August, 30 2018

Found Dog Roxy


American Staffordshire Terrier

I got my dog back , Thanks to the services you provide. I printed and laminated the flyers before posting them throughout the neighborhood on the same day Roxy went missing. The next morning I received a phone call that she had been found and was ok. We were reunited in less than 24hrs. I’m very thankful for the help.

August, 23 2018

Found Dog Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Mixed Breed

My dog was found in less than 24 hours. The shelter called me after seeing one of your flyers with my dogs information saying a dog was dropped off that looked like mine. I truly credit this service with getting my dog back to me so quickly. Thank you!

August, 20 2018

Found Dog Bella Faith

Bella Faith

Mixed Breed

Our daughter was missing for 6 days!!! A man found HER in an empty house in the A/C duct. He called me from a poster I made with the flyer attached!!! She is now home safe and sound resting!!!

August, 19 2018

Found Dog Louie



Amazing story and truly the place to go if your pet is lost or you find one! I came across this website and I took a leap of Faith and Desperation on behalf of my elderly neighbor. "Louie " disappeared on the evening of August 16, 2018. Hours of worry and fear consumed us. This dog is a piece of our family and neighbors that searched for him relentlessly to NO avail. Heartbroken and at a loss, I had to do more..... YOUR service has proven that indeed you followed through with your partners within the Community. Within 6 hours "Louie" was FOUND!??????, This was a Miracle indeed as time seemed to not be in favor of finding this little SCARED dog. However, THANKS be to lostmydoogie.com, for your excellent service. I STRONGLY advocate on behalf of this professional and trustworthy business! Like my neighbor, we have RESCUE animals, 3 dogs and 3cats. They are my constant companions and family. Although they are ALL seniors now, they've been with me ten years plus. I cannot imagine my life without them. I'm totally disabled and living with multiple Cancers and illnesses which limit my mobility and finances. This is so reasonable for every single thing they do on behalf of your lost or found PET. I'm so impressed and thankful for having found our neighbors dog "Louie "! If ever by chance I would lose any of my dogs, I'd immediately come back here! Again, within 6 hours of my original POST...... he was FOUND and my elderly neighbor whom is bedridden now has a HAPPY ENDING. Many thanks to EVERYONE who acted to bring "Louie " home!??????????

August, 12 2018

Found Ferret Emmy



We lost our ferret Emmy on Friday and found her on Sunday thanks to LostMyDoggie. We did an Amber alert and the basic free listing. Try it. It really works! Gary & Cindy Conner

August, 10 2018

Found Dog Tommy


Miniature Pinscher

Thank you so much! This site is amazing. We were able to find our Tommy in less than 48 hours. If it weren’t for this site I don’t think we’d be able to be reunited with him. An awesome family found him and I was informed right after I posted his photo. Thanks again!

August, 10 2018

Found Dog Chewy


Jack Russell Terrier

Thank you so much! Between lostmydoggie.com especially you guys doing all the phone calls and social media posting and all the flyers I put up we got my pupp back in 12 hours. Never has that happened before for me thank you

August, 5 2018

Found Dog Ursa


Mixed Breed

I had Ursa posted all over social media, and another website like this one and hadn't got one response to her post. Within 30 minutes of posting on Lostmydoggie, I was contacted that Ursa had been found!!! Thank you!!

August, 4 2018

Found Dog Hunter


Pit Bull

We found our dog in one day with Lostmydoggie.com we highly recommen this site to all who hv lost their pets. Great service. Thank you

August, 3 2018

Found Dog Wyatt


Mixed Breed

The package I bought that sent out the 750 calls to neighbors where my missing dog was last spotted saved his life. The women who found him knew about everything from the call. Thank you so much for offering this service.

August, 3 2018

Found Dog Nala


Pit Bull

Thanks to your website we found our dear Nala! A fellow animal lover had seen Nala on lost doggie and noticed her on our local animal shelter website. She contacted us and the rest is history. Words can not describe how grateful we are to her and to have Nala back home safe and sound.

July, 30 2018

Found Dog Cisco



Thanks so much for helping find Cisco the same day he went missing great website and service recommend to anyone who loves their pets!

July, 26 2018

Found Dog Foo



Had my dog back an hour after I posted. Awesome site. Also the person who took him took him to the vet and the amber alert came through while he was there.

July, 25 2018

Found Dog Sadie


Mixed Breed

They got ahold of my neighbors and she was home in less than a day.

July, 11 2018

Found Dog Charlie


Mixed Breed

Thank you everyone for your support. I was surprised about all the shelters and clinics being informed about Charlie missing very quickly! This website is very helpful to owners who have lost their dog somehow. I would highly recommend it!