March, 11 2021

Found Dog Turbo


French Bulldog

Within an hour of registering on Lostdoggie, I received a phone call from a good Samaritan stating Turbo was with him. I was so elated, I drove to pick him up immediately. Our boy is home thanks to Lostdoggie.com!

March, 9 2021

Found Dog Kobe


French Bulldog

Lostmydoggie is a blessing man. I was putting up flyers with my hope diminishing everyday of finding my Kobe. But lostmydoggie saves the day by connecting me with the people who found Kobe. My family and I very fortunate that we have our lil buddy back and it’s all thanks to lostmydoggie.com thank you on the real ??

March, 8 2021

Found Dog Meiling


Shih Tzu

A kind woman compiled a list of what to do when you lose a pet. Lost my doggie was in the list. I followed the instruction and recommendations, within 24 hrs my missing Meiling was found!

March, 7 2021

Found Dog Gambit


Bull Terrier

We posted that our stuff was lost and within 45 minutes someone contacted us saying they had him. I'm so grateful resources like this exist.

March, 3 2021

Found Dog Bella


Great Dane

We found our dog about 6 hours after we listed her on lost my doggie! I believe this played a huge role in getting her back! It was worth it!

February, 27 2021

Found Cat HAMM


American Shorthair

Despite the fear, worry, etc. HAMM has returned home! Wow! I am grateful to LostMyDoggie/Lost MyKittie! No question their services helped to bring a happy result. I DO recommend!

February, 19 2021

Found Dog Mia



You guys are amazing. Found my puppers in just a few hours. People reaching out left and right to let us know where she was. This website worked wonders. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone god forbid something like this happens again. Thank you very very much. You made my family whole again!

February, 9 2021

Found Dog Santana


Yorkshire Terrier

Within minutes of them sending out a call I had tips from people around the neighborhood and eventually someone contacted me and they had my dog !! I’m so grateful

February, 2 2021

Found Dog Lucky


Mixed Breed

I found lost doggie.com just by searching Google to see what was out there. I setup my account and chose the free service with poster to email out and share on Facebook and Twitter that was only $18, well worth it! Literally no lie 2 mins after I posted and account was activated I got a phone call from an animal control unit that was patrolling in his truck and he saw my post with pictures and description and they found my Dog!! We are so happy and blessed for these services. Thank you so much the SYSTEM WORKS!! IT WORKS

January, 22 2021

Found Dog Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear

Shih Tzu

LostMyDoggie.com is a lifesaver! We were so distraught after our family dog, a Shih Tzu, wandered off our property without wearing his collar/I.D. I posted his info and photo on their website and within an hour we were notified someone in the area found our dog. I highly recommend their service.

January, 16 2021

Found Dog Bruno


English Bulldog

We want to thank you guys for helping us, we are very grateful because thanks to this website we were able to find our Bruno by receiving an e-mail and text message alert that someone had found him and for us to contact them, so we could go get our baby back. I really highly recommend lostmydoggie.

December, 29 2020

Found Dog Princess


Mixed Breed

We frantically searched our neighborhood and town for our lost dog, Princess. It was dark, and finding a 14# mutt across an expanse on suburban subdivisions was like a needle in a haystack. We needed the next phase of the plan. Create posters. Blast it on social media. Hey, what’s this lostmydoggie.com website? Free posting. Cool. Charges for various services...ok,does it work? “Honey, do you think it’s worth it to have them make calls to neighbors?” “We want to be trying something....” A half hour later, our phone rang with the professionally recorded message going out to our neighbors. 10 minutes later, it was one of our neighbors who had found our dog. They had been trying to find us as we were trying to find Princess. The lostmydoggie.com service and technology connected us. Princess was home RELIEF!! Thank you for your amazing website.

December, 26 2020

Found Dog Marley


Shetland Sheepdog

This is an amazing website!! So many people got the phone call that Marley was missing! I’m forever grateful that he was reunited with us! This website really helped!!

December, 25 2020

Found Dog Max



Great website I was a little worried at first when signing up for this thinking that it would be a scam and that I’d never find my dog but this service really works. I lost him around 1 am on Christmas Day and thanks to this service sending out calls with Max’s description to the neighbors in my development we were able to find Max the next day around 5 pm. He was safely staying in a neighborhood with a loving family about 4 miles away from our home and we were so glad to be reunited with our pup. Truly thank you

December, 23 2020

Found Dog Ruger


Australian Shepherd

I do have to say how impressed i am with this service. It was only a matter of a couple hours that my boy was safely home. Exactly 2 hours after i posted he was gone had o been contacted by the person that had him. 1 hour later he was home. Of course it would not work without good honest people using and monitoring the site but it's a shame the same isn't so when it comes to a missing person. I do want to say thanks to all involved. Ruger was a pup when i got him and it was a month later when i got diagnosed with cancer he was the saving grace in my life that helped me get through the fight. So he is everything to me. Don't know what i would have done if it turned out differently and we hadn't got him back. So again thank you