April, 8 2019

Found Dog Chicka


Miniature Pinscher

Without the help of this site and thoughtful people in the neighborhood who lookout for pets this wouldn't have been possible. Our Chicka was found by a lovely citizen who happened to see our dog hiding many blocks away and rescued our dog . She was able to contact us through the ads we put out online. Thank you soo much!

April, 5 2019

Found Dog Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Golden Retriever

Got a couple calls and found our pup quickly! Thank you!

April, 5 2019

Found Dog Luna


Labrador Retriever

Had a couple calls in the first few minutes! Thank you!

April, 3 2019

Found Dog Sunshine


Mixed Breed

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone's effort we don't have words to thank you enough! Although not found through an alert through here our lost dogs info was shared through many platforms! Eternaly grateful!

March, 26 2019

Found Dog Miley


Mixed Breed

Lostmydoggie was a HUGE help. my sisters dog Miley had been missing for almost a week when I discovered this site, and decided to give it a try because we had exhausted all other means of searching. Made the post and within 2-3 days, I got an email and was informed of a location of where she was last seen, the next day, that same person contacted my sister and said that she had came back again and they were able to catch her and hold onto her, my sister and brother in law went and got her and she is now home safely! I cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for this site, and all the help it gave us in bringing this girl home!

March, 22 2019

Found Dog Daisy


English Bulldog

I can’t say enough about this service. Our 6 month old puppy got out. The site contacted local shelters and vets for our convenience (I followed up with our regular vet and they indeed were faxed our dogs info). The lost dog flyer that was created for us was what brought her home. We printed them out and posted them in our neighborhood. As soon as we got home from hanging them we got 3 tips which allowed us to narrow down the streets where she was last seen and because of that we were able to find her. I can’t say enough about lostmydoggie.com for providing the free services we used and bringing our sweet girl home to us!

March, 18 2019

Found Dog Barkley


Labrador Retriever

This service was instrumental in spreading the word that ultimately brought our dog home from two miles away.

March, 15 2019

Found Dog Asia


Pit Bull

I am so thankful for Lostmydoggie. I had almost given up on finding my precious Asia. I uploaded her missing dog profile and it wasn't even 24 hours and she is safe at home. Thank you so much

March, 12 2019

Found Dog Lola



Lostmydoggie.com was huge in helping us find our Lola. By sending out notifications to local vets/shelters, it helped broaden the range of search to finding her!

March, 9 2019




My puppie, 7 month old Mackenzie, a sweet, adorable cream colored Golden Doodle, was returned to me within 24 hours of registering with LostMyDoggie.com. The woman who found her was at a veterinarian clinic the next morning to find out if she was registered with a chip, which she was. As the woman was standing at the clinic, a fax came into the veterinarian's office with Mackenzie's photo & chip information. She was a match. It was a miracle she was returned to me. Thank you LostMyDoggie.com!

March, 5 2019

Found Dog Shali


Mixed Breed

Couldn't have asked for an easier and more efficient way to get the word out than this listing combined with social media. You made posting easy and faxed to all the local animal hospitals. Thanks so much!

March, 5 2019

Found Dog Clover


Treeing Walker Coonhound

The flyer your site generated was perfect! it was neat, bright, easy to read and caught the attention of someone who had seen her. Thank you!

March, 1 2019

Found Dog Coco



A great service to get the word out. Thank you we were able to find our pup and get her to the animal hospital to nurse her back to health.

February, 22 2019

Found Dog Jelly



The service you guys offer is so amazing. Our sweet girl jelly was found safe and sound because of lostmydoggie. Com. You guys are truly wonderful and I am so very thankful

February, 16 2019

Found Dog Tory


Miniature Pinscher

Good service without it may have never found our dogs. Within 90 minutes received a call from the Animal shelter saying that they may have found our dogs. Thanks