August, 9 2019

Found Dog TAIKA


Alaskan Husky

Thank you for all the support in helping bring our pup home! You are all amazing at what you do.

August, 8 2019

Found Dog Blue (Lt. brindle)

Blue (Lt. brindle)

Mixed Breed

Dear Lostmydoggie.com, Thank you for being here! I believe that your website and spreading the word absolutely helped to find my dog! You all are wonderful and again Thank you! From my heart. Sincerely, Sandy Mcnown

August, 7 2019

Found Dog Nala


Mixed Breed

Nala returned this morning after 2 days missing. Her leash was cut in half so we assume she had gotten it caught on something in the woods and eventually chewed her way off the leash. Thank you so much for the support during the challenging time. This website is a fantastic resource for families in search of their loved one! I now feel inspired to volunteer to help find lost dogs in my local community.

August, 1 2019

Found Dog Noodles


Mixed Breed

lostmydoggie found Noodle. Literally! I posted the ad on the website and just as the person who found him walked into the animal hospital; his adorable little face showed on their printer. The hospital staff quickly called us to id him and within 3 hours of Noodles going missing, he was returned home. The site works and is efficient. We are so grateful.

July, 6 2019

Found Dog Bailey


Mixed Breed

Our precious Golden Doodle Bailey was lost at 9:00pm July 4th. We spent nearly the entire night looking for him. The next morning 6:00 am we needed help so we went to lostmydoggie.com. We had a social media post immediately, a flyer printed before 8:00 am, but the most effective was the amber alert phone calls, this IS what made this possible. We live in a beach community and the family that found Bailey was on vacation and had no social media, but they received the amber alert phone call on the landline phone in their rental home. Because of social media, Family, friends and dog lovers from everywhere were coming to help search for Bailey. We are so thankful and overwhelmed by the out pour of love and help from the community. Thank you lostmydoggie.com for bringing our Bailey home!!!

June, 26 2019

Found Dog Lacie


Mixed Breed

Without LostMyDoggie.com we wouldn't have found my dog, Lacie, as fast and as easy as we did. With this site, the word about Lacie traveled fast and easy, and she was back to us in a matter of hours. We were so extremely happy to get her back.

June, 25 2019

Found Dog Herbert


Mixed Breed

Our tiny dog got out and was found running by a highway. Through the grace of God lostmydoggie.com allowed kind hearted people to bring our little one home just in time.

June, 14 2019

Found Dog Princess


Yorkshire Terrier

We are so GRATEFUL to God for leading us to you in helping us find our beautiful Princess! ???? These last two days without her were agonizing. ?? Your process was quick and it rocks!! She was brought into one of the pet businesses that you faxed!! Our family is whole again, many many heartfelt thanks to you and everyone that participated in the search. ??????

June, 13 2019

Found Dog Sophie



Our Sophie was found 45 miles away from our home. This service started a host of calls and spotting of her. We found her within 2 days of posting!!! Thank s so much!!!

June, 12 2019

Found Dog unknown


Mixed Breed

Found the owner within a few hours! Great service, they were so happy as was I.

June, 8 2019

Found Dog Bernie


Terrier Mix

Panic, and then more panic sets in, what to do? Social media, obviously but where do I start. This website allowed me to feel a sense of control while our beloved family member was missing. Seconds after filling in the data I received notice that our dog was reported missing to all animal shelters in the area. The option to share our pets details to twitter and Facebook followed immediately after. Thank you! Brilliant service. Our beloved came home, safe and sound. Phew

June, 7 2019

Found Dog adonis



I was very pleased by the service that was provided bye lost my doggie. My dog has gone missing my dog had gone missing for at least 4 days and have been found on the fourth day. If your dog has gone missing I would really recommend using lostmydoggie.

June, 3 2019

Found Dog Katniss


Shih Tzu

This is the BEST service !!!!! I almost lost hope. I got a call from the humane society, even though they were closed I left message, they told me about lost my doggie. Thank goodness! There are so many kind wonderful people in the world .. may God bless Conner and her friend for saving and caring for my baby Katniss!!!!

June, 3 2019

Found Dog Piper


Miniature Pinscher

I am so excited that this service is available. Piper our dog was found within a couple hours of listing her. I highly recommend using this service if you have lost your pet companion. Thank you so much!

May, 31 2019

Found Dog Solo



My dog although had been missing for four days I put up fliers called around And had no luck I stumbled across this site posted in the missing dog ad And within 20 minutes I had a phone call from the SPCA that they checked the website and had a dog with his description!!Solo is home safe and happy!!without this site I don’t know if we would’ve found him thank you lostmydoggie.com