February, 16 2015


Golden Retriever

We were lucky to find Cooper with the help of the local police but Lost My Doggie made it very easy to spread the word to all the local shelters, vet offices and animal rescue organisations. Cooper is now being closely watched and not allowed to stay outside by himself but in case he manages to escape again Lost My Doggie will be the very first service we will use.

February, 14 2015



Hello My experience with LostMyDoggie.com was extraordinary. I was desperate the day I lost Chiquita and the web site gave me all the elements needed in order to find her. They send her flyer to Vets, Hospitals and shelters and friends help me to do the same. The flyer that LostMyDoggie.com provide are great, colorful, simple and practical. Also it was helpful the fact that I pay for the Amber Alert. That was crucial in finding Chiquita so soon. She was lost on Tuesday February 03, 2015 and She was back home Sunday February 08, 2015. I am grateful that I find the web site and I thank the company for all the great services that they provide. I recommend LostMyDoggie.com Thank you, I am happy and satisfy with the service and the costumer service. Thank you. All The Best!!!

February, 11 2015



I would highly recommend Lostmydoggie.com. It was the phone calls that reunited me with my precious dog tonight. I also received several leads before the final one that reunited me with my dog. Even though the other calls didn't pan out, it kept me hoping which was very helpful.

February, 4 2015


Yorkshire Terrier

Cooper went missing on 2/3/15 because our front door was left open. We had just moved to NYC from Kansas and I really thought we would never see him again. I woke up the next morning and read about Lost my Doggie and I thought "I have nothing to lose"....we had just gotten off the bus from going to the shelter and I got a phone call from a lady saying she got a recorded message saying that Cooper was missing and that she had Cooper. If it wasn't for you guys I don't think we would have Cooper with us right now. I am beyond thankful!!!!!

January, 25 2015


English Springer Spaniel

In addition to the 750 zip-code calls Lost My Doggie put in to area residents, we put up about 1,500 posters of Puppy in the areas we believed we got reliable sightings of him. Monday, January 5,m at 3am a lady in the area Puppy was lost in sighted Puppy close to her front porch. She called me, I arrived, it was indeed Puppy-still in the same residential area he disappeared in 11 and 1/2 days before. Lost My Doggie phone calls alerting residents to lost Puppy, plus the posters plus relentless searching on bicycle and on foot asking for sightings in the area PLUS A LOT OF HELP FROM ABOVE got Puppy back.

January, 22 2015


Mixed Breed

This is a terrific service. I don't know how they acquire all those phone numbers but it is very effective. My own cell phone was "on" and the message came through as an amber alert. I even received phone calls from concerned dog lovers a mile away to get more details and express their sympathy. I highly recommend this.

January, 20 2015



I lost my little Chihuahua named Pixel when she got scared by a marching band at a parade and bolted. I put her up on Lostmydoggie.com and the next morning (not 24 hours after she was terrified and ran off) I got a call from a wonderful lady who had picked her up. Her friend recognized Pixel from the web site, and after I picked her up, the lady called me back and informed me that she had later been contacted by the vet she had taken her to as well!! Lostmydoggie.com contacted every vet, animal hospital, and shelter from Savannah to Florida!! I was quite skeptical when I paid the money but, in retrospect, it was worth every penny and then some!!! Thank you Lostmydoggie.com!!!

January, 13 2015



At one of the worst, scariest times in your life, this service made phone calls to all the people in my neighborhood send out emails to the vets and ASPCA. They all received pictures and a flyer. This all took place quickly and efficiently. Emmie was found due to a neighbor receiving a phone call and seeing our little furbaby. Thank you for such great service. She may not have been found without it.

January, 2 2015


Australian Cattle Dog

Belle was found within 1 1/4 hour of LMD's first round of telephone calls. She had bolted at the sound of midnight fireworks on New Year's Eve. We live in a rural area with thousands of acres of brush, creeks; coyotes, and feral hogs. An encounter with any of those could have easily been her demise, not to mention the state highway about one mile away. For two days we searched but could do so only by car. For 2 nights she was out there alone...it was rainy with temps in the 40's. We had lost all hope and were heartbroken. Early this afternoon I heard about LMD.com and immediately subscribed to your service. About 1 1/4 hour later I received an email with contact info for a neighbor living over 1 mile away (as the crow flies.) She had received the LMD's robo call and had our sweet Belle. I have NO DOUBT that without your service, we might never have seen her again. Thank you very much for your service. I hope you'll never need them but if you do, DO NOT HESITATE and call them immediately.

December, 30 2014

jack and diesal


This website is simply amazing. I love the fact that they send alerts to all local vets and animal shelters. Within two days I had the entire community keeping an eye out for my two puppies. Most of its free too. I give an amazing ten to this site. We found the dogs even tho they were in critical condition. They were diagnosed witg salmon poisioning we lost one but the other is being watched.

November, 24 2014


Yorkshire Terrier

Penny Clarke Salisbury NC This service is amazing! I can't say enough have grateful I am for it. My shorkie Poe was lost on Saturday Nov 16th. On Sunday my granddaughter found this site, and I ordered the alert service. Immediately the calls went out to my neighbors as promised. I know this because several of them called. On Monday morning the lady that had found Poe called me and he was home again, safe and sound. Do not hesitate to use this. The staff is caring, and give the sense of urgency that this situation deserves. Your message preview is sent out to make sure it's correct and immediately delivered as promised. It is money well spent when you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. Again many thanks to the wonderful people who do this service.

November, 22 2014



Thanks to the "Animal Alert" that LostMyDoggie.com offers, my dog was returned to me safe and sound. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has lost their pet. My vets office recommended that I use this site over all the others and I'm so glad I did!

November, 18 2014


Yorkshire Terrier

This service is truly a class act. They deliver what is promised and offer exceptional customer service. Within 12 hours I received a phone call from a lady that had taken in my lost dog, and my little Poe was home again! Today there are so many companies that take advantage of someone's misfortune and in the beginning I hesitated, but now I am so glad that I decided to take the chance. Believe me if you are wavering and your pet is lost do not for a second doubt that this company will not deliver what they promise. My message was sent immediately- my neighbor actually called within 10 minutes of my entering into the contract. All communications sent by me, either email or voice mail were answered by a caring staff member within a very short time. Thank you so very much because I was devastated when my dog Poe was missing, and because of your help we were reunited. Penny Clarke Salisbury NC

November, 14 2014


Boston Terrier

This was our first time using lostdoggie.com and it was worth every penny. Our dog was found within 1 hour of the call going out. We can't thank this service enough!!!! Thank you!!!! I would highly recommend lost doggie.com

November, 14 2014



This site was recommended to me in my search for our beagle by Radcliff Veterinary Clinic. They even called to let me know they received the flyer from Lost My Doggie. It is such a great relief that this was also the vet that called us to say our dog was brought to them. She was clipped by a pick up truck that left her on the side of the road and some fantastic young men stopped and picked her up bringing her to the one vet that had suggested we post on this site. Luckily she was uninjured, just sore and scared. Without the flyers being sent to the vets office they may not have known it was our beagle. We would definitely recommend this service to other who are desperately searching for their lost pets.