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Total: 2122 stories


Found 2 Peanut

Pet Owner: john w. (GA)Pet Name: PeanutDate Lost: 04/11/2014Date Found: 04/23/14

Great service. My cat had wandered very far from our home. Unlikely I would have him without this service.


Found 1 Hope

Pet Owner: Tanya S. (CA)Pet Name: HopeDate Lost: 04/22/2014Date Found: 04/23/14

Happy to have found our dog, Hope. The flyer provided by lostmydoggie was used on the day she was lost and by the next morning, we had a phone call from the person that found her.


Found 1 Cade and Rocky

Pet Owner: Penny C. (TX)Pet Name: Cade and RockyDate Lost: 04/21/2014Date Found: 04/22/14

I was so amazed by the work that LostMyDoggie did for me. I only wish I had known about them before I tried to do it all myself. I even followed up with a local veterinarian just to make sure that the fax that supposedly went out actually did - and it did! They told me that they get a few from LostMyDoggie every week. The poster looked great and was easy to read. Too bad I had spent valuable time doing my own before i found them.


Found 2 Mnurse

Pet Owner: Kathy G. (NY)Pet Name: MnurseDate Lost: 04/14/2014

I received several calls from concerned neighbors due to the alert I sent out with I never would have found my cat without it!


Found 1 Baby

Pet Owner: Tim J. (NC)Pet Name: BabyDate Lost: 04/12/2014

I submitted flyers to surrounding neighborhoods. After ten false alarms, I received a call from a neighbor and the dog was found!


Found 1 Sarge & Bella

Pet Owner: Ashli R. (WY)Pet Name: Sarge & BellaDate Lost: 04/19/2014Date Found: 04/22/14

This site is amazing! I felt so much better after posting with you. The flyer and faxing of the flyer was so so helpful! I found my FURbabies! Thank you so much I will recomend this to everyone I know!!


Found 1 Bono

Pet Owner: jorge m. (CT)Pet Name: BonoDate Lost: 04/12/2014Date Found: 04/22/14

Thanks to everyone for the support and help. Bono was found by someone who brought him into his house about 10 min from where I live. Bono is back home and now he doesn't even go close to the garage gate. So happy!


Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Chuck H. (MA)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 04/18/2014Date Found: 04/22/14

What a wonderful service this is! After five days I found Buddy, tired and scared, but unharmed. Everyone we spoke to prior was aware that he was missing due to your assistance! Thank you Thank you thank you!!! LH


Found 1 Mika

Pet Owner: Kathleen G. (CT)Pet Name: MikaDate Lost: 04/15/2014Date Found: 04/21/14

Thank you so much for your help. Your quick turnaround time in notifying local vets and shelters was amazing.


Found 1 Maximus

Pet Owner: Kevin W. (TX)Pet Name: MaximusDate Lost: 04/17/2014Date Found: 04/21/14

Within 2 hours of placing the order, neighbors responded with information that led to finding Maximus. This was a fast and simple way to expand the search. We are so happy Maximus is home again!


Found 1 Coulomb

Pet Owner: Anna S. (GA)Pet Name: CoulombDate Lost: 04/07/2014Date Found: 04/09/14

Thank you, Our dog was found safely but I am grateful for this site. It is a great site and a great way to help with the search of a lost pet.


Found 1 Shea

Pet Owner: Lynn H. (NY)Pet Name: SheaDate Lost: 04/16/2014Date Found: 04/21/14

After three days, my beautiful, 14 year old blind dog was FOUND!!! He was not too far from home, and the people who found him were aware we were looking for him because they had received a phone call from lost my They called the police after finding him, and I was able to get him back because the police dispatcher was a friend of mine and was aware that my dog was missing. However, the family that found him said that their next call would have been to the local animal hospital, and I knew that they were contacted by lost my doggie!! It is well worth the money to use this invaluable service that has the capability to get to hundreds of people and all of your local hospitals quickly. This is the second dog that I have gotten back with the help of lost my doggie. I highly recommend this service!!!


Pet Owner: Lana A. (KY)Pet Name: SoftenDate Lost: 04/11/2014

I was very pleased with the service. They forwarded me information they received. They email or faxed veterinarians. They phoned neighbors. Because of that and FB I was able to find Sofien. I'm thrilled. I hoped I never need again but, if I do, I will definitely use them. I used another service too and never heard a word from them. I definitely would not use the other service again. Thank you,!


Found 1 Bellatrix

Pet Owner: Mariana S. (TX)Pet Name: BellatrixDate Lost: 04/12/2014Date Found: 04/19/14

I'm really glad to say that I found my dog. Two beautiful persons took her home with them and took care of her. Thanks to this page they could contact us and she is back with her family. I am really thankful with the couple who took her because they show love to her. There is still good persons outside with good feelings.


Found 1 COOKIE

Pet Owner: gloria g. (FL)Pet Name: COOKIEDate Lost: 04/09/2014

Thank you for saving my dog!! In less than 24 hours we got a call: "we have your dog!"
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