Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

November, 26 2022

Found Dog ROCCO



Thanks to your service our family dog was found. We can’t thank your staff enough for their relentless efforts in bringing Rocco back home to us. We had nearly given up hope but your help got him back to us. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DID!!!

November, 25 2022

Found Dog Sasha



Posted my missing dog on here on Saturday afternoon and, thanks to the alerts sent out to the the animal shelters in my area. I got a call from my local humane society on Monday, two days later, stating that they saw the alter from LostMyDoggie.com and had possibly found my fur baby. Went and confirmed that they positively identified and rescued my dog. I am extremely thankful for the services provided by LostMyDoggie.com!

November, 22 2022

Found Dog Pebbles


Great Dane

Throughout the 3 day search for our fur baby we were losing hope. A community member advised us to try out lostmydoggie.com and without a doubt I’d say i probably wouldn’t have found our baby without it. We shared the flyer they made on Facebook and it was shared several times which resulted in a couple calling us and reuniting us. Thanks for the great resource I’m almost certain I’d have lost our family member if not for lostmydoggie.com

November, 21 2022

Found Dog Tommy


Shih Tzu

The best service I have ever used to help me find my dog! Seriously the best, if you or someone you know lost their dog have them use LostMyDoggie! It’s definitely worth it and increases your chances of finding them!

November, 15 2022

Found Dog Chico


French Bulldog

I am so grateful for this website! We were able to have our dog within an hour of the posting. Happy to know they’re are good people out there.

November, 12 2022

Found Dog Cookie


Yorkshire Terrier

I found this site when the unthinkable happened and one of our little pups got out while away from the house. Creating a free post was quick and easy (which when you’re frantically looking for your pup is vital). To our surprise, we received a phone call within 30 mins for an amazing neighbor who had found her and we were reunited soon after. Definitely recommend this site!

November, 8 2022

Found Dog Cassius “Cash” Clay

Cassius “Cash” Clay


I thank God for this service bring available. I think that the fact that the flyer part of this service made it so easy for me to make and disseminate and get the word out that my dog was lost made it possible for me and my baby to be reunited. He was cold and very thirsty and hungry, but alive! Thank you for everyone’s concern.

October, 28 2022

Found Dog Kimber


Mixed Breed

I have to admit I was not sure if lost my doggie would really help find our dog, but I can 100% say that without the help of lost my doggie we may have never gotten her back. After 9 days of her missing I received a call around 8 from someone that lostmydoggie called identifying that our dog showed up to there house earlier that day. Thank you so much our family is full of happiness tonight having our baby girl back home

September, 20 2022

Found Dog Kona Seiler

Kona Seiler


This website is AWESOME!!! I used their automated amber alert call and it worked really well. The call included my dog’s name, breed and when she was last seen. This made my family feel supported and like there was a good chance at finding our girl. And we did!!!!

September, 14 2022

Found Dog Coco


German Shepherd

Worth every penny. Dog found within one hour. Don’t know how they do it.

August, 23 2022

Found Dog Cocco



I'm so delighted how much lost my doggie helped me find my fur baby. I received a phone call the next day I posted on Lostmy doggie from a lovely lady that saw my post and shared it. I'm impressed by how fast it works and the kind people that help.

August, 22 2022

Found Dog Macy



We had a fantastic experience, we highly recommend this service and would pay again for sure! The flyer had everything necessary and got the job done right. The local vets and animal shelters were properly notified and everyone in the area knew. Everyone on social media knew too. LostMyDoggie is the BEST!

August, 13 2022

Found Dog Beatrice



Definitely helped me find my fur baby I’m so happy I found this website

August, 12 2022

Found Dog Fred



This is such a great resource to use. I have now used the phone-call option twice (different dogs) and have found it extremely effective! There are so many dog owners out there, that to send a call out to your community is a great way to get extra eyes looking for your pet. There are so many good folks willing to help if you just ask. The call helped us find the first dog in a busy residential neighborhood in Washington, DC:. A phone call recipient heard the message and saw the dog hanging out behind his house! In the second instance, we used it in a much more rural area and were so comforted to know that the call went out within an hour of its request—most importantly it went during daylight hours! We were reunited ultimately by walking dirt roads and farm fields, but very confident we will recommend this service to anyone who is missing a loved pet. Thank you!!

August, 8 2022

Found Dog Juju


Pit Bull

Juju was found at a nearby vet thanks to the emails that were sent to all the vets in the area after see was lost for 24 hours. She was found not even 2 hours later. Thank you LostMyDoggie for this great service!