November, 5 2014


Boston Terrier

The flyers and coverage of my beloved Boston being lost was the sole reason he was returned. We moved to a new neighborhood n he got out of our fence in less than 10 mins. He didn't know the neighborhood and my neighbors didn't know he was mine. When they saw the flyers and everyone joined together to get his picture out there. My dog was picked up the same night. He was returned four days later. I believe it had to do with my endless search and this website getting his picture out. Losing him was like having my heart ripped out. It was comforting to read about the stories of dogs being found. Hope is what got me through the days n nights. We have been through a lot together. I am glad we can celebrate his birthday this month. For all of the people out there with your beloved furry friend missing, never lose hope. Keep trying and you will be reunited.

October, 24 2014



My family is so happy that our baby Tinkerbell is safe and back home. I am so thankful to this website. We did all that we knew to do, but with the help of amber alert it made it possible to reach the people that we was unable to reach with a flyer. Thank you so much!!!!! I will recommend this website to everyone I know that is a pet owner. I hope they do not have to go through what we went through, but at least we have a happy ending. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Larry, Darlene and Courteney Moore.

October, 18 2014



I can thank this service enough for finding my little Bridget!!! I had a woman call me because she had gotten the phone call and saw the ad on the internet for her. All this was within 5 hours of my signing up with this service! I would highly recommend LostMyDoggie to everyone who loses a pet! Thank you so much!!

October, 9 2014


Shih Tzu

Good Morning!! I would like to thank you for your service. It was a phone call that located my darling Kiki and brought her home to me. I can't thank you enough. I have told everybody about what you did to assist me with her safe return. My dogs are my "children" and I was so sad without my little girl. I am willing to offer you my support in any way, either thru a contribution to your favorite cause and/or my 25 plus years in an entrepreneurial environment. Please let me know if you need any further support!

October, 4 2014


Australian Shepherd

Lost My Doggie was hugely instrumental in the recovery of our sweet Maisey. We got several calls over the 6 weeks she was missing by people who had spotted her. The person who eventually caught her and called us, first saw her on Lost My Doggie. He was so moved after talking to and meeting us, that he was relentless in his efforts to catch her. She is now home safe and sound! Thank you so much for providing an excellent service for distraught families like mine. We are eternally grateful! Charlotte Cannon Fort Mill, SC

September, 13 2014


English Setter

Thank you so much! Millie would not be home tonight if it had not been for your service!!! After the alert went out the phone call came in within an hour that she was in the back yard of someone 10 miles from where she went missing! Tonight she is home where she belongs and her family could not be happier!! Thanks for your service to animal lovers everywhere! I would refer anyone to you!!!!

September, 10 2014


Mixed Breed

I've been visiting my family, out of state, when I got a call from my dog sitter saying my dog had gotten out of the fenced yard and was missing. I spent all day trying to call vets and putting up lost notices on Craigslist and Facebook and then I found Lost My Doggie. LostMyDoggie was amazing. They called 750 of my neighbors and within an hour I had received several calls from people saying they'd seen her and then... someone called to say they had her. And they did! I'm so thankful for this service. Thank you, thank you. This service really does work.

September, 10 2014

Mr. Pickles

Mixed Breed

I admit I was skeptical about this service because it depends on the people who get the calls to listen, save your number and actually make an effort to get your lost dog to come to them. We were on vacation at a cabin in the woods 250 miles from home. My 8 year old Collie has been going there with us since he was a puppy and has never left my side. Because the house is 1/2 mile from the nearest road (which is a dirt farm road) I did not have him on a leash. Someone nearby was target shooting with a rifle and the sound scared my dog into running. I called and he would not come. An hour later I found him down on the road but he was still scared and ran from me. We spent 4 days, 9 hour a day by car, foot and quad looking for him. It thundered and rained every night and he is afraid of storms. We could not find a sign of him and school was starting for the kids back home, so we had to accept the fact either our dog was dead or someone took him. On day 2 missing we listed him as lost with this service and heard nothing from the local people that got the calls. We returned home crying and brokenhearted. 12 hours later calls started coming in from wonderful people. A local vet who got an email poster wanted to see if we found him or needed help, a few other people called saying they got the Lost My Doggie phone call and knew of dogs that were found locally. None matched the description of our dog though. Then the call came from a farmer who lived a few miles down the road from the cabin. He got the call, saw my dog in a field and knew it was the missing dog. However. my dog ran. This amazing person stayed in the field playing with his kids for 3 hours and caught my dog. He fed him, gave him water, brushed him, and kept him overnight until we could drive 250 miles to get him. They even refused the reward money. This truly is a miracle ending for us and proved me wrong. Animal lovers understand what you must be feeling when your dog is missing and want to help. Because of this service and a wonderful family nearby, my Mr. Pickles is home and doing great.

September, 5 2014



We were totally devastated when our little Chihuahua, Smokie Sue, became missing..She was missing for 11 days out in the elements of some heavy thunderstorms...We never heard of your sight until a friend told us about it, after I posted about her on Facebook.....I went there and made fliers and put them up everywhere...It was your site that got the phone calls coming in to which we were able to find her...Thank You So Very Much!!!...I will make sure when people lose their pets that they use this site...

September, 5 2014


Domestic Short Hair

Anyone with a MISSING PET should definitely use lostmydoggie.com - it WORKS very well for lost cats too!!!!! They have great exposure on the internet and they provide Amazing Services - within minutes you can register your lost pet, post their photo, and print out excellent “LOST” flyers for FREE to put up around your neighborhood that everyone will see. This was an extremely QUICK way to move forward with finding our cat!! For an optional small fee, and WITHIN AN HOUR, they were also able to call 250 surrounding neighbors to tell them about our lost cat! We would have never been able to ALERT so many people on our own so quickly. WE FOUND OUR LOST CAT and we are so amazingly grateful for all the support and help from everyone and LOSTMYDOGGIE.com…THANK YOU

September, 2 2014



We lost our pug on Thursday the 28th and proceeded to post flyers as well as go to locate and dog shelters to look for her the next few days. It was not until my boyfriend paid lostmydoggie.com to call our local neighbors that he received a phone call from someone in a nearby neighborhood that had found a pug on Friday. We went to their house and sure enough it was our Harley. That was 3 days after we lost her!

August, 14 2014


Mixed Breed

Hi, so happy report our Angel was found. She had been taken in very close to home but since her tag information was outdated they did not know how to contact us. We used the flyers from the website, which was so easy to do, defiantly appreciated when every minute counts. But what did it was the phone alert. We got the call 5 minutes after the call went out!!! Thank you , thank you , thank you.

August, 7 2014

Mutt Mulligan

Mixed Breed

This is an amazing resource! I had my dog back in less than 30 minutes. He was several miles away. I would have never thought to look there! Thanks for bringing our baby home!

July, 31 2014


Lhasa Apso

On July 16, 2014, Coqui (a 14 year old Lhasa Apso) left the yard due to the cable guy leaving the gate open. We looked endlessly for three days and put up flyers. The afternoon of the 18th I located the LostMyDoggie website; I posted Coqui's information. Within eight hours, later that evening, I received a call from The Maxfund (a local no kill shelter), and was informed that they were certain that Coqui was just dropped off. They had Coqui. I was able to pick him up that following morning. He had a collar and tags but was dropped off without his tags. I am forever greatful for LostMyDoggie as they provided their flyer of Coqui to over 25 agencies; I either would have never found him or would have possibly weeks later if it was not for LostMyDoggie. I have mailed a donation and Coqui threw in a couple of his kibbles 'n bits. We are forever greatful; thank you. Love Kiki and Coqui.

July, 17 2014



I am very grateful for your assistance. The cost for the 250 alerts to my neighbors was money well spent. ai received a call 2:30 in the morning that someone found Trippe. I immediately went to her address and there she was bringing Trippe out of her house. I offered a reward and she refused it as she had a cat and she said she could imagine if her cat was lost. It was the alert that she received that when she saw Trippe walking down the road in the rain she stopped her car and put him in the car and took him home.she said she gave him some cat food as that was what she had. She contacted "lost my doggie" and they called me and then connected me to her. When I saw Trippe I was so relieved and thankful that he was safe. He had been gone 10 days. I actually thought I had seen him for the last time. Thank you for your great service to animals who are part of the family.I woulg urge anyone who losses a pet to contact you and follow through on your suggestions. Thank you again and I wish you more success with helping other lost owners.