November, 26 2020

Found Dog Tyler



Hi, thank goodness we found him thanks to someone seeing him. This app definitely helped!

November, 21 2020

Found Dog Sweetie


German Shepherd

Thank you for me find my dog. At first I did not know that I could put put out an Amber alert on a lost dog. Soon as I signed up for your services the Lexington County Shelter received my flyer. They text me a picture we have your dog she was found in 2 days soon as my lost dog flyers went out. Thanks you guys are amazing

November, 6 2020

Found Dog Lucky



If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t have been reunited with my pet. Luckily the nicest man contacted me through this site. He groomed, fed and houses my dog for 4 days and we were finally reunited. I am so thankful to both this site and this man

November, 6 2020

Found Dog Lucky


Pit Bull

I was worried sick, We couldn't find our baby anywhere! i came across this website, filled it out and within minutes i got a call from a vet hospital near my house that they had him there safely. I don't think i would've ever found him, if it wasn't for Lostmydoggy. Thank you for bringing my baby back .

October, 30 2020

Found Cat Phoenix


Domestic Short Hair

Thank you for creating such an easy to use tool that spread the message of our lost kitty so quickly! Neighbors all heard the amber alert and the flyer was so helpful. Forever thankful!!

October, 30 2020

Found Dog Anomaly


Italian Greyhound

The phone calls to neighbors resulted in three sightings that led to her finding her way home. This is a great way to reach people that aren’t on social media. So relieved!!!!

October, 25 2020

Found Dog Tucker


Pit Bull

Thank the lord!! Through this app I was able to get tucker back quicker... love this app..

October, 23 2020

Found Dog Keiko



Thanks this site I was able to find my baby. I am SO ETERNALLY THANKFUL. I would recommend this site to absolutely anybody. Thank you again for your excellent service and mission!!

October, 16 2020

Found Dog Tiggy



Within one hour of using your service, a local veterinary hospital within 100 yards of our home received a fax and called us immediately to tell us they think they had our dog. She’s 17 years old — so no longer wears a collar or dog tag that would identify her — and thanks to your service, she’s home and reunited with her family.

October, 6 2020

Found Dog Autumn



I was skeptical about this service but I wish I did it earlier. After searching for my dog for 5 hours I used this service and within an hour had two calls of where my dog was. Unfortunately my dog was struck by a car in the area however I was near there and was able to run her to the hospital. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

October, 3 2020

Found Dog Chewie


Mixed Breed

I cannot Thank lostmydoggie.com enough. If it were not for them faxing all the local shelters, my Chewie might still not be home, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! ??????

October, 3 2020

Found Dog Dollar


Pit Bull

I thank you guys so much for your help. One of the flier sent over to a pet store caught the attention of a wonderful women who contacted me and I was able to find my puppy. Thank you guys so much.

September, 23 2020

Found Dog Titan


Siberian Husky

Thank you so much, with the help of the doggy amber alert, a neighbor 3 miles down the road received the call and an hour later Our dog was on his porch.

September, 21 2020

Found Dog Dobi


Miniature Pinscher

Thanks to the service my dog was found by the police department they had my information gave me a call and I was able to pick up my dog in the pound. Our dog is new to our family and we have yet to get him chipped and he slipped out of his color when he got away. Without this app I don't think we would have been reunited thank you

September, 17 2020

Found Dog Oscar



Thanks to this website I was able to quickly put a notice out that my doggie was missing. In less than 24 hours we were able to locate him. We are so happy and thankful to have him safe at home.