January, 25 2018

Found Dog Bella



Yup, it works!! Don’t hesitate to use this site to help find your missing best buddy. Grateful for lostmydoggie and the wealth of help instantly available from them. The internet is never more useful than this right here. Thank you!!!

January, 17 2018

Found Dog Lucky


Mixed Breed

I was frantically looking for my 6 year old sons dog, lucky to no avail. After hours of looking I had to go to work so I turned to the internet. I posted on Craigslist, Facebook and the only responses I was getting were too far away or not even close to a physical match. I signed up for lost my doggie after almost giving up hope and within 2 hours my dog was dropped off asst my for by a neighbor. The calls reachedthem! I was amazed. My son and his dog thank you so much!

January, 1 2018

Found Cat Lewey


Domestic Long Hair

I received several calls from concerned neighbors who helped me pin point where my cat was last seen. Three people called me with sightings around the same area and I was able to find my cat! He is soooo happy to be home and we are overjoyed to get him back! I am a REAL PERSON and this system REALLY WORKED!!!

December, 27 2017

Found Dog Brave Morrison-Given

Brave Morrison-Given


OMG! I am SO very impressed with the National Lost Pet Recovery System 'Lostmdoggie.com'. Yes, our little one was micro chipped (we alerted Avid) and wearing an identification collar which helped. But as soon as we were notified that our little one was lost, we connected with this remarkable website loading up a picture, a very detailed description and a map of the area where our little one was last seen. We were emotionally preparing ourselves to never see our little one again and we prayed. As the website indicates, a) lost dog flyers were immediately generated and sent out (including to our neighbors), b) alerts were dispatched to the shelters, rescues, and hospitals and within 12 hours, our little one was found even though Mother and Grandmother (of our little one) were over 1,500 miles away feeling so helpless. Yes another terrific story and part of the '85% find success rate'. We are so grateful!! We highly recommend this website.

December, 14 2017

Found Dog Mika


Shiba Inu

REUNITED!!! Mika got a whole lot of kisses and treats when she got home... then immediately darted for the back door. "Can we do that again, mom?" ?? A huge THANK YOU to LostMyDoggie for helping bring my girl home. I cannot express the gratitude I have for the kindness of complete strangers who spent numerous hours searching, sharing, and supporting me while I almost lost my mind during the 108 hours she was missing. It was comforting to know LostMyDoggie had already alerted the nearby vets & shelters (and provided LOST posters) before I even set foot in their clinic. The flyers were already posted in their windows and front desks for everyone to see, which I'm certain helped bring her home. And a special thanks to the good Samaritan who found her, promptly notified me, and refused to take my money in return, after hearing about her being missing. I have a few new friends now and a whole lot more faith in humanity ???

December, 11 2017

Found Dog Blossom


Mixed Breed

I wouldn t have found my dog, Blossom, without this. Spend the money, it's worth it. Blossom escaped on December 2nd (she's been returned 9 days later) when I was visiting a friend in another neighborhood. Even though I made my own flyers, put posts on Facebook and Craigslist and the nextdoor app, it was the flyer generated from this site that ultimately led to her being found. One of the shelters it was distributed to had pinned it up and a sweet lady was coming to drop her off at the spca spotted it, called me, and she was soon back home. This is an amazing resource to locate your pet!!

December, 8 2017

Found Dog Riley


Australian Cattle Dog

Awesome service! Found my pup within hours of making a post!

December, 6 2017

Found Dog Lola



I can honestly say, without this service, I’m positive my chihuahua would be lost still, or dead! I can’t thank y’all enough.

November, 30 2017

Found Dog Harley


Rat Terrier

Once I realize our dog Harley was really missing, I did a web search and found lostmydoggie. Obviously there are many sites out there and many nonfunctional. Well a completed a post that he was lost and in just over24 hrs recd news he was at the shelter. Had it not been Thanksgiving I believe we would have heard sooner. Either way, This is a terrific service which reaches out to all the right places. Great show and god bless, Lostmydoggie.com! Thank you!

November, 28 2017

Found Dog Link - REUNION PIC!!!


Pit Bull

Another happy ending! I want to thank "Lost My Doggie" for allowing me to post our precious lost Link to your web site. I received and email from you stating that a fellow dog lover might have information regarding him. This was yesterday around noon. By 3:30 we were on our way to pick him up. A very nice lady had found him wondering the street and had picked him up and taken him home. She then contacted "Lost My Dog" and well as they say the rest is history. We are so thankful for people who have a true love for animals and who know how truly precious our fur babies are to us. We were at a point where we were losing all hope of ever seeing Link again. What a true Christmas miracle. God bless each and everyone of you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

November, 11 2017

Found Dog Copper



After submitting my profile and making the flyer, over 20 locations received the flyer and my dog was returned within an hour!

November, 9 2017

Found Dog Shiloh


Labrador Retriever

The phone calls that were sent out throughout the area were received by so many people that helped in the safe return of Shiloh. The flyer that was produced by lostmydoggie.com was amazing with all the information I needed for Shiloh's information. This website was so helpful in pointing me in the direction that I needed to go in the long week that I waited for Shiloh to get hungry enough to come out for food. Without everyone being notified, they may not have known who he was when he finally was spotted. Thanks

November, 7 2017

Found Dog Sonny


Shetland Sheepdog

Lost My Doggie .com was a real help. The phone calls reach many people. I received calls of support from telling me how effective the call was. I received on call from a gentleman telling the time and location of spotting my dog on the afternoon she was lost. It helped us put together the timeline and direction she was headed.

November, 2 2017

Found Dog Hank/Henrietta



My dog got out of the yard and I felt so helpless. I posted to several Facebook groups and Craigslist in hopes of finding her. Facebook was no help, but someone saw my post on Craigslist and recommended lostmydoggie.com. I first signed up for the free service, but got desperate and decided to pay for the robo-calls. Within 30 minutes, I had two people contact me saying they’d seen my dog in the area. She was over a mile away and I’d never have thought to look in the neighborhood where she was found. When I see her snuggled up on the couch with me now, I can’t help but feel so grateful for the service provided by lostmydoggie.com! I’d never have been reunited with her without this website!

November, 1 2017

Found Dog Brady


Pit Bull

Brady has been recovered. I am a private investigator and I specialize in missing pets. We use Lost My Doggie exclusively for any case where the situation dictates. We have been using Lost My Doggie for five years and they are professional and reliable. I would strongly recommend this company. Karin TarQwyn - Lost Pet Professionals