July, 11 2020

Found Dog Romeo


Shih Tzu

Love this website/page! I never heard of it until someone told me about it!!. Please use use use!! This site if your fur baby is lost/gone! Such a big help!

July, 8 2020

Found Dog Rico


Shih Tzu

Thanks to this page I found my dog in 24 hrs after I paid for their services. Thank You

July, 6 2020

Found Dog Unknown


Labrador Retriever

I want to say this website really helped on locating the owner of LOLA . When we found this dog we didn’t think we would find her owner for she had no collar And we had no clue where we could start. I started searching options until I came across this website, So we made it our mission to help her and luckily thankfully we did !! I’m glad she is back to her family who Where worried and excited when they reunited with her. Thank you for this website it wouldn’t be possible w out it’s help.

July, 5 2020

Found Dog Mister


Miniature Schnauzer

Oh my goodness, if it wasn’t for this site I would have never found me beloved schnauzer he went missing July 4th and I posted everything July 5th in the morning and that’s afternoon I got a call that someone has found my baby all cause lost my doggie put out a amber alert and notified all animal shelters near me to be on the look out. Thank you thank you thank you for everything.

July, 5 2020

Found Dog Callie



Wow. Could not be more thankful for this website and service! My mother was extremely sad, but then extremely overjoyed when we received the call our dog Callie was found. So thankful for this service.

July, 2 2020

Found Dog Malibu /Dolce

Malibu /Dolce

Mixed Breed

I am extremely pleased with your service. I could not ask for more. My neighbors received your that Dolce was missing . It helped due to a sighting From my neighbor after receiving your message. I am thankful and grateful. I have also mentioned lost my doggie.com on all of my Social media postings when dolce was found. I cannot thank you enough greatly appreciated , Dolce’s Aunt ME

June, 23 2020

Found Dog Esme


Chow Chow

I cannot thank Lostmydoggie.com for there helping me find my girl. The moment I noticed she was missing I immediately went around the neighborhood looking for when I saw no sign I immediately started to panic I waited the night in hopes she would return (big mistake) on the following morning I immediately began my search for shelters in hopes to find information that’s when I ran into this website I created a profile, a description and a picture and within hours I saw emails of people who had possible leads. Thank you so much for helping me find my girl she is back home safe and happy as is the family!!

June, 17 2020

Found Cat Spartan


American Shorthair

The service was fantastic. The way they send out all emails, faxes to other animal rescue places was the only way we were able to find our cat. If these pictures were not sent, we never would of found our cat and the cat would be been killed at that shelter.

June, 12 2020

Found Dog Gus, Gussy

Gus, Gussy


I can not say enough about this service. If you are thinking twice about paying for the add ons, especially the Amber Alert fee, don't!! PAY IT!! We located him within 30 hours!! I will recommend this service to ANYONE!!

June, 12 2020

Found Dog pip



Pip was found thanks to Lost My Doggie. Very grateful for this service. Customer support was excellent as well.

June, 11 2020

Found Dog Coco


Mixed Breed

I came across this site when I was searching for lost pet apps to post my dad's dog that wandered out of the backyard. We hung posters but he lives in a rural area with lots of woods and drop offs so we weren't very hopeful in finding the dog. I figured I'd pay the $80 and hopefully something comes out of it. I got a call today from a lady that had found the dog! She was 15 miles from where she was lost. The lady took her to the vet to check for a chip, which she doesn't have. But they remembered her face from a poster they got from this site. We're on our way to get her now. We are so thankful for this site and the good Samaritan that found her.

June, 5 2020

Found Dog Mia


Cocker Spaniel

LostMyDoggie is the reason Mia and I were reunited! Seriously, I did not have high hopes an online service would work, but a woman received a LMD ping about mia, and connected it to a “found” post she had seen, then contacted me. I would not have found Mia without this!!!

June, 5 2020

Found Dog Maddox



I am beyond amazed at the efficiency of this service. We lost our pup last night while moving to a new home. We frantically searched all over the neighborhood in the middle of the night with no luck. I turned to the internet and came across this site. The registration was simple and took no time at all. We even got a lost dog poster formatted to print and post. Luckily we didn’t need to. This morning I received a call from our local animal shelter letting us know they received a fax from lostmydoggie.com and that they may have our dog. Our dog is also chipped but as it turns out, the chip was never registered. We truly would not have found our beloved Maddox this quickly without this service!!

June, 3 2020

Found Dog Chase


Rhodesian Ridgeback

I am so pleased with"LostMyDoggie"!!! The information was easy to put in (especially when I was very upset!!) They put out the information right away!! And e-mailed right away so I could look over what I wrote and could make changes if needed. Thank you for being a blessing at this unfortunate time. After I went to bed, later i woke around midnight, opened the door to check and there was my Chase!!!! Doggie LOVE, barks and all those wet kisses!!

May, 30 2020

Found Dog Pebbles


Pit Bull

I didnt know that this kind of help was available to pet owners. I searched online for help and I was so excited to find this website. It was easy to use, quick to help and kept me updated during the whole process. They were as eager to find my dog as I was. Thanks so much for making this possible. What a great idea and tool to have. I definitely recommend this site!