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Found 1 Chewbaca

Pet Owner: Raquel M. (TX)Pet Name: ChewbacaDate Lost: 06/21/2016

This lady found him & post some pictures on Facebook lost & found pages. I happen to run across his picture. She was really nice & took care of him till he was returned to him family. After 3 days missing he finally made it back home. I just thank god a loving kind hearted person found him & help bring him home


Found 1 Bebe

Pet Owner: Marsha S. (KS)Pet Name: BebeDate Lost: 06/14/2016

I'm grateful that my baby girl was found by a local woman who found Sith after seeing my signs the same night. However, it bolstered my how and peace of mind to know that the notice of her missing was breathing shared from your website. Thank you so much.


Pet Owner: alfia z. (AZ)Pet Name: SaraDate Lost: 06/14/2016

I'm forever grateful to the Humane Society for taking care of Sara who was picked up two hours after running away from my sons home on 6/14. She was taken there due to her age so she was gently treated. This site aided in getting her picture on social media. So thank you.


Found 1 Chauncey

Pet Owner: Joy M. (MI)Pet Name: ChaunceyDate Lost: 06/11/2019Date Found: 06/22/16

I'm sure this website was instrumental in my getting my dog back. Thank you so much!


Found 1 Pansy

Pet Owner: Linda O. (CA)Pet Name: PansyDate Lost: 06/12/2016Date Found: 06/14/16

My dog was found 90 miles away and returned within 48 hours, because of the AKC CAR chip that she has had for eleven years. LostMyDoggie may have been part of the reason she was turned into the shelter. I would use LostMyDoggie again and make sure my dogs have a microchip and have it checked to make sure the chip works at every vet visit. Linda and Pansy


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: gina z. (CA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 06/20/2016Date Found: 06/22/16

What a great website! Someone from a non-profit organization had contacted the owner of the lost pup! They sent her a screen shot of the pix I took. Called me this morning and I was able to re-unite them this morning! I'm so happy!!!


Found 1 Cash

Pet Owner: Carlena F. (TX)Pet Name: CashDate Lost: 06/19/2016

Thank you to Lost my doggie for your quick response and alerting all the local shelters for me. My old man has been found in a neighbors back yard and been reunited with us. God is good!


Pet Owner: Maggie A. (CA)Pet Name: MobyDate Lost: 06/04/2016

I am happy that there is a website with information and some pictures that can help a person locate there lost pet. In my case we kept checking local animal shelters and it was good to know that it is wise to check other animal shelters too. Our dog ended up in another City and another dog pound I would of never thought to look at. My suggestion to others is keep checking, our dog was gone for 9 days and prior to that he has never left home for more than 24 hours, this was the longest 9 days. There is hope!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Erika P. (IN)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 06/11/2016

This is a great site to post your missing pet on. I'm glad that this site exists because without this site I may have never got my dog back. Thank you to the people who took good care of him and also looking up my dog to see that he was missing!! I was posting flyers where I thought he may be. No luck that way. Turns out someone saw him at night and took him home, I'm so greatful for those people for notifing me!! He was in a city I never heard of and I was able to meet with Mellisa who had taken my dog in and kept him out of harms way!! My Chihuahua was gone for a week and one day. I got my dog back on father's day. My Chihuahua was able to spend the rest of that day with his puppies Ace and Vito, they we're so happy to see him!! This is such a great site and I will be following this site forever in case I find someone else's dog! Sincerely, Erika Perez


Found 1 Macie

Pet Owner: Kerry R. (AL)Pet Name: MacieDate Lost: 06/05/2016Date Found: 06/21/16

Thanks to these posters, a lady identified our dog and we found her after 13 days!!


Found 1 Pheobe

Pet Owner: Susan B. (CA)Pet Name: PheobeDate Lost: 06/19/2016Date Found: 06/21/16

I very much appreciated, at a time like that when you are in a panic, it's nice to know there is a service like this that does the initial footwork for you to get the word out to so many agencies, they are awesome, as well as Lost and Found Pets 209. Thank you all! Our baby is home!


Found 1 Halia

Pet Owner: Tasi H. (TX)Pet Name: HaliaDate Lost: 06/17/2016

Thank you to for all you did to assist in the return of my doggie. Your service, resources, and support were invaluable. Thank you again so much!!!


Found 1 Chica

Pet Owner: Susana G. (CA)Pet Name: ChicaDate Lost: 06/18/2016Date Found: 06/19/16

Love this website!!! The family is so happy to have our chica back!!


Found 1 Mia (said like Maya)

Pet Owner: Selena Z. (CA)Pet Name: Mia (said like Maya)Date Lost: 06/18/2016Date Found: 06/19/16

Thank you so much! I posted her information last night and she was found the next day! I'm so happy to have my dog back!


Found 1 Ginger

Pet Owner: Gloria C. (FL)Pet Name: GingerDate Lost: 06/18/2016Date Found: 06/19/16

Thank you for your help my dog was found....Thank you so much.
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