April, 7 2020

Found Bird Stoney



I live in an apartment complex and something spooked my parrot and she flew away. Luckily I have great neighbors, I hadn't met the people who found her but in the two days I was looking for her , they went to petsmart and bought her food. They recognized her on a flyer and called me two days later. I am forever grateful.

April, 3 2020

Found Dog Beck



I posted a picture and description of my dog and she was found and my post was seen by a neighbor, she and I have since been reunited thanks to this website, thank you and keep doing what you’re doing!

March, 23 2020

Found Dog Benji


Mixed Breed

So glad I found this website ! Literally found my dog Benji with 2 hours after posting ! Extremely grateful! Greeting from miami and thanks for all the efforts. Sincerely, Manny

March, 5 2020

Found Dog Jolene


Pit Bull

Used this site to help my friend find her lost baby. Lostmydoggie was super easy to use and incredibly fast! I paid for the Amber Alert option just for an added boost and they really did call! So appreciative and happy to report that Jolene is home safe with her mom!! Great site, definitely recommend.

March, 5 2020

Found Dog Cashmere



On my March 4th around 5:30pm my precious Chihuahua Cashmere got out of my backyard. After this discovery I immediately began searching the streets via car and foot calling her name for blocks on end. Even though it was dark I continued to look for 3 hours to no avail. I was panicked and began to do dog searches online when I stumbled across this amazing website ! After inputting my dog’s basic information and uploading a pic , instantly a professional “Lost profile” page was generated with a map of the area and other great details. It had all the perfect info with great detail for my dog to be found and brought home safely ! Although a neighbor of mine frantically rang my doorbell around midnight with the return of my beloved chihuahua ,I am 100% confident that the information distributed by LostMyDoggie. Com would have been the reason for her safe return . Thank you To everyone at this website for bringing me hope when I almost lost all hope in finding my dog.!! ????

March, 3 2020

Found Dog Annie


Australian Shepherd

Annie went missing around 0645 on 3/2/20. We searched the neighborhood without success. I signed up for help through lost my doggie and she was located within 2 hours. I was alerted that vets in my area had been notified. Thank you so much for all your help in bringing my girl Annie home to her humans!

February, 28 2020

Found Dog Snowball


Shih Tzu

I would have never found him if it weren't for this website. A woman had taken him and given him to someone. So without this website he would've never been found thank you.

February, 28 2020

Found Dog Bee


French Bulldog

My dog got out of the back yard in the morning. We freaked out and posted on Next door, Lostmydoggie, Facebook and walked around and out up lost dog signs. In the end all we needed to to was post on lostmydooggie. Someone tried to return my dog and instead received the my flyer. They returned the dog to my by that evening. Love these guys (lostmydoggie).

February, 19 2020

Found Dog Honey



The LostMyDoggie automated voice call alert system is what reunited me with my sweet chihuahua Honey on 2/19/20 after she'd been lost outside for almost 2 nights! A sweet older couple got the voicemail, then heard my dog in their yard a couple hours later. They put two and two together and used the service to contact me. We had put up flyers and canvassed the neighborhood, but there are SO many houses in a two mile radius from where we live that we would never have been able to get everywhere. THANK YOU LOSTMYDOGGIE for providing an actually valuable, helpful service!!!

February, 18 2020

Found Dog Lucy


Cocker Spaniel

Thank you so much!!! My baby was found!!!!

February, 18 2020

Found Dog Luke


Blackmouth Cur

Thank you list my doggie. Com. We found Luke and he is home safely. Thanks again!

February, 17 2020

Found Dog Gretchen


German Shepherd

Just wanted to thank u for ur services. I posted Gretchen missing last night and this morning I had messages saying she was located at the local shelter here in lancaster. I'm so thrilled! once again ur service was a blessing for us.

February, 17 2020

Found Dog Butters



Butters was last for 36 hours. I found him running down a street after a lady had told us where she was this morning. Once he saw me, he started running towards me. Thank you all so much.

February, 13 2020

Found Dog Willy


Mixed Breed

Found my dog within an hour of placing my ad!! Thanks so much!

February, 12 2020

Found Dog Lebron


Mixed Breed

Thank you! While lost my doggie.com didn’t find our boy, the service was awesome. Every vet I called had already been notified that he was missing. Thank you!!!