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Found 1 Duke

Pet Owner: Amanda R. (OH)Pet Name: DukeDate Lost: 05/18/2016

Our dog had somehow escaped our fenced in property. We call him Houdini because he manages to wiggle his way out of his collar and our fenced in yard. We were devastated to come home to find him gone. We live in a somewhat rural area so the only thing I knew to do was check Craigslist for found dogs. When that didn't pan out, I started to research my options on the internet. I found through a web search and decided to try it since I had no other options. Within 18 hours of posting our lost dog, I received a phone call from the person who found him. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective this service was. If "Houdini" makes it out of our newly reinforced fence, I would turn straight to this website again.


Found 1 Poppy

Pet Owner: Gabrielle M. (AZ)Pet Name: PoppyDate Lost: 05/15/2016Date Found: 05/15/16

I honestly can't believe it, but my dog went missing from the yard and within 3 hours of putting her picture and my contact info on the site, another 3 hours of walking around the neighborhood, and an hour or so of driving around the area, I have my dog back because her rescuers got a flyer at the vet's office when they went to see if she was chipped (she isn't and when we went to pick her up we saw that her tag had fallen off her collar) I'm just so incredibly grateful. My dogs are a part of my family and I owe her return to the kind people who picked her up and the creators of this site. I freely admit that I didn't believe I'd ever see Poppy again, putting her picture and my info on here was a last ditch effort, but I'm so, so glad I did.


Found 1 Pedro

Pet Owner: Mike R. (TX)Pet Name: PedroDate Lost: 05/17/2016

Pedro was found. Thank you


Found 1 Trixi

Pet Owner: Charli L. (CA)Pet Name: TrixiDate Lost: 03/28/2016Date Found: 05/27/16

Trixi was missing for 2 months. She got out of the yard March 28 and I just hugged her again for the first time May 27th! I am so excited that she will be in my home again really soon, minor paperwork to fill out and fees to pay to get her home, but its all worth it because she will be home soon!! I am so excited to know she is healthy and okay. She looked really sad and hopeless when I seen her, hopefully tomorrow will be better I can go spend time and play with her to let her know that she will be home soon. It was all thanks to the wonderful people connected through this site because with out them I wouldn't have found her. Flyers were sent out but the SPCA on Gibson in Bakersfield, CA clearly had not concern for the flyers received because I got a message from a dedicated volunteer who I can't thank enough for reuniting me with my baby!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Cambrea Todd for letting me know you seen her.


Found 1 Trinka

Pet Owner: Lewis W. (NY)Pet Name: TrinkaDate Lost: 05/18/2016

Thanks for your assistance in finding our dog. She was found within 24 hours


Found 1 Unk

Pet Owner: Selenia R. (CA)Pet Name: UnkDate Lost: 05/16/2016Date Found: 05/27/16

This is the 2nd time lostmydoggies has help me reunited dogs with their owner I love this web page thank u guys for such an amazing experience


Found 1 Lloyd  Dollar Davis

Pet Owner: Tamara D. (TX)Pet Name: Lloyd Dollar DavisDate Lost: 04/30/2016Date Found: 05/26/16

Because of this wonderful site we have been reunited with our baby after 28 days! He was in a whole different state! We love this site.


Found 1 Browny

Pet Owner: Carmen C. (FL)Pet Name: BrownyDate Lost: 05/23/2016Date Found: 05/26/16

I'm so glad for this website. Although Browny came back on his own, I was able to post immediately and print professional flyers. Thank you! Great Source! Carmen


Found 1 Laila

Pet Owner: Cari M. (OK)Pet Name: LailaDate Lost: 05/13/2016

I'm telling EVERYONE about the services you provide! While I definitely do not wish anyone loses a pet, you all provide services I never would have thought of! Thank you!


Found 1 Little Dog

Pet Owner: Jason P. (NM)Pet Name: Little DogDate Lost: 05/23/2016Date Found: 05/24/16

I think this is an excellent service to use.


Found 1 Ryder

Pet Owner: TERRIE H. (CA)Pet Name: RyderDate Lost: 05/22/2016Date Found: 05/24/16

Thanks for being there! All of your services are great!


Found 1 APOLLO

Pet Owner: Desiree A. (CA)Pet Name: APOLLODate Lost: 05/23/2016

This is a great website to find your lost pet. Our family was fortunate enough to have our dog found and safe at home.


Found 1 Chloe

Pet Owner: Christine D. (CA)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 05/22/2016Date Found: 05/24/16

I found my baby girl last night. Even though I found her on my own, in my hour of desperation... I'm very grateful this site was here to help me. Thank you for being there and I wish everybody that has a lost baby out there finds them quickly. Good luck !!!!!


Found 1 Carly

Pet Owner: Dawn C. (PA)Pet Name: CarlyDate Lost: 05/22/2016Date Found: 05/23/16

Thanks to the fliers someone saw our Carly was found!!!! THANK YOU


Found 2 Sumo

Pet Owner: debbie J. (MO)Pet Name: SumoDate Lost: 05/13/2016

Ok. Sumo has been found. Safe and sound. Love that there is a web site like this
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