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Found 1 Monty

Pet Owner: Kathryn C. (FL)Pet Name: MontyDate Lost: 06/30/2017Date Found: 07/03/17

Am so very grateful for all of these Pet finder sites. I have my dog due to a neighbor seeing my flier on her walk this AM. He just wandered up into their yard and I was able to scoop him up and get him HOME!!!!!!!!!


Found 1 Sophie

Pet Owner: Rodney I. (CA)Pet Name: SophieDate Lost: 07/02/2017Date Found: 07/03/17

What an awesome service. So easy to use and resulted in us finding our dog very quickly.


Found 1 Khaleesi

Pet Owner: Katrina N. (MI)Pet Name: KhaleesiDate Lost: 07/01/2017



Found 1 Tatortot

Pet Owner: Jeanne M. (CA)Pet Name: TatortotDate Lost: 07/01/2017

My neighbor kept Tatortot safe for us. She's home safe and sound!


Pet Owner: leslie f. (AZ)Pet Name: buddyDate Lost: 06/24/2017Date Found: 07/01/17 is the greatest!! As soon as I filled out my lost dog profile and submitted it, they were on top of it to get the word out. I was amazed at how quickly they worked. They also update you to let you know whos been alerted about your pet, any status, etc. I hope I never need their service again, but if I or anyone I know loses a pet, are the ones to go to first and foremost! THANK YOU FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE!!


Found 1 Frida

Pet Owner: Nadia K. (FL)Pet Name: FridaDate Lost: 06/28/2017Date Found: 06/30/17

I want to thank everyone who or helped and especially the people who found my dog Frida and saved her (my doggie guardian angles). To anyone who has lost a pet, it is heartbreaking but, don't give up hope. I checked animal shelter every day, post lost pets on multiple websites but, what brought her home was the flyers I posted in my neighborhood. The lady who saved her lives 3 cities away came up to look around the neighborhood where the dogs are found to see if there were flyers. Thank you again and to all who are missing pets you are in my prays to return safely home Happy Parent ower.


Found 1 Tristan

Pet Owner: Brenda K. (GA)Pet Name: TristanDate Lost: 06/26/2017

Thanks to some very kind people on Wilson and Fairview Tristan has been found!


Found 1 Mr Rufus

Pet Owner: Joseph H. (SC)Pet Name: Mr RufusDate Lost: 06/25/2017Date Found: 06/30/17

We used the free flyer, and put it in the Community Center, saw a lady walking her dog as we were out looking for our dog within 15 minutes we got a call he had been spotted, thanks to the free flyer, THANK YOU


Found 1 Jay jay

Pet Owner: Stephanie M. (PA)Pet Name: Jay jayDate Lost: 06/26/2017Date Found: 06/29/17

I am so thankful to the people who really helped get our jay jay home the finders were very difficult and hyper sensitive and had to get the police involved but he is home special thanks to my good and dear friend debrah berlan this is an awesome sight but to the finders and fosters keep in mind theese pets are our family and we are just as frightened and sad when they go missing and any dog that has his diet changed and environment changed might show some sighns of anxeity and digestive issues and that does not mean you should right away jump to thinking something is wrong with the OWNERS so with that said i assure every one even heather and allen ha jay jay is happy to be home so thank you to everyone once again!


Pet Owner: Traci R. (CA)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 06/28/2017Date Found: 06/28/17

My sweet dog was found!! Thank you for this site, I pray everyone can feel that joy in their heart when the good news of thier dog being found.


Found 1 Zoe

Pet Owner: Audrey W. (PA)Pet Name: ZoeDate Lost: 06/24/2017Date Found: 06/28/17

My family is big into the outdoors and have a gun club surrounded by 400 acres of land. During this past work weekend my 12 year old dog Zoe went missing for the first time ever. With her age and suffering from lime disease we were convinced she had went off into the woods to pass as she has never left our site in the woods since we've had her. We scoured the property for 2 days and were convinced she was gone. I posted on this site in hopes that maybe she did manage to get to the road (chances we believed were slim to none as she has arthritis in her hind legs and hasn't been able to go very far let alone miles to the main road). Within three hour's I received a phone call the she had been picked up on the road and taken to a shelter 30 minutes away. We think must have gotten disoriented and followed a truck she thought was my fathers. I left work immediately to pick her up. She's my childhood dog and we've been through so much together. I couldn't stop crying with shock and relief. Thanks to Lost My Doggie, my doggie is back home safe and sound where she belongs.


Pet Owner: Luz Maria T. (CA)Pet Name: ZoeDate Lost: 06/25/2017

My doggies was found !!!. I just want to thank the beautiful family that found her. :).


Found 1 CocoTaco

Pet Owner: Gloria G. (CA)Pet Name: CocoTacoDate Lost: 06/26/2017Date Found: 06/26/17

This sight is very helpful I'm not shire what I would do if I couldn't dind my dog thanks so much


Found 1 Pepper

Pet Owner: Israel F. (TX)Pet Name: PepperDate Lost: 06/25/2017

Dog was found within the first 24 hours.


Found 3 lemon

Pet Owner: Lauren M. (DE)Pet Name: lemonDate Lost: 06/23/2017Date Found: 06/26/17

I am thankful for this site and to the family in Johnathan's Landing on Masters Lane, that found lemon and called me.To come get him on Monday morning. Lemon was missing since Friday afternoon and My family and neighbors helped me search for him.. Lemon is only 10 months old and is like a new baby to me, My family was devastated at his lost, We all are forever grateful to everyone especially the family that found and returned him.I am taking him to the Avian Veterinarian today to make sure he is healthy, The family who found him would not accept the reward and was very pleased to be able to return him to his family. It is a wonderful feeling knowing there are so many good people in this world.The family who found him used the website to contact me, I am so very happy that this site exist. I will look on here daily now to help other families recover their pets as I did. and share the site with others who may need it , Thank you everyone.
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