June, 14 2009

Tinker Bell

Bichon Frise

Tinkerbell is finally back in my arms!!! After a day of searcing with no clues and no signs of Tinkerbell, I decided it was time to try something that I haven't tried before. I found this website and had 500 calls to my neighbors. After the calls were placed I started recieving tips from people around the neighborhood. She was running around through the woods around peoples houses but was too afraid to go up to anyone. It was nearly impossible for someone else to catch her because she was running too fast. She was gone for 3 nights and 4 days. I finally found her after driving around the neighborhood where someone had called and spoted her. She had lost a lot of weight and was pretty beat up and very weak. However she came to me right when I called her name. We are nursing her back to health and can't be happier. I thought I would never get her back. This site saved my dogs life and I don't know what I would have done without her.

June, 6 2009



I was so distraught to have lost my cat that I needed to try everything I could to find her. I posted flyers, searched the neighborhood multiple times, called vets and shelters and used this service. Although it was the flyer that helped a neighbor find my cat, several people called me after receiving this phone call with possible sightings or to offer support. Those few calls and knowing that hundreds more were aware made me feel that there was hope. It was so hard not to lose hope and I am so glad that I did not b/c it is a miracle she is back with me. I am so thankful and would use this service again.

June, 4 2009


Shih Tzu

Thank you thank you thank you...Rocco is back home safe and sound. A neighbor picked him up the same day he went missing and contacted me after your message when out to a fellow neighbor who passed on the message. We are so happy. Thank you.

June, 2 2009



After purchasing the 250-phone call package from lostmydoggie.com, calls were made to 250 of my neighbors who then knew to keep an eye out for our Mochi. Not only were calls made but our posting was placed on their homepage site and also on Twitter.com, expanding the search even further! We were very pleased to know that the word got out in a very timely manner which is crucial in finding a lost pet. Mochi was returned to us after a week and a half. I thank this website for their services. Keep up the great work! ~Raylynne

May, 24 2009




May, 17 2009

Big Kitty

Domestic Long Hair

Big Kitty was found as a direct result of this wonderful service. My only regret is not using it the first day I found it. I would of had my furry friend back 2 full days earlier! 20 minutes after the calls started going out I had people calling me with sightings. All the calls were coming from the same area so I posted more flyers there. 2 days later one of the first people that had contacted me called me again and said she was back at their house! 10 minutes later she was home. This is a wonderful service and I encourage more people to use it as their first step when a pet is lost. Thank you to everyone!!!

May, 15 2009


Bichon Frise

Thank you! Your service is very valuable covering more ground in a shorter time. My kids had taken our pets collar off so we had to knock on doors, put up signs and the calls completed the job.

May, 5 2009



Lily was found as a direct result of Lost my Doggie.com. I had calls with sightings but couldn't catch up to her, until a very kind woman saw the dog after seeing the pictures on the web site. She had looked at the site after the alert was sent out. Lily was gone for 5 days and after the 2nd, the sightings stopped. I would thank everyone who saw heard the announcement or saw the web site for their help. It is only thru the kindness of strangers and the web site that I have her back in my life. Alida Fretz

May, 3 2009


Golden Retriever

Thank you so much for helping us find Marley! After a 12-day ordeal, he is finally home, safe and sound. LostMyDoggie.com helped to quickly get the word out about Marley. Everyone knew about him and was calling us for updates and to see if they could help in the search efforts. Thank you!

May, 1 2009


Yorkshire Terrier

Buddy was found, April 30, after a 12 day affair. There were many days when he was spotted, and the calls from around the area were coming in. A huge thanks goes out to lostmydoggie.com for being so prompt in getting the calls out to the people in the surrounding area. With the many tips that were used, flyers, calls, ect... I don't believe he would of been found. Lostmydoggie.com had a huge impact in locating Buddy. I Thank You and the people who called the sighting in, I will be forever greatful.

April, 25 2009


Jack Russell Terrier

was a great service....after the alert was 20 minutes later my dog was found.....awesome

April, 23 2009



Alfredo found his way back to our friend's home, guided by their dachsound's barking. Lilly bolted to the door around 1:00 am and continued to bark and listen for Alfredo's response in the distance. Within a few minutes the barks go louder from both dogs and there was a very happy reunion. Our friend, Karen, called us about 1:15 am and we quickly drove to Woodinville from Mill Creek to pick up our little guy. He seems well, was really very clean, except his eyes are red. He has had a bath and is laying in front of the fire after I dried his coat. Thank you for your help. We can get some sleep tonight. Andrianna and Martha and Alfredo!

April, 23 2009


German Shorthaired Pointer

The promptness by which your service responded to our needs was both effective and comforting during a very difficult period of time. After 32 hours, Dolly was found - and we are so glad to have had your support. Knowing that the sooner one gets the word out about a missing dog, the greater the likelihood the dog will be found, I would recommend that every dog owner keep your web address in his or her back pocket. Many thanks!

April, 22 2009



Praise the Lord ! Haley has been returned. She was found by some very nice people. She's very skinny (been gone for 2 1/2 weeks) but she looks GREAT !!

April, 19 2009


Domestic Short Hair

Although my Cat came home on his own, I could see how effective this service can be. I received several phone calls from a neighborhood I never would have thought he would go that far. Went and put up signs got more calls and turned out I found some one else's cat, that looked like mine. One thing that most every said was they got the call then went to the website. thanks again.