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Found 1 Coconut and Bella

Pet Owner: Sheri F. (GA)Pet Name: Coconut and BellaDate Lost: 05/18/2015Date Found: 05/27/15

Thank you so much! Without the flyers sent by your site, we might have never found our pets!


Found 2 Witten

Pet Owner: Tiffany B. (NY)Pet Name: WittenDate Lost: 05/26/2015Date Found: 05/27/15

What a great website!!! They notify all local pet-related businesses nearby, create your lost poster, and post to social media for you>


Found 1 Molly

Pet Owner: Karianne R. (OH)Pet Name: MollyDate Lost: 05/18/2015

Your service was very helpful, and gave me some peace of mind during a stressful time. Thank you so much.


Found 1 Penelope

Pet Owner: Stephanie B. (UT)Pet Name: PenelopeDate Lost: 05/23/2015

This service is great. My daughter was reunited with her dog due to information from a posting on Craigslist, but I wouldn't hesitate to use this service in the future if I needed it


Found 1 apprentice

Pet Owner: Antonica R. (TN)Pet Name: apprenticeDate Lost: 05/23/2015

Excellent service. Glad it exists and I will definitely recommend this to others.


Found 1 Scout

Pet Owner: Anna R. (CO)Pet Name: ScoutDate Lost: 05/22/2015Date Found: 05/25/15

Thank you so much for helping our family reunite with our beloved dog. The pet Amber alert was the ticket. Thanks again!


Found 2 Francis

Pet Owner: Nicole B. (NY)Pet Name: FrancisDate Lost: 05/15/2015

Thank you, Just having a place to get the word helped very much at a time when I felt completely helpless.


Found 1 Harley

Pet Owner: Trina C. (MA)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 05/22/2015Date Found: 05/23/15

This site is incredible. My dog was located at the animal rescue and they confirmed Harley from this site Thank you ALL


Found 1 unsure

Pet Owner: Tanya D. (CA)Pet Name: unsureDate Lost: 05/22/2015Date Found: 05/22/15

Today, I found a beautiful golden retriever. After posting several online flyers, knocking on doors, and searching social media sites, I was able to find the dog's owner through This happened within hours of posting the information. Both the owners and I are grateful that were were able to reunite this pet to his home. Thanks! This site was a lifesaver.


Found 1 Sasha

Pet Owner: Larry D. (GA)Pet Name: SashaDate Lost: 05/17/2015Date Found: 05/19/15

thank you so much for being here and giving me hope on finding my dog. after going to the dog shelter in my area i found my dog.


Found 1 Meesha

Pet Owner: Maria F. (CA)Pet Name: MeeshaDate Lost: 05/18/2015Date Found: 05/21/15

I am very satisfied with the service you provide


Found 2 Bianca

Pet Owner: Lisa C. (CO)Pet Name: BiancaDate Lost: 04/26/2015

I really appreciated the ability to print out great color flyers with my kitty's picture. That is eventually what got her home, someone seeing the flyer, after 3 wks! Thank you!


Found 1 Mikka

Pet Owner: Veronica F. (CA)Pet Name: MikkaDate Lost: 05/20/2015Date Found: 05/21/15

Thank you to findmydoggie!!!!! They fax was sent to business around and a clinic called me after a park ranger found her near the accident - you guys were a god send. Cannot tell you how happy we are to have our furry family member back!!!


Pet Owner: Doris S. (MI)Pet Name: WinnieDate Lost: 05/13/2015

Support from Lost My Doggie was prompt and comforting. Thankfully, my dog was found by a neighbor a few hours after she went missing; but I still appreciate the efforts put forth to help find her.


Found 1 Dolly

Pet Owner: Trish B. (WI)Pet Name: DollyDate Lost: 05/16/2015Date Found: 05/21/15

This sight is amazing!!! Both of my dogs left. They are both puppies around 6 months old. I found this sight online looking at lost and found in my town, so I thought I would give it a shot. Within three hours the Human Society called me that a lady in the area had found my puppies!!! Thank you so much!!!
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