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Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Patti D. (CA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 08/30/2014Date Found: 09/02/14

What a great service! I was able to create and print flyers for the little dog I found and they emailed/faxed them to local pet businesses also! And all for free! I'm happy to report that the dog and his owners were happily reunited thanks to the awesome power or the internet! A happy ending! Thanks!


Found 1 princess

Pet Owner: joel c. (NY)Pet Name: princessDate Lost: 8__/__31/__14__Date Found: 09/02/14

I was skeptical. .. but have faith.just after 2 days I found her. Luckily the person that found her.. took her to a veterinary to have her checked out.. and they told her that they received a fax that fits her description. Thank u so so much.


Found 1 Harley

Pet Owner: Dee S. (FL)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 08/28/2014Date Found: 09/02/14

We lost our pug on Thursday the 28th and proceeded to post flyers as well as go to locate and dog shelters to look for her the next few days. It was not until my boyfriend paid to call our local neighbors that he received a phone call from someone in a nearby neighborhood that had found a pug on Friday. We went to their house and sure enough it was our Harley. That was 3 days after we lost her!


Found 1 Zorro

Pet Owner: Barbara A. (MI)Pet Name: ZorroDate Lost: 08/27/2014

Thanks do much to l for the free service they provided Getting us started with vet notifications flyer and advice. We had search parties searching areas and social media Working and found Zorro Spanish Water Dog after give days Yesterday Labor Day curled up in a ball near an industrial Fence on Eight Mole Rd in Detroit several miles from his home


Found 2 Jasper

Pet Owner: paige s. (CA)Pet Name: JasperDate Lost: 08/05/2014Date Found: 08/31/14

This is a worthwhile service! It did not lead to the recovery of my cat directly, but during my search efforts, I spoke to several people who mention that "they had received a phone call..." Turn over every stone, don't give up, don't lose hope. is one piece of your recovery efforts. The reach it provides is well worth the expense.


Found 1 Sydney

Pet Owner: Eva C. (WA)Pet Name: SydneyDate Lost: 08/17/2014Date Found: 08/31/14

I'm very very happy to say that our baby girl is safe at home. I am very pleased with Lost My Doggie service. I just couldn't believe how quick you had sent out the flyers to over 30 different places. She had already been gone for 10 days and after I found this website she was back home only 4 days later. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!


Found 1 Sheba

Pet Owner: melissa k. (FL)Pet Name: ShebaDate Lost: 08/31/2014

The option to print flyers out and the fact that they fax and email local shelters was extremely supportive


Found 2 Amasa

Pet Owner: Jim V. (OH)Pet Name: AmasaDate Lost: 08/28/2014

Thank you for all youd help finding our cat. This is a great service.


Found 1 Kody

Pet Owner: Kacy M. (WA)Pet Name: KodyDate Lost: 08/19/2014

Kody has been found and has returned home safely! A kind gentleman by the name of Travis spotted her at 4am on a very busy street weaving from each side of the street. She was almost hit 3 to 4 times. Knowing that he didn't want to see her hit he got out of his car and coaxed her into his car which took 20 minutes. He took her home and took great care of her. At the time Travis found Kody, the word had not gotten out yet! I used LostMyDoggie, Facebook lost and found, placed an ad in the local newspaper, contacted the local shelter and put fliers up everywhere! Travis had contacted some of his friends letting them know he had found a dog. He described her in some detail to his friends. His friends took to social media and saw that someone had been looking for her. The friends had called him, gave him my number and her name. Travis called me last Sunday to let me know that he had her and she was safe! Thank you so much for spreading the word! I do appreciate it!


Found 1 Rommel

Pet Owner: Karen A. (NC)Pet Name: RommelDate Lost: 08/22/2014Date Found: 08/30/14

This is an amazing site. I was able to send out information instantly to shelters, hospitals, and vets. This way if my pet was located there, there would be a better chance of him finding his way back.


Found 1 Mowgli

Pet Owner: Jackie C. (GA)Pet Name: MowgliDate Lost: 08/26/2014

Thank you for helping me create a LOST ad, as well as alerting the surrounding shelters. I am so glad I was able to find Mowgli !!! Thank you for your help!!


Found 1 Fritzi

Pet Owner: Janet J. (NC)Pet Name: FritziDate Lost: 08/19/2014

Thank you SO MUCH for your concern and follow up in finding Fritzi . I can't tell you how much it meant to me. She is at home and save and held in my arms. The gate is fixed so there is NO WAY it won't shut tightly when the meter readers come in the back yard.


Pet Owner: Greg W. (WA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 08/27/2014Date Found: 08/27/14

I found a dog and connected with its owner that night. We didn't connect through, but I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again. It's a great idea and easy to use.


Found 1 Theo

Pet Owner: Monica L. (CA)Pet Name: TheoDate Lost: 08/15/2014

HUGE UPDATE: I GOT MY BABY THEO HOME.... I just got back from picking him up in Foresthill at some very nice people's house. I can't tell you how happy I am & RELIEVED... I really want to Thank, from the bottom of my Heart, Each & Every One of You that helped get the word out there, sharing it with others, keeping your eye out for him, & giving me Moral Support. You are all amazing people & I am forever grateful. Thank you again.... Lost my doggie is providing a great service that is easy to use. Thank you lostmydoggie....


Found 1 Roscoe

Pet Owner: Rosanne H. (CA)Pet Name: RoscoeDate Lost: 08/22/2014

When I went to the local veterinarian offices to post my lost dog poster (I made my own) I saw three posters for both lost and found pets. I then went to the website to add my dog to the database. I searched the found dogs database. Posting large, full-color posters on neon posterboard and handing out small slips of paper with my dogs name and my cell number to people on the street in the area he was last seen were most helpful in my search. While my dog was not ultimately found through, I appreciated the communication channel it provided between me, a lost dog owner and people who have found pets and don't want to turn them over to the unknowns of a shelter experience. I would use again.
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