October, 25 2013



We are eternally grateful to lostmydoggie.com for building awareness and helping us navigate the emotionally traumatic journey that was finding our sweet polly. Without their help we too would have been lost and I believe that it was thanks to their efforts that we got the call that someone had found our dog. Thank you so much.

October, 20 2013


Basset Hound

It can get expensive, but I know for sure that it was because of lostmydoggie that my Dame was found. The phone calls and facebook posts are what led an entire neighborhood to know to contact me when she was finally caught.

October, 7 2013



We hired lostmydoggie.com 10/03/13 to help with finding our lost dog (Babie). She went missing 10/02/13 and I know that it helped alot to hire lostmydoggie.com. They sent out phone calls to everyone with in two miles from where my dog went missing. They also email a flyer, that they made for us to numerous people, vets, and every dog pound with in fifty files from the home. The flyer was very detailed and also available for you to print so you can post flyers in the town. We also had many questions for customer service which they were very promptly with returning our phone calls and answering every question in a professional manner and comforting when needed. We found our dog (Babie) today 10/07/13 SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK HOME:) We thank lostmydoggie.com for all their help finding our doggie.

October, 5 2013

Timon AND Pumba -brothers

Labrador Retriever

LostMyDoggie is GREAT! As soon as my dogs were missing I filed a report on LostMyDoggie. I found my dogs at the county animal control center 1 day after. While I was there, there was a fair of several pet companies displaying their product and several of the business owners said they received the fax from LostMyDoggie with my dogs' picture and my information. They were all very happy that I found my dogs and I was VERY happy to know that even if my dogs had not been found by animal control so many people in my community knew that they were lost and saw their picture. Thanks to LostMyDoggie my community was involved in helping my dogs come home! Thank you LostMyDoggie for spreading the word (and picture) so quickly!

September, 25 2013



Thanks to every ones help we got nikita home safely. Thanks to lostmydoggie.com they covered areas i could not cover to find her, I really liked that they located vet services for me and shelters. thanks again for your help.

September, 16 2013


Miniature Pinscher

We only realized our 15 year old min pin was lost when we returned from errands two hours later. The back gate was left open, our bad, and he helped himself to a walk through the neighborhood. Before we called LostMyDoggie.com, we had walked and walked and walked our neighborhood looking for him. We talked to anyone out and about, and yet nothing. It was getting late, and he is nearly blind and completely deaf. I remembered that my friend had used LostMyDoggie.com and her dog was found within the hour of using their service. I called the number on the website and talked to Heather. It was after hours, but she called me back. We filled out the online form and uploaded his picture. Within 20 minutes, I got the automated call about a lost dog, my lost dog. We were already out putting up flyers in the neighborhood. A man in a neighboring neighborhood saw us hanging the flyer, and asked if we were the ones who lost a dog, the one that he just got a call about? He said he saw our dog 3 hours ago on his neighbor's lawn. Then another one of his neighbors came out and started talking about the call he just got. Then another neighbor came out to join the conversation. It is only because of the service that we found my dog. People were amazed at the call, really. One family we met on the walk home were out looking for him after getting the call about him. I got calls back on my cell phone about him, and where he had been spotted over the hours he was missing. Truly, it is a great service. I don't know if the family that took him in actually heard the call, but their neighbors did, and that's how we located where he was. They were out, but called us at midnight after seeing our flyer on their front door, the flyer that we printed through LostMyDoggie.com. He had walked as far away as he could have gone and still been in the same neighborhood. I recommend Heather and LostMyDoggie. It worked for my friend. It worked for us. I'm SURE my neighbors, if ever in need, will use the service as well. It's great. Thank you, Heather, for calling me back after hours. Had you not. . .who knows?!?

September, 14 2013


Bichon Frise

Thanks Lostmydoggie.com for helping me find my best friend! Within 30 minutes from my order, I started receiving phone calls from my neighbors offering helpful information about my pet's whereabouts. We are blessed to have our Louie back home!

September, 9 2013


Australian Cattle Dog

When our aussie cattle dog/collie mix Toby ran away we were sure we'd never see him again. We had just moved so none of the neighbors would recognize him as ours and he never would have found his way home thru unfamiliar territory. He had no tags or microchip either, so even if someone picked him up there was no way to know who. Our girls were crushed. A day later I plugged Toby into LostMyDoggie along with a photo, honestly not expecting anything. LMD sent out a notice to several dozen local pet shelters, vets, and businesses (something that would have taken us days to do even if we had such a thorough listing). Within an hour my phone rang and a young woman told me "we have Toby." I had my smiling buddy back that very night.

September, 2 2013



Thanks to lostmydoggie.com, our community was alerted to our loss. Almost immediately we were approached by well-meaning neighbors who were now on the lookout for Jonas. We would never have been able to reach all these people and organizations. And because lostmydoggie.com did this for us, and much better than us, we were able to focus our energies on looking for Jonas. Thank you so much!!!

August, 31 2013


Yorkshire Terrier

When my Daisy went missing I was extremely upset and did everything I could to find her. I faxed and mailed nearly 70 posters out to area vet clinics and groomers, after driving around for a day and only managing to visit 8. The last vet office I called for a fax number told me about LostMyDoggie.com. I immediately visited the website and ordered the service. The lady at the LostMyDoggie.com office helped work through some issues, calling me several times to get things right .. on the weekend! The service was excellent. In the end it was a poster at a vet clinic that reunited me with Daisy. When I reviewed the list of vets I had sent/faxed posters to, I did not find the vet clinic that was instrumental in reuniting me with my dog. Therefore, I am convinced it was a poster sent out by LostMyDoggie.com that was responsible. I am very grateful for this service. It feels like it was a miracle that brought my Daisy back to me. In reality it was LostMyDoggie.com. Thank you so much, Debbie&Daisy.

August, 25 2013


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

SUCCESS!!! SAMMY IS FOUND!!! He was found last evening by a man who was walking his dogs in a field behind Gael str. in Joliet. I had showed his neighbor a flier that day with Sammy's pic on it and she had told him about it. The neighbor heard whimpering and followed the cries and found Sammy with his leash wrapped around sticks and he was stuck. I thank God for everyone's prayers and efforts and concern for little Sammy. The lady called the humane society that we had been checking in with. They had our alternative phone number and gave it to the woman who was then able to call us. The number on his collar was too small. We are so thankful for everyone's effort in the many ways people participated. I would also like to recommend www.lostmydoggie.com ... a service that carefully mapped out and called 750 homes along the route he could have been lost. The lady that called me from there was very dedicated and rushed to get the phone message out that evening. I sooo thank you! You saved a life! A man (on the west side of the street, not the east side where I had guessed his location to be), called me stating he heard the phone message and was sure he had seen my dog, and then I concentrated my search in that area... after checking the freeway that first day! Several people told me they saved the phone message as they felt it was important! Then I hit the pavement with fliers. I went up and down the neighborhood every day morning and evening. I thank everyone for their prayers as that field is known to have coyotes!! Thank you Karen for taking him in! He was very very thirsty and hungry. He was lost 3 1/2 days!!

August, 8 2013


Boston Terrier

It is with great thankfulness to lostmydoggie.com that we reunited with our Max. Calling our neighbors made ALL the difference!!!! We would be without him, if we didn't use this service. We live in a rural part of Virginia and this made it possible to cover lots of area. We will sing the praises of your service to everyone!! Thanks for our dogs return.

August, 7 2013


German Shorthaired Pointer

All, The "Amber Alert" by lost my doggie was the key! It worked! Over the week, we received lots of calls from people who spotted her and then finally a very nice man who heard the message called. He said he spotted her that night before so he drove back to the spot where he last saw her and there she was! There is no way we would have been able to get the message out to so many households so fast without this alert. Great job and thank you for helping us find Greta! Michele

July, 24 2013


Terrier Mix

To all of you at "Lostmydoggie.com"~ Our heartfelt gratitude to "LostMyDoggie.com" for providing such an amazing service that helped us reunite with our lost dog, Skippy. What an incredible service you provide! Our elderly dog Skippy went missing in Costa Mesa late evening 7/3. We were frantic on July 4th because all Animal Rescue and Animal Care Facilities were closed in observance of the holiday. However, we were able to sign up for your service on the morning of 7/4/13. For anyone that has lost a pet, it can be the longest night of your life! On the morning of 7/5 we received a call from a local Vet in the area that recognized Skippy from a fax and photo that was electronically sent out by your servicere! We are grateful to whomever picked him up and overwhelmed with gratitude for the Vet that took such great loving care of Skippy and provided a safe place for him to stay. Skippy was originally a Rescue Dog that we have had with us for 12 years. He is partially blind and partially deaf. However, he is the most loving dog EVER! (He is so human-like with his emotions!) We have and will continue to share our story of how we were reunited with Skippy and will also continue to recommend your service to everyone! Tears of joy are flowing and our hearts and home is once again filled with love and our sweet Skippy! Thank you and God Bless you all for creating such an incredible service! Blessings to all of you~ Jorge & Theresa

July, 21 2013



How lucky was I to have found this company when I lost my pet and had exhausted all other alternatives to find him. LostMyDoggie.com brought my dog home to my family and I. My dog had been missing for 6 days and on the 7th day I decided let me call this company so I did. I contacted them early on the 7th day and signed up by noon the same day calls where pouring in it was amazing I couldn't believe it. So it was shortly afternoon that I received the call that someone ID my dog and I was able go pick him up. It was a miracle and I am so greatful that LostMyDoggie.com help bring my beloved dog back home. Thanks for helping me in the time of need. Chris & Pam