Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

February, 28 2024

Found Dog Nero



We had lost our beloved dog Nero for more than three weeks! We got a call from someone who lived only a couple miles away and Nero is now home!! We appreciate everyone who put out the word to help find him!! Thanks lostdoggy.com!!

February, 25 2024

Found Dog Gabby



Thank you for all of your help. You have a wonderful service.

February, 10 2024

Found Dog Snow


Siberian Husky

This website was instrumental to helping me find my sweet girl! Worth it

January, 31 2024

Found Dog Pheobe



My baby was found thanks to lost my doggie they brought her in to pound buddies in Muskegon and saw the flyers and got my number and we were reunited. Thank you lost my doggie and pound buddies thank you. Much love.

January, 31 2024

Found Dog Kilo


Pit Bull

When Kilo went missing we notified everyone we could think of. Lost My Doggie created a flyer that we printed and passed out to numerous people and businesses. We are thrilled to have Kilo back home!!! Thank you for assisting in our search for our beloved pet.

January, 14 2024

Found Dog “Blue”


Pit Bull

I lost my dog “Blue” and I was devastated. I posted flyers at the location I had seen him last. Then when I got home I was online looking for lost & founds for pets and I came across this website. So I posted a lost dog ad. The next day I got a call from a man who had seen my dog and knew where he was. Thank you to the Good Samaritan and to Lostmydoggie.com!

January, 9 2024

Found Dog Diezel


Saint Bernard

My dog ran away on New Year’s Eve due to all the fireworks and gunshots that were going off, we were very sad especially my kids, but thanks to this website we were able to be reunited with him again.

December, 28 2023

Found Cat Willis



After a year and a half, Willis is now home! A Christmas miracle!

December, 26 2023

Found Dog Niyah (Nee-uh)

Niyah (Nee-uh)


My doggo was found within about 30 min of posting on lostmydoggie.com. my neighbors all saw the post and we got her back safe and around. Sooooo happy!!! Thank you lostmydoggie.com!!!

November, 15 2023

Found Dog Luna


Mixed Breed

LostMyDoggie is the best! We were able to connect with the wonderful family who found our girl within 24 hours. That never would have happened without this amazing service!

November, 7 2023

Found Dog Parker



My mom passed away 2 months ago. And I have her a little dog and my roommate's girlfriend. Let him out and He ran away. I was freaking out. And I was looking Up the closest pounds. on the internet. And I came across the service and I put in the information. And they helped me find my dog the very next morning.

October, 29 2023

Found Dog Kali


Mixed Breed

I found my Kali! The person who found her reached out to me because of Lostmydoggie! Many people reached out after that to let me know and check in! Thankful for Lost my doggie and the people who helped!

October, 16 2023

Found Dog Dane



Lostmydoggie.com did a fantastic job getting the word out about my lost pup. There customer service and follow up is amazing! I had people from all over my neighborhood reaching out because they received calls from Lostmydoggie. I paid $30 for 250 calls and it was worth every penny!

October, 8 2023

Found Dog Homie


Boston Terrier

Homie was found within an hour of me posting that he was lost. I’m convinced that if I didn’t have this as an option, Homie would still be lost, and possibly no chance for being reunited. I highly recommend this service if you ever lose a pet. Thank you!

October, 3 2023

Found Dog Jax



This is an absolutely fantastic website. Most people don't realize how much we love our pets, especially non pet owners. I was so happy to find their expert services and for free, absolutely incredible. Thank you guys