Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

June, 7 2022

Found Dog Avery



Can’t say enough about how amazing lostmydoggie.com is. A town resident about a mile away found Avery walking on the side of the road and her mother coincidentally received the voicemail from your service and connected the dots and we received a text this morning that they found her!!!!

June, 7 2022

Found Dog Luna


Alaskan Husky

Unbeknownst to me, Lunas collar hadd been removed. So she ran away and had no collar. The lovely people that found her, informed me that their son found her on this site. She was gone for almost a week. Thanks to this site, they found my contact information and called me and an hour later, reunited and it feels so good… great site for such a difficult time. And thank you for your free options. Good natured and effective. That’s what I say about lostmydoggie.com

June, 6 2022

Found Dog Hercules


Boston Terrier

Hercules is home!!! The people that had him released him with no collar, and three angel ladies found him on this app. Our boys are happy in bed with their little fur brother. Thank you!!!!

June, 6 2022

Found Dog Leah


American Bully

This website is the best. My Leah was gone for 23 hours. I found my dog with this site. I am super excited that I found this site. I don’t think I would have found my Leah if it wasn’t because of this site. This site is the real deal. Thanks so much lostmydoggie.com. You helped me reunite with my best friend Leah.

May, 24 2022

Found Dog Jinx


Boston Terrier

The morning after my son's college graduation, he let our dog out in the backyard of his rental, where, unseen in the tall grass, she escaped through a hole in the fence we weren't aware of and she didn't have her tags on. After searching for her ourselves, we immediately put out an alert through LostMyDoggie, which contacted local shelters. An incredibly kind trucker and his son found her, called the shelter, and was able to locate us based on LostMyDoggie's outreach. Given that my son was leaving the area, we couldn't have found her without this help. Thanks so much!

May, 23 2022

Found Dog Rex


American Bully

I would like to say this website was verrrrrryyyyyyy helpful. I absolutely love this site for our pet babies. I will highly recommend this website for anyone who has lost their pet baby good luck to every on lostmydoggie.com!

April, 26 2022

Found Dog Dolly


Mixed Breed

This site was fantastic at getting the message out about my missing dog! I received several valuable hits from this that led to her safe rescue! I highly recommend it!

April, 12 2022

Found Dog Raena



After 4 days of being on the run we were finally reunited with our baby this afternoon (4/12/22). We couldn't be more thrilled and relieved to have her back in our lives again! Although I can not immediately link the finding of our dog to the LostMyDoggie website I am extremely grateful for their site and all that they've accomplished on our behalf to help spread the word. I would like to wish this company nothing but the best and have faith that they will help bring many, MANY lost pups back home to their owners.

April, 6 2022

Found Dog KD


Mixed Breed

This website is the real deal, y’all. My dog ran out of my apartment while I was getting my Amazon packages and I swear I thought I’d never see him again. I made a posting on here and someone reached out to me a few hours later to let me know my dog was found.

April, 6 2022

Found Dog Kiko



This service is unbelievable. I pray all lost animal owners use this site, and locate their lost loved fur babies every time. Our Kiko ?? was indeed found, although he’s in doggie heaven now. I’m forever thankful for lostmydoggie.com ???? Thank you for creating such a wonderful site to help us all locate our babies.

March, 22 2022

Found Dog Taco


Mixed Breed

This was worth the money for sure! Our dog ended up at a local shelter within hours of him being lost, and we immediately received a phone call. Neighbors who lived in the area received the notice, and called to see if they could help. It was a cold day, so we needed to find Taco quickly. This service helped Taco come home.

March, 21 2022

Found Dog Gia


Mixed Breed

This is a fantastic site. We had someone call within 3 hours of this posting. Thank you for this site.

March, 15 2022

Found Dog Dottie


Mixed Breed

Because of the faxes and calls the lady who found our puppy who doesn’t have any social media and is elderly so she doesn’t get out was able to call her vet who knew she had Dottie from her location and description. Without this service I don’t think we would have found her. Doggie life saver.

February, 21 2022

Found Dog Max



Had someone contact us within 24 hrs. of posting on lostmydoggie.com and got our dog back safe and sound!

February, 15 2022

Found Cat Pudding


Turkish Van

When my kitty Pudding escaped, I was devastated and felt helpless. I was happy to see there are many online options that will help you find your pet, and one of the most helpful was LostMyDoggie. Once I filled out my information, not only did the site create a Lost Poster for my kitty, but they sent it to 25 local vets, clinics and shelters in the area instantaneously. When I called a local vet to check if they'd seen my kitty, they told me they had just received my poster and now have all the info they need just in case he get's dropped there. That sort of help is amazing when time isn't on your side! Pudding is home safe and sound, and I'm happy to know that LostMyDoggie is there if I need them again.