August, 27 2017

Found Dog Roxy



It is a horrible time when you lose your pet! With places like these you don't feel quite as helpless. When you don't know what to do, they are here to help. Not only are they a site full of the lost and found pets that you can look through to see if your baby is among them, if someone has found your pet they can also look to see if you have listed her as lost. The flyer they provide is a lifesaver! All you have to do is get them printed out and you are set to go. Thanks for being here lostmydoggie.

August, 26 2017

Found Dog Penny



Thank you Lostmydoggie for this genius system!!! With the help of my hero Chelsea who found her and took Penny to the local groomers who then contacted this website our precious Penny was found safe and sound!! Words can't express our love and appreciation for all involved in this process!!!! Life is good and their are AMAZING people out there! Thank you all!!! Valarie

August, 21 2017

Found Dog Chloe


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This was the first time one of my dogs ever went missing. We were all devastated. After searching through my neighborhood and talking to people, nothing came of it. I then went on my phone and found LostMyDoggie.com and decided to give it a shot. Flyers were generated and amber alerts went out to local neighbors. Within 1-2 hours I received that miraculous call that someone found my dog roaming around lost and he took her in and she was fine! I cannot thank you enough for bringing my precious Chloe back into our lives!

August, 16 2017

Found Dog Candy



Hi, my Candy went missing on 8/14/17 and other than being really dirty she is doing great after having a bath! Lol This site helped generate a lot of responses and attention regarding my puppy. I learned she was taken to the local animal shelter yesterday evening. With this site, I was able to set an Amber Alert on her within 24hrs of her missing...which went out as promised it would. I'd like to think this site, other sites and social media helped bring my baby home today with the many tools and resources each included. I never really realized how big of a part my baby played in my family's life until she was gone and wasn't sure we would see her again. I'm thankful she is back home safe and sound where she belongs and thank you for allowing me to share my story with others. Oh, and I got her chipped!

July, 12 2017

Found Dog Max


Yorkshire Terrier

I just want to say that I am so impressed with LostMyDoggie.com. My parents yorkie ran away an they were so upset. We searched for almost 2 days and then I found this site. I couldn't believe how they put out the alerts and there were flyiers made up! Even though a neighbor ended up finding Max in their garage I am still so appreciative of the effort LostMyDoggie.com put into searching for Max. This is a Godsend that will help so many distraught families!

July, 3 2017

Found Dog Unknown


Shih Tzu

Wow this site worked great I got lots of calls and I didnt have to do anything...the vets offices and fliers did all the work! Will definitely use from now on! His family was found thanks to this site. Yay!

June, 22 2017


Belgian Malinois

My Belgian Malinois had been missing since the winter of 2014. I was devastated because she was very expensive, beautiful, and had a precious personality. I don't know if she was stolen or just jumped in the car with someone who opened the gate. I never dreamed I would get her back, especially after 2 and a half years. Because of www.lostmydoggie.com I now have her back at home. The couple who found her on a hwy about 50 miles away checked www.lostmydoggie.com and gave you their phone number. I received an email today and rushed over to the couple's home. Low and behold there was my baby. She even recognized me and she was only 6 months old when she was taken or wandered off. I will always be eternally grateful for www.lostmydoggie.com They are an amazing organization. Thank you so very much

June, 18 2017

Found Dog LuLu



I posted on LostMyDoggie.com and got a call within 7 hours from someone who got the recorded message, and had found my dog. Best money I have ever spent!!!

June, 12 2017

Found Dog Lola


Shih Tzu

I can't thank you enough! When I found your website I was on the verge of giving up on finding Lola again.. we had searched the whole neighborhood! Last night was very uneasy for us. I was hoping she would just show up and bark to be let in.. On my way to work I received a phone call from a local veterinarian who, I guess, received your broadcast! I was in shock! There I was, having practically given up hope, not sure if it was a dream! It wasn't! The person who found Lola called me and we set up a time for the afternoon. My 6 year old son was probably happier than I when Lola came back! I can't thank you enough for this service! This really works! I'll be posting about this on Twitter.. everyone needs to know! Sincerely, Pedro M. New Haven CT

June, 4 2017

Found Dog Kaos



Kaos was found at about 2:45 today. He is back with me! He picked out a dog person to spend the night with. She took him to the vet, and he slept on her bed last night. She got a robo-call from lostmydoggie.com and called me immediately. He was only about 1/2 mile away! Apparently he just needed a vacation! Thanks everyone!! He was found within about two hours of signing up on LostMyDoggie.com!!

May, 18 2017

Found Dog Mittens


Lhasa Apso

Our dog went for a walk by himself when he discovered the gate to our back yard was left open. He wandered around and could not find his home when he was ready to return. When we discovered he was missing was a couple of hours after he went on his walk. We went out combing the neighborhood looking for him, but did not find him. We were frantic! I made a report for a lost dog to our local animal control that same evening. The next morning, after more searching, I went to the lost my doggie website. I was able to create a flyer with our dog's picture and information on it. Our son the went out and posted the flyers all over our neighborhood. A couple of hours later, we received the call from a gentleman telling us he had found our dog and he was safe. The man had seen the flyer and that is how he was able to reach us. The free flyer was a gigantic help in recovering our beloved little dog. Thank you for your service! It made the difference in getting our dog back home again.

May, 5 2017

Found Dog Jax



Lostmydoggie.com is amazing! I had no idea you guys would be so helpful in finding Jax. I really don't think I would have found him without your help. Thank you a million times over!

April, 26 2017

Found Dog Nikko


Pit Bull

I literally posted my lost dog flyer yesterday the day my dogs went missing and everyone were texting me and sending me links to a facebook post regarding my lost dogs. I'm so glad that I choose this site because y'all found my dogs in less than 24 hours

April, 19 2017

Found Dog Pepper


Labrador Retriever

I'm so happy to announce I found Pepper thanks to Lostmydoggie! They sent out a blast to shelters & vets. I started calling the places & on my second call to a vet, they told me they had Pepper! I could not have reached out to all the locations in the speed that Lostmydoggie did. They were so supportive & gave me hope. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who has lost a pet! They work for you so quickly & efficently. I can't thank you enough! Sincerely, Barbara Howell

April, 19 2017

Found Dog Bella



The flier were the exact thing that helped us get the word out. She was found 8 miles away but we put so many out that we we about a day behind her and finally someone caught her and we got her back. It took ten day but never give up hope we almost did but this service is the reason she's home. Thank you Tracy