April, 19 2014

Found Dog COOKIE



Thank you for saving my dog!! In less than 24 hours we got a call: "we have your dog!"

April, 12 2014

Found Dog Sonny


Boston Terrier

I was very impressed with Lostmydoggie.com and will definitely recommend to others. After i had posted on lost my doggie.com I received a call within two from a local Animal Hospital with a woman who told them that she had my dog Sonny at her house which she took care of for the night. Thanks so much!!!! It was totally worth the money I paid to find my dog!!

April, 10 2014

Found Dog Precious


Chinese Shar-Pei

I wanted to let you know that your Reverese Alert helped so much!!! At first I didn't think that people would notice. A few days went by and after talking with neighbors and other people showed me that your services provided verification that the reverse call did reach so many people, helped me cope with her being lost. Many of the people also commented that they had (or were going to) share the information about Precious, and my contact phone number, in case they found had seen or found her. I can honestly say that this secondary wave of contact generated leads on Precious' whereabouts. Thank you for your help during Precious' wanderings....She was located at a school, and is now home safe. Although she was gone for 14 days....I can honestly say that I will use your services again or recommend to another owner(s). I believe that if I had known about your services earlier, Precious' would have been home sooner!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Lena Lauth Port Orchard, WA

April, 6 2014

Found Dog tatertot


Parson Russell Terrier

Moments after listing my dog with lostmydoggie.com, I received a phone call on both my home and cell phones with the recording that you generated. Within 1/2 hour I received a call from a neighbor that she had found my Tatertot. He was only 3 blocks away. I am extremely grateful to your organization for helping me bring my little dog home.

March, 30 2014

Found Dog Sam


Yorkshire Terrier

Once again, LostMyDoggie.com came thru!! This is the 4th time they have FOUND our lost little yorkies. I have a yorkie rescue in my home and on occasion they may wander off. We live on 6 acres in the middle of the woods, but they can still walk 1/4 mile down the road, and in Sam's case, two miles away., Thanks to two young ladies who received your email, and am is now home!:: Thank you LostMyDooggie.com! You are the best!

March, 26 2014

Found Dog Taco


Mixed Breed

My dog was missing for 9 days before I finally tracked him down. I used the service to call over 700 homes and within 3 hours I had received five different calls from people who had spotted him. Without this service I don't think I would have ever seen my dog again. Even before I found my dog I had stopped and realized that the money spent was well worth it because I felt like I had done everything possible. I was driving around the next day giving out fliers and encountered people that had gotten the phone call. That meant so much in such a difficult time to know that people were already out there looking. I'd encourage everyone to not hesitate, you'll never regret spending a few bucks to get your dog back. I am forever loyal.

March, 16 2014

Found Dog Louie



Our dog went missing Monday night Mar. 10, 2014, about 12mid, it is now Sunday, almost a week later. Yesterday I decided to pay for the service to have calls made to neighbors. Within 1 hour I got a call to say, they saw a dog matching the description. We went out looking and posted more flyers, someone else, who saw the flyer (flyers work) then called this morning with a sighting, everyone was out looking, and a friend of mine asked someone and they said they knew where the dog was, and took her to him. She called me and now he has been found :)!!!! It was just a snowball effect and thanks to lostmydoggie.com and my friend who wouldn't stop looking, we have OUR Louie back. My only regret is that I didn't pay in the fisrt place. A big THANK YOU to lostmydoggie.com, and my friend Chris. I will recommend it to everyone!

March, 14 2014

Found Dog Rusty


German Shepherd

After three days, we found Rusty safe and sound! Lost my Doggie helped us get the word out quick. The outpouring of neighbors and total strangers was unbelievable! Total strangers, neighbor kids, etc. all helped us locate him. I would recommend this service to anyone who has lost a pet. We cant not thank everyone enough!

March, 9 2014

Found Dog Mia



Mia was found within 5 hours after creating the account by someone living about 2 miles away. They received a call and immediately called me. This was an awesome service and I recommend it to anyone who is missing a pet or who finds someones pet. The people who found her wouldn't even accept the reward so we are donating it to our Local SPCA. THANK YOU!!!

February, 27 2014

Found Dog Toby


Mixed Breed

I highly recommend using this service to locate your missing pet. When we were caught in the devastation of trying to find our dog Toby, we did everything from using the Internet to the old fashioned method of putting up fliers in the park. After almost 48 hours of anxiety, worrying, and searching, we got the phone call that all pet owners want to hear: "your dog is here, safe and sound." For the cost of LostMyDoggie's multitude of services, you can't lose! Our pets mean everything to us, they're cherished members of our families, and the people who run this website understand that.

February, 23 2014

Found Dog Allie


Toy Fox Terrier

I want to thank I Lost My Doggie for all the support. The phone calls that went out had led us to sightings in which we tracked our Allie to a local farm field and wooded area 1/4 mile away from home. I took my oldest dog to help look for her and was unsuccessful. We then went to grab something to eat quick and then went back to the area. As I was driving by I got a glimpse of what I thought was a small animal it turned out to be her. I was calling her and laying on the ground until she couldn't cross a stream. I got up and went across it to get her. Thank you so very much for all the support. Sincerely the Reiff family

February, 16 2014


Chinese Crested


January, 28 2014



We never would have found our Nellie without your service. People started calling almost immediately after receiving the phone calls. It took over two days. She was hiding well. But because of you, half of our town, Norfolk, MA looked for her, helped us, or left their garages open to shelter our dog. This was all because of the prompt calls from your service. Thank you so much, we will recommend you to anyone!

January, 25 2014



I was missing Buddy for .one week then i decided to pay for the amber alert ... as God as my witness it was less than 4 hours and i was picking up my hound.don't waste time waiting.its well worth the money. Thank you so much for finding my baby

January, 23 2014

Easton and Drake

Labrador Retriever

We had an excellent experience working with LostMyDoggie.com when our two dogs went missing for 24 hours. We purchased the $90 package, which allowed us access to the flyer, sent 25 faxes and 10 emails to area shelters and vets, and made 500 calls to area homes. The woman who confirmed my order upgraded me to 700 calls to local homes, with no extra fee, since I had two dogs that had gone missing. The lady who ended up having our dogs, who showed up at her back porch, received one of these automated calls and called us right away. This service brought our dogs home. I would recommend this to ANYONE who is missing a lost pet. Excellent customer service and follow up e-mails as well. A+++++