May, 24 2019

Found Dog Luna


German Shepherd

We are beyond thrilled that we found Luna less than 24 hours after posting with Lost My Doggie. She was found by a sweet and caring family who stated that they were thankful that we posted her information through Lost My Doggie. A million thanks!

May, 11 2019

Found Dog Baby



This actually help every time I lose my dog I always find her by this site. I own the a big thanks.

May, 8 2019

Found Dog Cheyenne


German Shepherd

Extremely quick positive results. Thank you!

May, 7 2019

Found Dog Scrappy



Thanks so much to lost my doggie. In so happy to have my baby home couldn't have done it with out you.

April, 29 2019

Found Dog Roscoe


Yorkshire Terrier

This service is great!! We appreciate all your help and how prompt your service was. Our little Roscoe is back home and safe.

April, 28 2019

Found Dog Noah


German Shepherd

I found my German shepherd after 3 long days with the help of lostmydoggie!! I would highly recommend them, and using the 1250 amber alert option. As soon as the alert went out, 3 people called me stating where they saw him. I was going out of my mind because I am disabled and he is my lifeline. I would never have gotten my boy back without the help of lostmydoggie. I hope nobody ever experiences what I endured, but if you do, please use them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You saved my life lostmydoggie!!!

April, 27 2019

Found Dog Dooley



Terrific site for getting your lost pet's info out to your general area.

April, 24 2019

Found Dog Bleu


French Bulldog

This service was imperative to getting our puppy back. The rescuers found this listing within 5 hours and reached out right away. Thank you!!

April, 22 2019

Found Dog Heidi


Brittany Spaniel

So happy that LostMyDoggie helped find Heidi. I just wish we would have shared it here the same day I shared on Facebook. My original Facebook post had more than 400 shares and this service helped us to create a flier and send out to all vets and shelters within a large radius. One post shared was seen by the right person that contacted me and saved our dog that would have went across several state lines in a few days if someone had not called me. I actually had to involve the sheriff to get our dog back but she is safe at home now. Thank you for your help!!

April, 18 2019

Found Dog Jaxsen



With the help of this service Jaxsen was seen multiple times with a person and was bought to a vet .The vet recieved a fax the day before from this great service regarding Jaxsen disappearance. who alerted us that he was bought in by someone and took photos of him and the person and took the person number. Thank you so much

April, 12 2019

Found Dog Gia / sissy

Gia / sissy


I could not have stayed as focused as I was without lostmydoggie.com. The amber alert was something I did not realize one could use for pets. The flyer was awesome and in my case, it was a success. My baby girl dog is back safe and sound!

April, 9 2019

Found Dog Beazy


Bichon Frise

Beazy was found by a wonderful family after they received the automated phone call! I can’t thank this service and our rescue family enough!!!

April, 8 2019

Found Dog Chicka


Miniature Pinscher

Without the help of this site and thoughtful people in the neighborhood who lookout for pets this wouldn't have been possible. Our Chicka was found by a lovely citizen who happened to see our dog hiding many blocks away and rescued our dog . She was able to contact us through the ads we put out online. Thank you soo much!

April, 5 2019

Found Dog Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Golden Retriever

Got a couple calls and found our pup quickly! Thank you!

April, 5 2019

Found Dog Luna


Labrador Retriever

Had a couple calls in the first few minutes! Thank you!