September, 13 2023

Found Dog Bella Rose

Bella Rose

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Our animals are so precious to us and I think everyone should be using this resource if, God forbid, their pet goes missing. It was super easy to use and within a couple minutes a flyer was made and the information was sent out to shelters in the area. I think that is absolutely amazing. Our dog Bella was found in less than an hour! :) I am incredibly thankful for “LostMyDoggie.com”

August, 13 2023

Found Dog Betty And Butters

Betty And Butters

Golden Retriever

Thank you to all who helped reunite us with our two dogs! Lost my doggie.com was KEY in helping us find our dogs FAST. We are so grateful and thankful everyone involved used lost my doggie.com. We were so worried and now so very happy and relieved. EVERYONE should use this site when dogs are lost. ??

July, 12 2023

Found Dog Koko


Pit Bull

I want to thank list my doggie because thanks to them I was able ti reunite with my Koko. He was messing for about 1 week and 2 days I didn’t visit this website til 4 days before he was found and it only took 4 days to find him! Sending out flyers to vets and animal shelters really work! He was in a local animal shelter which I called and was told he wasn’t there. As soon as they received the flyer that was sent from this website I received a call that he was there. You guys rock!

July, 10 2023

Found Dog Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley

Labrador Retriever

Annie Oakley was missing for two days, I had come across "Lostmydoggie.com" and signed up for it on the first day she was missing. Annie was found because of the faxes sent out to the surrounding Vet clinics in the area she was lost. The vet received the fax with Annie's description and a way to contact the owner. I'm so thankful and don't think she would have been found without those faxes being sent out!!

July, 7 2023

Found Dog Belle


Yorkshire Terrier

I received a call from a woman who found our dog within hours of using LostMyDoggie.com. She saw the posting online and we were reunited. I highly recommend using the service and spreading the word as mush as possible.

July, 4 2023

Found Dog Galaxy


Shih Tzu

So much support during this difficult process. Found my girl thank you to all amazing people and @www.lostmydoggie.com for the help ???? Galaxy is back!

July, 2 2023

Found Dog Honey


Pit Bull

This is an incredible service. We lost our dog shortly after she had her dinner last night. This morning we found the website and took a chance. The faxes/emails went out to all nearby animal facilities within 45 minutes, and I received a phone call within 5 minutes from a local shelter informing me our dog had been found. Our dog was missing 15 hours, and found in no time at all. Thank you so much!

June, 23 2023

Found Dog Cappuccino



Thanks to lostmydoggie.com, I got information about the first spotting of my lost fur baby due to the amber call alert that went out! A woman heard it on her answering machine, saw her neighbors post about my lost dog, and called me. Fast forward to being reunited with Cappuccino after a woman contacted me from one of the Facebook groups lostmydoggie.com posted to. She put me in touch with a professional pet finder. I followed her directions and he showed up out of no where :) Thank you lostmydoggie.com !

June, 14 2023

Found Dog Remi


Border Terrier

A local vet received your fax and when their client, who found the dog, brought her in to be scanned for a chip, they recognized her and called us. Worked well, thank you!

June, 13 2023

Found Dog Mikey


Mixed Breed

I was directed to this web by the Holy Spirit. I prayed a the Lord answered by prayer. The person who found her had pick her up from in the street and cared for her for 3 days until I sighed up to lost my doggie.com. The alert went out to neighbors, and I got an immediate response. My dog was lose but now she found. If God can do it for a little old dog, what more will he do for us. Thank for your service. It’s really is a remarkable resource that put out urgent messages. Ms. Mikey is now resting safely back in her own bed and God be the glory

June, 5 2023

Found Dog Messi Prince

Messi Prince

Siberian Husky

Lostmydoggie is incredible! I submitted a lost report file when I lost my dog on their site. I called every shelter place as well as veterinaries in town and in the towns near by. I was amazed to learn that lostmydoggie already sent at least 25 fax with details and card about my dog. They were all alerted before I even called them! Thank you for your assistance! I would definitely recommend.

May, 29 2023

Found Dog Alvin


Portuguese Podengo

Thanks to Lost My Doggie App I was able to locate Alvin my friends dog in such a short amount of time. I might not have found Alvin if this App had not existed . Thank you so much for getting the word out & even checking back in with me to assist with more helpful solutions to try . Also for checking to see if he had been found yet . Thank you Thank you Sincerely , Jessica Kormondy

May, 8 2023

Found Dog Kiya (Kia)

Kiya (Kia)

Miniature Schnauzer

Super happy with this service. My dog was lost and only within minutes of posting on this site, I got a text from someone saying they found her! Really thought she was lost but thanks to this site my pup was reunited with us! ??

April, 25 2023

Found Cat Mittens


Excellent resource for the community. This is always the first place that I will go to when I or someone I know has a missing animal. Thank you

March, 17 2023

Found Dog Bonnie


Pit Bull

Lost my doggie was so wonderful when my wife and I lost our sweet Bonnie. The website was very easy to navigate and post a listing and we were able to find her within 4 days! We couldn’t have done it without the help of this website!