August, 14 2014


Mixed Breed

Hi, so happy report our Angel was found. She had been taken in very close to home but since her tag information was outdated they did not know how to contact us. We used the flyers from the website, which was so easy to do, defiantly appreciated when every minute counts. But what did it was the phone alert. We got the call 5 minutes after the call went out!!! Thank you , thank you , thank you.

August, 7 2014

Mutt Mulligan

Mixed Breed

This is an amazing resource! I had my dog back in less than 30 minutes. He was several miles away. I would have never thought to look there! Thanks for bringing our baby home!

July, 31 2014


Lhasa Apso

On July 16, 2014, Coqui (a 14 year old Lhasa Apso) left the yard due to the cable guy leaving the gate open. We looked endlessly for three days and put up flyers. The afternoon of the 18th I located the LostMyDoggie website; I posted Coqui's information. Within eight hours, later that evening, I received a call from The Maxfund (a local no kill shelter), and was informed that they were certain that Coqui was just dropped off. They had Coqui. I was able to pick him up that following morning. He had a collar and tags but was dropped off without his tags. I am forever greatful for LostMyDoggie as they provided their flyer of Coqui to over 25 agencies; I either would have never found him or would have possibly weeks later if it was not for LostMyDoggie. I have mailed a donation and Coqui threw in a couple of his kibbles 'n bits. We are forever greatful; thank you. Love Kiki and Coqui.

July, 17 2014



I am very grateful for your assistance. The cost for the 250 alerts to my neighbors was money well spent. ai received a call 2:30 in the morning that someone found Trippe. I immediately went to her address and there she was bringing Trippe out of her house. I offered a reward and she refused it as she had a cat and she said she could imagine if her cat was lost. It was the alert that she received that when she saw Trippe walking down the road in the rain she stopped her car and put him in the car and took him home.she said she gave him some cat food as that was what she had. She contacted "lost my doggie" and they called me and then connected me to her. When I saw Trippe I was so relieved and thankful that he was safe. He had been gone 10 days. I actually thought I had seen him for the last time. Thank you for your great service to animals who are part of the family.I woulg urge anyone who losses a pet to contact you and follow through on your suggestions. Thank you again and I wish you more success with helping other lost owners.

July, 9 2014


Labrador Retriever

AMAZING STORY! Our dog Mindy went missing, not wearing her collar, and she was missing for a total of 11 days. When we first found she was missing a good friend recommended we use your website. I posted information and pictures about our lost dog immediately, but I did not want to buy the additional services - I was skeptical that it would work. We posted info about Mindy on several sites, and we got some leads, but no dog. After a weeks passed I started to consider buying one of the service options on your website, but I was still skeptical. I began reading some of the stories, and I thought I should try, but then I couldn't figure out which options to choose. So I waited for another day or two... Finally, I broke down and placed the order, I chose a package that seemed OK, but I didn't know if it would reach enough people, but I had to do something, so I did it. I immediately got a couple of responses, and some false positives, but still no Mindy. I was thinking about what else could be done, but before I could do anything else, I got an interesting call: THIS IS THE TRULY AMAZING PART: The man that called me did NOT receive a call from lostmydoggie.com (he was in the calling area for sure, but maybe didn't answer the phone, or didn't get the message) - but he had been on a service call earlier that day. He was doing an install for a very nice lady who was a true pet lover and had lots of pets of her own. The man began to describe to the lady about how his children had found a nice dog within the last couple of weeks. The kids enjoyed having the visitor, and they were taking care of this stray dog until he could determine who she belonged to. The nice lady (for whom he was doing the install) began to tell him about a call she got from lostmydoggie.com - she thought it was a neat service, and decided to play the message from her answering machine to the man. When the man heard the description (of Mindy), he began to wonder if that was, in fact, the same dog he had been very kindly caring for - for the better part of two weeks... (You can see where this is going I'm sure!!!) He went home and checked the website - of course, it looked like it was probably the same dog. And that's when he called me! A true miracle in my opinion - Thank God that my dog was returned to us safe and sound!! I'm not sure who to be thankful for the most: 1) The man who took great care of our dog, and was kind enough call us when he learned about us, and who's family refused payment of any reward; OR 2) The sweet lady who cared enough to keep a copy of the message on her machine, and then relay the message when it mattered most; OR 3) LOSTMYDOGGIE.com for bringing us all together! I can't thank any of you enough! (PS: Mindy says "Thanks" for the toy duck!)

July, 3 2014


Basset Hound

I am so thankful for LostMyDoggie.com! I registered my lost Basset Hound on Monday June 30, and by Thursday July 2 someone searched for a female Basset Hound they had found. They were able to determine the description and location she was last seen to believe they had found my dog. I received an email from LostMyDoggie.com with the name and phone number of the person who possibly had my dog. I made contact with them & they texted me a picture and yes it was my doggie!!! I picked her up and we are reunited thanks to LostMyDoggie.com. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your website and services!!! I'm telling all my friends about your website!!!

July, 2 2014



We received two tips on sitings from neighbors that were called by lostmydoggie.com in less than 10 hours from when we signed up. It had been 3 days since Shiloh ran away and we had searched for hours on foot and by car, but never came close to finding him, so we gave lostmydoggie.com a shot. After receiving our tips we were able to track him down within an hour. Thank you very much to lostmydoggie.com and the good Samaritans that responded to the call- you've made a little 3 year old girl and 1 year old boy very happy!

June, 23 2014



What a great and astounding service!!! I got calls from people which helped and people showing up looking!!! We never even got to the flyers part of this service we purchased. The reunion was so unbelievably wonderful! My doggie is just fine, was stressed but he is already forgetting about his ordeal! THank you Lost my Doggie!!!!

June, 23 2014



This is such a wonderful service for people who know that their pets are family and loosing them is loosing a loved and missed family member. Thank you for helping fur-babies return home.

June, 10 2014


Lhasa Apso

I am so excited to have found Reese!! He had run into a wooded ravine that was surrounded by houses. We had no way of knowing where he was, or where to start to look for him. We used the Animal Alert, and it was the key to finding Reese. I had gotten multiple calls from people around the area of where and when they had seen Reese. From that point, we were able to post flyers, hand out flyers and talk with people who lived near the area of where he had been seen last. After 6 days and 5 nights of searching, and the tremendous help from the neighbors, we caught Reese about 2 miles from home. If it hadn't been for the Animal Alert, it may have taken a lot longer to be able to find him, if that were the case, he may not be alive. He was near a major highway and in a wooded area that contained foxes, coyotes, and bear. I am SO thankful for the Animal Alert that LostMyDoggie provides! I spread it to my vet, who didn't know about the program, and said he will be telling his clients who have lost pets about it! Thank you!!!

June, 9 2014


Australian Shepherd

This service generated immediate leads that led us to information where our dog was, that he was still alive, and allowed us to hone in on the area where he had been. We live in a rural area and the service phoned exactly the right residences around us to ensure we were reaching the right audience. Work $50 by far! Quite Pleased. Bob Fredericksburg VA

May, 31 2014


Doberman Pinscher

I can't thank LostMyDoggie.com enough for their efforts. Their faxes to local vets helped a ton. The family who found my dog called local vets and they gave them my number to get in contact with me. There is not enough thanks to give for a returned pet. Thank you.

May, 30 2014



Although the service did not find her, I am confident it helped. Within 1 hour of filing the report the veterinarian I work for got a fax about her....keep in mind the service did not know where I work, they were just that good and that fast at getting the excellent formatted lost flyers out to the veterinarians in the area. My neighbor even got the call on her cell phone. 3 days later, after driving for 6 hours straight up and down every single street within a large radius, we literally found her laying on someone's front porch 2 or 3 miles from home. We got lucky. Don't count of getting that lucky, use this service to help you. It was worth every penny and more for some peace of mind knowing we weren't completely alone in the search for our girl. Thank you, your service is fantastic honestly.

May, 26 2014


Australian Shepherd

Thank you for the immediate response . Within a few minutes I started to receive telephone calls about sightings of Rosco. The day he disappeared I was on my way to the hospital. Between my neighbors and the responses we received Rosco was found 3 days later.

May, 24 2014


Great Pyrenees

Dogs get away from the best of owners. This includes dogs in loving foster homes that are committed to keeping them safe. Allison, a great Pyrenees foster dog who prior to rescue was used to roaming at will, dug her way out of a huge two acre fenced yard and went for a neighborhood "meet and greet". Within one hour of posting on lostmydoggie.com she was back at her foster home. Numerous people immediately began calling her foster mom to report seeing her and one kept her foster mom on the phone while following Allison until she could get there to pick her up. Lostmydoggie.com, along with dog tags and microchips is an important tool in the rescue toolbox. One we never want to have to use but very important when it becomes necessary.