December, 17 2018

Found Dog Lilo


Rat Terrier

It only took hours for our furbaby to be found. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for their sweetheart. Thanks

December, 10 2018

Found Dog Rocco


German Shepherd

I would like to thank lostmydoggie from the bottom my heart for promptly reuniting me with my dog Rocco, he was so excited to see me and I can’t tell you what it means to me to have him back home with us… In less than 24 hours of my post, lostmydoggie reunited me with One of my most valued family members... Thank you guys for all of your help!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!??????????????

November, 29 2018

Found Dog Mojo



http://www.lostmydoggie.com saved my fur babies life. When I signed up, people were calling in a matter of minutes prior of reporting him missing. Thank you so much! Casey Thackston Pet: Mojo

November, 6 2018

Found Dog John


Mixed Breed

Lostmydoggie.com is the reason my pup is back home! When my fur baby was hiding in someone's front yard, the lady already had a voicemail with all of my information (and my pup description) from Lostmydoggie, which is how she knew to call me...and the rest is history :)

November, 3 2018

Found Dog Bean


Golden Retriever

My little bean was taken from my home and dropped off in another city 15 miles away. I posted my ad after two days of not being able to get any information, and within 2 hours of posting, I received a call from the San Gabriel Humane society saying they found my dog!! A big thank you to the staff at SGHS and to Lostmydoggie.com. I can’t believe this actually worked. ????

November, 3 2018

Found Dog Olivia


Shih Tzu

Thanks to your wonderful website I was able to put up a good sign very quickly. This was instrumental in bringing my baby back in a matter of hours.

October, 31 2018

Found Dog Rufus


Australian Shepherd

Thank you sooo much for this awesome service. Rufus was dropped off at a vet in the area he went missing and because they had the flyer you sent out they were able to contact us. The tag on his collar was missing so this was the only way they were able to find us! My husband is a disabled veteran and Rufus is his service dog. His dog is extremely important to his well being. I will definitely spread the word on how helpful this service is!

October, 16 2018

Found Dog Thor


Siberian Husky

Got reunited with my Thor ! Thanks to lost my doggie and the immediate emails sent ! This site is heaven sent

October, 10 2018

Found Dog Chloe


German Shepherd

CHLOE IS HOME!! Thank you - I could not have found her without your help! I was contacted with a sighting because of the alerts! My heart is very happy and Chloe says thank you ????????

October, 9 2018

Found Dog Foxy



Big thank you to lostmydoggie.com, 4 hours after posting a listing I found my dog!

October, 5 2018

Found Dog Missy


Yorkshire Terrier

This is a great way to find your lost dog, the Amber Alerts really work. Thank god with the help of Lostmydoggie.com she has been found alive and well. Thank you!

September, 24 2018

Found Dog Migo


Siberian Husky

So my dog escaped and honestly I didn’t think I’ll ever see him again. He was gone for a full day and for some people that might be short but it was really long for my siblings and I. We did miss him and hoping we would see him again. Then I received an email from someone who thinks they found my dog. Turns out she did and we were very happy to hav whim bag thanks to her. This site reunited my dog and I and if I hadn’t put my dog as lost on here I don’t think I’d get him back. Thank you to this site and the person who found my dog and looked on here!!!

September, 22 2018

Found Dog CHEWY



When our boy Chui went missing, we used LostMyDoggie's automated phone call service to reach out to neighbors. The man who found Chui had received one of those calls, recognized Chui, and got him home to us right away. We are so grateful to have Chui back! Thanks, LostMyDoggie.com!

September, 15 2018

Found Dog Buddy


Pit Bull

I was a little skeptical of spending so much money on a MAYBE, but i am glad I did. Shortly after purchasing the plan I received a phone call from a neighbor a few blocks away telling me my dog was at his house that earlier that morning and he had animal control come pick him up, and that he confirmed it was him with the picture posted on this website. Long story short LostMyDoggie was a great system and very effective in a speedy recovery.

September, 7 2018

Found Dog Paulie


Cocker Spaniel

Wow! I was hesitant on purchasing the amber alert, I wasn't sure if it would be real. But, after contemplating, and being really worried for my pup after a week of him being gone, I purchased it. I purchased the most affordable one at 3pm and at 6pm a woman called me saying she thinks she has my dog, so I went and there he was! Within a day my baby was home.