January, 31 2016

Stella/ Bella

Labrador Retriever

Highly recommend AAA+++ When faced with a crisis when you lose your dog, the sooner you post the better!!! We received some great leads which lead to a quick recovery.

January, 28 2016



My brother lost his dog Lanny on January 18, 2015. Came home to an empty yard, so she either escaped or was taken. My mother and brother and I went all over the neighborhood posting fliers and calling for her for over a month to no avail. We put ads in the local newspapers, but those only last 1 week. I thought I would post on lostmydoggie.com since it's a national site, maybe someone out of the area had her and would give her back... Fast forward 11 months. An emaciated mastiff was spotted approx. 30 miles away in a wooded park and finally captured by some good samaritans. They saw the post on lostmydoggie.com and emailed my brother to see if she was his lost dog. She was! If I hadn't posted her picture and details on lostmydoggie.com, my brother wouldn't have gotten his dog back. After 11 months, Lanny is back home!!

January, 26 2016


Domestic Short Hair

Thanks to the services of lostmydoggie/kitty and the wonderful flyers we posted, we were able to locate our beloved cat with in 4 days! We appreciate all of your help and continue to support your work in finding lost animals. THANKS AGAIN~! Michele Los Angeles

January, 18 2016


Silky Terrier

Being able to get Scooter's information and photo in front of people was key in finding him! The family that found him did not have access to social media, but her neighbor did. Posting his information on lostmydoggie.com and sharing that post to social media made it possible for the neighbor to recognize Scooter as a lost dog and give the family our contact information. We found him within 32 hours. He was safe and warm and more importantly, with a family who wanted to find us. And then you factor in the neighbors role...... It was perfectly orchestrated and we couldn't be happier! I would recommend this service to anyone who has lost or found a pet. Using lostmydoggie.com shaved off days and potentially weeks from our search. They covered every base needed to find Scooter. We are just so grateful.

December, 1 2015


Labrador Retriever

There are many companies that offer robocall services, but I only ever recommend and work with LostMyDoggie because their customer service is far and away the best. I used to recommend all of the companies, but my clients would report back to me that their experiences with other companies were horrible (couldn't reach anyone in person, the calls never went out, people would call and complain to them about the calls, etc), but LMD has never received anything but glowing compliments from my clients. I also personally and directly interact with them and know firsthand out helpful, professional, and caring they are. I recommend them HANDS DOWN. -Sarah Sypniewski Owner, NinjaDog Concepts

October, 29 2015



What a phenomenal tool, I recommend this to everyone who ever finds themselves in our shoes with a missing pet. Our China had been missing since September 8th, and literally within 24 hours of signing up for your call outreach program not only did our phone begin to ring of the hook, but we were finally able to isolate her location, trap her and bring her home. If you are thinking about enlisting the aid of Lostmydoggie.com, stop thinking. Do it. Every moment counts. Thank you for providing us with such a proactive venue for helping to bring our baby safely home. Susan Paige Vice President Orphaned Pets, Inc.

October, 7 2015


Border Collie

We had a number of sightings called in. The AMBER alert went out to 750 households within an hour of my sign-up. AND WE GOT responses. The posters we displayed also generated several phone calls. We used all social media available to us and pounded the pavement. Now we have SUCCESS!

October, 5 2015



THANK YOU " LOST MY DOGGIE .COM " !!! 2 days after calling neighbors in my area I started to receive phone calls reporting sightings of my dog, Zeus. 2 days after that we got Zeus BACK HOME !! If it wasn't for your service, we wouldn't have gotten him back sooooo soon ! Thanx to all of the animal lovers for your calls. We appreciated ALL YOUR CALLS & Help !! I highly recommend LostmyDoggie to anyone missing their pets! THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE !! :)

September, 19 2015



I am absolutely amazed at this service. I had no idea it even existed and a friend told me to go to the website and use it when she found out my dog went missing. It is absolutely worth the money! I chose the 2nd option as to where faxes are sent out to local pet businesses and where it calls neighbors within a 5 mile radius of your address. Just a few hours after I had reported it to this service today, I received a call from a gentleman saying he saw my dog about 6 miles from my house but was not able to catch him. I headed to the location he gave me and there was my dog, laying in the middle of the road, exhausted, dirty and just waiting for me to find him. Thank you so much for this service. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loses their pet.

September, 18 2015


Pit Bull

Dear Lost My Doggie I cant thank you enough for offering such an amazing service for Dog owners. Yesterday my dog (Kane) escaped the yard and was missing for nearly 6 hours. I was frantically searching the neighborhood. As you know dogs are like children to some and this is the case for me. I placed nearly 100 flyers up all over. Within 15 minutes of your calls starting i received 3 calls about my dog and he was returned to me :) Thank you so much Brad

September, 7 2015

Mary Jane

Pit Bull

What a remarkable program! What remarkable results! Mary Jane had ventured during the night across a major Blvd. and lived, albeit after 1:00 AM and not being street smart this was in her favor. She was farther than ever before about 10 blocks south and followed along a canal for awhile. I finally contacted your program about 13 hours to 14 hours later. I got a phone call about 45 minutes later. She had been visiting in the garage with this ladies husband and son while they did work in the garage for about 3 hours. When they finished she left and they had not seen her in about 1 1/2 hours. I started driving the street and the neighborhood knowing that this mean Pit Bull/Vizsla cross would be licking someone to death along the trail. My fear was that someone would either mistake her rapid approach as aggression rather than a twofold desire for water and affection wanting to play. It was 108 that day and she had not been home for water in over 12 hours. When the garage door closed, she ventured across the street to make friends with THEM. They brought her in and gave her water, and she followed the man of the house outside to the pool. When he ventured into the water, that was her cue. She swam until I drove the street and the neighbor contacted them. When I drove back to that house, there she was. Best $139 I ever spent. Thank You so much! 45 minutes.........unbelievable. Rob Drobel

September, 7 2015


Mixed Breed

Lost my dog this morning, after hours of searching the streets with no luck I decided to send out an alert. My phone started ringing within minutes with leads on where my dog might be. In a matter of a few hours I was reconnected with my dog. lostmydoggie.com is a fantastic service!

August, 10 2015


Pit Bull

This website was amazing! I chose the package to have 750 nearby phone numbers contacted with an automated message of his description. A gentleman who got the phone call showed up at an antique store 15 minutes later where my dog had posted up on a porch, and he gave me a call. Thank you so much lostmydoggie.com. You were very helpful!

August, 5 2015



Many of our neighbors told us that they received a phone call from lostmydoggie.com!!!! By purchasing this feature a member of our community was able to contact us saying that they saw our dog, Callie!!! This service has helped us put our family back together, and we are so thilled!!!

July, 9 2015


Shih Tzu

If it were not for this service I would never have found my dog Oreo! A police officer found him and took him to the station. That same officer lived close enough to receive the phone call alert this service provides and realized Oreo was the same dog. He called me early Monday morning and I was reunited with Oreo the same day! I have been telling everyone I know about this service! My family and I will be forever GRATEFUL! Thanks so much for all you do!