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Total: 2495 stories


Found 1 Momo

Pet Owner: Helen S. (CA)Pet Name: MomoDate Lost: 07/28/2014Date Found: 08/01/14

We were able to find Momo with the help of Lost My Doggie. Along with the marketing we were doing to get her face out there, Lost My Doggie sent her info to local businesses and vets offices in our area. we are very happy with this website.


Found 2 Abby

Pet Owner: Jennifer L. (PA)Pet Name: AbbyDate Lost: 07/23/2014

Abby was under a neighbors shed and they were on vacation. She is safe at home now and getting lots of TLC.


Found 1 Hunni Bee

Pet Owner: Aimee R. (TX)Pet Name: Hunni BeeDate Lost: 07/23/2014Date Found: 08/01/14

Thank you so much for your help. Your fliers got our little girl home safely. She was literally 6 houses down. :D But kept safe from the storms and now home safe. What a great company you have. thank you again . I will refer to everyone.


Found 1 Chuey

Pet Owner: Marie C. (TX)Pet Name: ChueyDate Lost: 07/31/2014 helped me tremendously when my dog was lost. From them, I was able to print out an excellent flyer to post and give out. They also helped give me the peace of mind that I was doing all I could to find my dog.


Found 1 Coqui

Pet Owner: Kris J. (CO)Pet Name: CoquiDate Lost: 07/16/2014Date Found: 07/19/14

On July 16, 2014, Coqui (a 14 year old Lhasa Apso) left the yard due to the cable guy leaving the gate open. We looked endlessly for three days and put up flyers. The afternoon of the 18th I located the LostMyDoggie website; I posted Coqui's information. Within eight hours, later that evening, I received a call from The Maxfund (a local no kill shelter), and was informed that they were certain that Coqui was just dropped off. They had Coqui. I was able to pick him up that following morning. He had a collar and tags but was dropped off without his tags. I am forever greatful for LostMyDoggie as they provided their flyer of Coqui to over 25 agencies; I either would have never found him or would have possibly weeks later if it was not for LostMyDoggie. I have mailed a donation and Coqui threw in a couple of his kibbles 'n bits. We are forever greatful; thank you. Love Kiki and Coqui.


Found 1 Chloe

Pet Owner: Nina k. (GA)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 07/26/2014Date Found: 07/31/14

We are praising God as Chloe just came down our driveway after no signs of her for 9 days!! We were encouraged when our local shelter told us about was such a comfort to know others cared and were helping us search for Chloe.


Found 1 Molli

Pet Owner: Shayleen M. (CO)Pet Name: MolliDate Lost: 06/16/2014Date Found: 07/31/14

Lost my doggie is such a great website! When you lose a pet it will help you with any budget. It notifies all local vet offices. They even called periodically to see if she was still missing. Very helpful!!!


Pet Owner: dorothea e. (NY)Pet Name: GingerDate Lost: 07/23/2014

Thank you very much for help in finding my Ginger. She's was brought home last night. I am very gratefulfor all the emails you sent out. I will pass your website along to everyone I know that owns a pet just in case. Very happy and grateful, Dorothea


Found 1 tina

Pet Owner: nathan s. (TX)Pet Name: tinaDate Lost: 07/30/2014Date Found: 07/30/14

Took another drive around the area and found tina laying in someones backyard covered in burrs about a 1/2 mile from our house. A little brushing and she is good as new. So glad we found her. This site helped, we got a call from one of the shelters soon after posting here, so we know this site does send faxes/emails out. Great to know if this ever happens again!


Pet Owner: beatriz g. (CA)Pet Name: robinDate Lost: 07/17/2014

Once I sent my doggie amber alert my dog was found , and returned to me. I hope I never have to use this again,but I am very thankful for this service.??


Found 1 Duke

Pet Owner: Sue S. (FL)Pet Name: DukeDate Lost: 07/29/2014Date Found: 07/30/14

Many thanks to this site. Duke went missing on 7-29-14. He is very scared of rain, thunder and lightening and yesterday we had a huge storm. My husband opened the back door to let our other dogs in the house and at the same time lightening struck and Duke bolted out the door and jumped the fence. He was gone before we could get to the front yard. To make matters worse there was a downpour. We drove throughout the neighborhood thru the rain and then again after the storm stopped. He was picked up by the Hernando County Animal Services. They called me when they saw the lost dog article. I am so grateful that he is home safe and sound.


Found 1 Cherokee

Pet Owner: Carolyn N. (MD)Pet Name: CherokeeDate Lost: 07/25/2014Date Found: 07/30/14

I just wanted to thank,, for being willing to help pet owners like myself free of charge. A neighbor ended up finding Cherokee and was alerted by all of the flyers I put in mailboxes on the street nearby. I had gone door-to-door and those who did not answer, received a flyer in their mailbox. This is what helped to find her. However, I do appreciate your help on this website as well! I ask that you would keep Cherokee in your prayers as she was injured while she was lost and required surgery. Thank you kindly, Ms. Carolyn Neville


Found 1 Terry

Pet Owner: Gabrielle S. (CA)Pet Name: TerryDate Lost: 07/21/2014

I didn't find Terry through the lost dog recovery system, but going to this site did help out on giving great tips to find her.


Found 1 Beau

Pet Owner: Deana D. (CO)Pet Name: BeauDate Lost: 07/16/2014Date Found: 07/29/14

I am pleased to say that my dog Beau was found the very next day thanks to a very loving and comcearned family and also the CARE animal hospital. We are safe and sound and back in Texas and very happy Beau got to come home with us


Found 1 Princess

Pet Owner: maria V. (CA)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 07/28/2014

Thanks so much for helping us find our little Princess, she is safe at home now. THANKS!!!
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