thank you for all the support in helping bring our pup home! You are all amazing at what you do.

August, 8 2019

Found Dog Blue (Lt. brindle)

Blue (Lt. brindle)

Mixed Breed

Dear Lostmydoggie.com, Thank you for being here! I believe that your website and spreading the word absolutely helped to find my dog! You all are wonderful and again Thank you! From my heart. Sincerely, Sandy Mcnown

August, 7 2019

Found Dog Nala


Mixed Breed

Nala returned this morning after 2 days missing. Her leash was cut in half so we assume she had gotten it caught on something in the woods and eventually chewed her way off the leash. Thank you so much for the support during the challenging time. This website is a fantastic resource for families in search of their loved one! I now feel inspired to volunteer to help find lost dogs in my local community.