May, 27 2020

Found Cat George


Domestic Medium Hair

Within an hour of submitting my add for our lost kitty, George, we started receiving phone calls of George sightings. Everyone in our neighborhood received a phone call w a description of George. As we walked our neighborhood, people were stopping us telling us they received a phone call and that they would keep an eye out for him and call us if they see him. Tonight, George came home! Lost Doggie is amazing! We’re so happy ??

May, 26 2020

Found Dog Benny


Mixed Breed

Benny managed to come home on his own, but I found the Amber alert AMAZING people called for information that could have resulted in us locating him. I highly recommend spending the extra money for this service.

May, 25 2020

Found Dog Smokey


Australian Shepherd

This was very helpful in finding my dog. & surprisingly it was really fast.

May, 25 2020

Found Dog Badger



UPDATE: We found him!!!!! thank you all for the thoughts and tips. Our family is back together. Thank you neighbors!!!! Thank you to this site for sending out a call in the neighborhood!

May, 24 2020

Found Dog Kakashi


German Shepherd

Because of this service the animal shelter was able to contact me as soon as they could about my dog. They even gave us a free flyer to hang around town and we found him in less than a day.

May, 22 2020

Found Dog Bullet


American Staffordshire Terrier

Bullet is home!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and suggestions to locating lost pets!!! I listed him on lostmydoggie.com and within an hour received the call!! Within two minutes I received a call from a neighbor letting me know a gentleman had been looking for the owner! We went to reunite and the children were sad but mom and dad said that Bullet showed them that it’s time to adopt a dog! I think that’s a sweet ending! Thanks again everyone!!!! Come meet my boy whenever you want!!!! Thanks be to God!!

May, 22 2020

Found Dog Meatball


French Bulldog

I just need to say that this website is absolutely the best ever!! we lost our dog Meatball earlier today. we went on a search in the car, walking, bikes and knocking on door for about an hour before I registered Meatball on lostmydoggie.com. I actually got the info from the VCA hospital on Fallbrook and Victory av. they called my about an hour later letting me know that Meatball was turned in by some phenomenal people who found him roaming the alley way never our home. If not for lostmydoggie.com and the efforts of the wonderful people who found him, we would still be heartbroken. Thank you all so much and everyone involved in finding Meatball and getting him back to us. we are forever grateful!

May, 16 2020

Found Dog Coco


Mixed Breed

Awesome service, really streamlined the whole episode. Brought the whole community together to help us find my dog. Thank you for this. My family is whole again and we couldn’t be happier.

May, 8 2020

Found Dog Precious



I can not say enough about this service - my parents dog was lost for hours and they thought she was gone forever - my son told me about this sight and within 30 min of posting, my parents dog was found !!! we are so grateful

May, 7 2020

Found Dog Bella


Yorkshire Terrier

This was my first time using lost doggie and I am beyond pleased with the results. It truly does work and I think if we spread the word about the website more people will be alert about missing pets. Having a missing pet can be so stress inducing but knowing that you put something out there is good to do.

May, 6 2020

Found Dog JoJo


Terrier Mix

Love this company. Had difficulty understanding how to upload picture, emailed and immediately they replied to help! Our pup came home, thank you again for helping owners find their lost loved ones!

May, 2 2020

Found Cat Myra



Thank you everyone who was calling neighbors, posting on media and people who responded and called me back to encourage or give advice. Myra is home and safe. Love you all!

April, 28 2020

Found Dog Mack


Shih Tzu

I was terrified that Mack was lost. Thanks to lostmydoggy who had all the information you needed. I would not have found him without lostmydoggy. Plus they send you an email with more info on getting your pet safely home. Awesome site

April, 22 2020

Found Dog Khaleesi


Siberian Husky

I am so grateful for this website I got to find my dog khaleesi on the same day she was missing. I am thankful for the people who contact me because of my post with lostmydoggie. Thank you so much and I can say this site really works and everyone should try it if you come across a situation like mine, Thank you again!!!!

April, 17 2020

Found Dog Rilee


Mixed Breed

I thought I would never see her again but within a few hours of putting up an ad, I got a response and they found my dog.