August, 8 2013


Boston Terrier

It is with great thankfulness to lostmydoggie.com that we reunited with our Max. Calling our neighbors made ALL the difference!!!! We would be without him, if we didn't use this service. We live in a rural part of Virginia and this made it possible to cover lots of area. We will sing the praises of your service to everyone!! Thanks for our dogs return.

August, 7 2013


German Shorthaired Pointer

All, The "Amber Alert" by lost my doggie was the key! It worked! Over the week, we received lots of calls from people who spotted her and then finally a very nice man who heard the message called. He said he spotted her that night before so he drove back to the spot where he last saw her and there she was! There is no way we would have been able to get the message out to so many households so fast without this alert. Great job and thank you for helping us find Greta! Michele

July, 24 2013


Terrier Mix

To all of you at "Lostmydoggie.com"~ Our heartfelt gratitude to "LostMyDoggie.com" for providing such an amazing service that helped us reunite with our lost dog, Skippy. What an incredible service you provide! Our elderly dog Skippy went missing in Costa Mesa late evening 7/3. We were frantic on July 4th because all Animal Rescue and Animal Care Facilities were closed in observance of the holiday. However, we were able to sign up for your service on the morning of 7/4/13. For anyone that has lost a pet, it can be the longest night of your life! On the morning of 7/5 we received a call from a local Vet in the area that recognized Skippy from a fax and photo that was electronically sent out by your servicere! We are grateful to whomever picked him up and overwhelmed with gratitude for the Vet that took such great loving care of Skippy and provided a safe place for him to stay. Skippy was originally a Rescue Dog that we have had with us for 12 years. He is partially blind and partially deaf. However, he is the most loving dog EVER! (He is so human-like with his emotions!) We have and will continue to share our story of how we were reunited with Skippy and will also continue to recommend your service to everyone! Tears of joy are flowing and our hearts and home is once again filled with love and our sweet Skippy! Thank you and God Bless you all for creating such an incredible service! Blessings to all of you~ Jorge & Theresa

July, 21 2013



How lucky was I to have found this company when I lost my pet and had exhausted all other alternatives to find him. LostMyDoggie.com brought my dog home to my family and I. My dog had been missing for 6 days and on the 7th day I decided let me call this company so I did. I contacted them early on the 7th day and signed up by noon the same day calls where pouring in it was amazing I couldn't believe it. So it was shortly afternoon that I received the call that someone ID my dog and I was able go pick him up. It was a miracle and I am so greatful that LostMyDoggie.com help bring my beloved dog back home. Thanks for helping me in the time of need. Chris & Pam

July, 15 2013


Rat Terrier

lostmydoggie.com did a couple of things that make me whole-heartedly endorse them. First, after I ordered the package I did, they analyzed the area and since there were less shelter/rescues to fax/email, they added a few hundred more people to the call list. I appreciate the change- from 500 neighbors to about 850- and there was no price increase! Secondly, I called and left a message with a question I had. I had a personal response within a few hours- very good customer service. I don't know if there was a direct correlation between the calls and the tips I received that got Teddy back to us in 6 days, but I know many people who got the phone call, and I'm totally sure that getting them meant that people remembered the posters we put up and all the social media I got out even more. Thank you for your work!

July, 12 2013


Boston Terrier

This services is awesome and totally worth every dollar! I was skeptical about paying money at first but they did everything they claimed to do. Within minutes of receiving the message they said they would send out with my dogs missing info I started getting text messages from family and friends that they had received a call about my dog! I live in a small town and have heard from many people that they received the message. Happy to have my Boston Terrier home after 8 days of being on the run!

July, 12 2013


Boston Terrier

This services is awesome and totally worth every dollar! I was skeptical about paying money at first but they did everything they claimed to do. Within minutes of receiving the message they said they would send out with my dogs missing info I started getting text messages from family and friends that they had received a call about my dog! I live in a small town and have heard from many people that they received the message. Happy to have my Boston Terrier home after 8 days of being on the run!

July, 9 2013



When you lose a pet it is devastating. My voice went hoarse and my body exhausted , so many flyers and no leads. As I was putting up a flyer a lady stopped and told me she had lost her dog 3 weeks ago. She told me about lostmydoggie.com. She said it really helps and she found her dog. Desperate, we went on line and followed the instructions. Within one hour I got the alert call on my phone but was not sure it really worked. The next day I was passing out flyers in the area. Over and over again people were telling me they got the call. The good news is someone spotted Kirby and called and Kirby was found. Thanks so much for all the help. To me it was sooooo worth the money.

July, 3 2013



Thank you for a wonderful service. We were new to MIchigan when our dog got out of our yard without us knowing. This was the perfect way to notify people in the area that she was missing and someone found her and called! Your service was so fast at getting the word out and so professional. I will recommend this to everyone I know!

June, 15 2013


Shih Tzu

I can't believe it!!! Chelsea would have been missing almost a year ago. When I heard about lostmydoggie I thought I'd give it a try but I didn't really think I would ever find her again. Only a couple days later I received a phone call from a neighbor only a few miles away saying they had Chelsea. They were wonderful people and didn't even accept the reward. So now we share Chelsea since they fell in love with her too. Thank you so much for helping me find my beloved Chelsea.

May, 10 2013


Mixed Breed

Cinder came home on her own after being missing for 2 days and 2 nights. She was damp and a bit smelly (thankfully, not skunky), but appeared to be no worse for the experience. I wish she could talk. I bet she'd have some stories to tell. We made judicious use of the free flyer that LostMyDoggie.com created when we registered Cinder as "lost". Scoured the surrounding area by car, by bicycle and on foot. We gave printed copies of the flyer to people walking their dogs (they were very sympathetic) and other folks just walking the neighborhoods for exercise. Thanks, LostMyDoggie.com!

May, 9 2013


Jack Russell Terrier

I took the dogs for a walk at the Spring Gardens in Marilla on 4/30 with my friend Daniela and her dogs. At one point we saw my smaller dog Penny chasing a rabbit or squirrel in the distance. We immediately set out after her, but after a while, it became clear that she was not coming back. This was the first time in the 5 years I had owned her that she disappeared like that. We walked back to the car then returned to the spot we lost her at in case she had found her way back there. Nothing. We walked again to the first house on Reiter Rd she would have reached had she run straight ahead, and the lady living there immediately got mobilized to help. She called the EA warden and enrolled her husband to search for Penny in the woods on his four-wheeler. Nothing. Cathy was the first of the many animal lovers I met on my search for Penny during the following 5 days. The park ranger at the Spring Gardens was the second. They were both extremely worried about the two bands of coyotes that live in the area and that can be heard howling back and forth on a regular basis. The first night Penny was gone I imagined the worst: that she had become coyote lunch. I know coyotes are usually nocturnal hunters but Frank, the ranger, had shared horror stories of daytime attacks on dogs, including a pitt bull. Penny was a medium-sized Jack Russell mix with the most adorable underbite who did not stand a chance. To my biggest relief, the next day the EA warden called to let us know that people had seen her on the 400 Southbound. They had tried calling and catching her to no avail. She ran away and disappeared in the bushes on the EA side, but at least we knew that she had made it across the highway into EA. My little girl was trying to get home. We started asking people and putting up posters around Porterville Rd and heard from several people that she had been spotted running down that road into the backyard of some houses adjacent to Sinking Ponds. Apparently, a truck driver was following her slowly to make sure she would not get run over. I spent the next two days putting up posters and asking everyone I met around EA if they had seen a terrified white and tan terrier on the run. I asked so many people that I ended up running into the same folks two or three times on different days. Even the officer I flagged down in his police car told me he had heard of missing Penny several times already! I lost my voice in the process of endlessly inquiring about my dog. I got in touch with the Elma Warden as well as the sheriff's department in EA, Elma, Wales, Alden, OP, Lancaster... I took posters to town halls, post offices, and country stores. I posted about Penny widely on facebook and contacted the EA Advertiser to place an ad in the paper's following issue. Finally the Elma warden called me to mention that someone had spotted a white dog in OP, on Willardshire and Milestrip but that he did not think that she could possibly have made it that far. Neither did I, but I still went and put posters in mailboxes in that neighborhood, rang random bells and asked people about Penny. Engaging in what increasingly felt like a futile search was better than staying put and mulling over my anxiety over not knowing of her fate. Apparently, I had not gone far enough on Willardshire however, because it turned out that Penny had been there all along, crouching in someone's backyard. On day 5 in the morning, I got a phonecall from a lady on Willardshire who had finally been able to lay her hands on absconding little Penny. Terrified, Penny had spent the previous day retreating into the woods at the back of the yard every time someone got near. But she did not leave, and even spent the night on the house's back porch. The lady approached carefully on the second day and finally succeeded in getting a hold of poor Penny who was shaking uncontrollably. Fortunately for us, our pooch was still wearing her collar and tags, and the eagerly awaited phone call ensued. Penny was a stray and a rescue when we got her and she had obviously been abused in her previous life. For months after we got her, any object that even remotely looked like a stick would make her squirm in terror. I knew she was particularly fearful of men but apparently, away from her home, she was distrustful of women too... many tried to catch her to no avail during her little adventure. Had she lost her collar in the process, we may never have seen her again. I will never forget the look of disbelief, recognition, and relief in her eyes when we picked her up. She went from looking confused and beaten to acting more like her old spunky self as we carried her away. Her little paws were scratched up and bloody in front. She was dirty, exhausted, and ravenous, but she was finally home. She slept for two days straight and is now back to causing havoc around the house with her two favorite accomplices, Jake and Cookie. As for us, we will not be testing to see if she would ever pull this trick on us again! While I would never relive this experience, I have to say that the most heartening part of it was the way complete strangers would mobilize to help out, deeply empathizing and caring about our plight. At least three people called after seeing the poster, wanting to help. Friends and strangers alike shared their concern on Facebook, asking for daily updates. The dog warden would call every day to ask if there had been any developments in the search. I wish people knew what a great job dog wardens do and did not hesitate to call them whenever they come across a stray or apparently lost dog. I say this because too many people who had spotted Penny told me that they had just assumed she was someone's dog in the neighborhood. As a result, they did not call the town to signal the presence of a dog loose in their backyard. Had they done so, Penny may have come home much sooner. They only reported seeing the dog because they had come across my many posters or because I was accosting them directly. Fortunately, this is a story with a happy ending. If anything can be learnt from it, however, it is the knowledge that any sighting of any dog loose in your neighborhood is worth being reported. Better risk an unnecessary call than unnecessary pain. Better safe than sorry.

May, 3 2013



We had our dog back within 12 hours of entering his info. into the LostMyDoggie.com database. Someone had found our dog before we even knew he was missing and taken him in. One of the local veterinary clinics called to ask if we were mising a dog, because the rescuer had brought him there and they had received the APB five minutes prior. Are we happy with LostMyDoggie.com? No, we are ecstatic!!!

March, 11 2013


Bearded Collie

Very impressed with this service. All the phone calls were made as advertised. Uploading her picture was easy and the flyer was nicely made and it color photo-copied well. I paid this company, LostMydoggie and another web-based company...but this LostMyDoggie service made the phone calls, the fax was already at the shelter when I arrived. The other company hasnt performed any services. Stick with this company! LOSTMYDOGGIE.com I was also able to contact them through their phone number and spoke with a person when i had questions while my dog was missing. My experience was very positive, I highly recommend this service without any hesitation. I followed the tips for flyers and scented items on front yard etc, my dog was found within 26 hours.

January, 15 2013


Yorkshire Terrier

I am so thankful for finding this site and upgrading to the phone calls to the neighbors. We had just moved to this area and Leah was not familiar with our new home. I hope I never to need to use this site again but would highly recommend it to anyone that has lost a pet. Thank you so much!!!