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Found 1 Rooney

Pet Owner: barbara s. (NY)Pet Name: RooneyDate Lost: 04/12/2015

Thank you my cat was found and I was very impressed with how quickly your flyer was generated and shared in many places.


Found 1 Tommy

Pet Owner: Agustin P. (CA)Pet Name: TommyDate Lost: 04/16/2015Date Found: 04/18/15

Greatest feeling in the world to know my tommy was found. We drove around our neighborhood contacted our neighbors and contacted the aspca he went missing on 4-16-15 at around 10pm and we continue to check in with the aspca and they picked him up on 4-18-15 at around 10 am . We called and they said they found a Yorkey we went and sure enough it was him ?? Thankgod.


Found 1 Piper

Pet Owner: Terry H. (MO)Pet Name: PiperDate Lost: 04/09/2015

what a great resource this site is. We were able to find our pup pretty quick. Thank you so much.


Found 1 Muffin

Pet Owner: Michele S. (MS)Pet Name: MuffinDate Lost: 04/16/2015Date Found: 04/17/15

Awesome!!!!! She was pick up and they are returning her today. I had to go to the vet and they had her flyer out for everyone to see . Then I called the shelters and they already had a fax about her. GREAT WEBSITE! Thanks


Found 1 CHLOE

Pet Owner: Heather K. (IL)Pet Name: CHLOEDate Lost: 04/11/2015Date Found: 04/17/15

I really appreciate all that this site has done for me in helping to find my dog. All of the emails and faxes that were sent out to local pet shelters and hospitals took alot of stress off of me, and allowed me to focus on posting flyers around the area. This site also created an awesome flyer that I was able to print an post around town as well. My dog was found because of all the flyers that were posted with a reward. Chloe has made it a whole 30 min away, when someone was in the area getting food at a mexican reasturaunt and saw my flyer and called me. Thanks so much, my little Chloe is so happy to be back, and the family is feeling so blessed.


Found 1 Lola

Pet Owner: Cynthia B. (IL)Pet Name: LolaDate Lost: 04/15/2015

This site was very helpful as to checking if my Dog was listed and should be one of the sites to use when your dog has gone missing. Thank you.


Found 1 Chandler

Pet Owner: Ashley M. (GA)Pet Name: ChandlerDate Lost: 04/15/2015

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help! I am so relieved and thankful they are home and safe!


Found 1 Eevee

Pet Owner: Kimberly S. (OR)Pet Name: EeveeDate Lost: 04/12/2015

When I was in crisis mode when my Service Dog in training got lost, was there for me to quickly plug in information and start printing! Color posters are one of the top ways dogs are found, and being able to quickly get the word out was imperative. The sheer number of people who saw her posters had so many eyes out for her she was spotted and called in about a number of times, and one of those times got her home!


Found 1 brutus

Pet Owner: torrie f. (CA)Pet Name: brutusDate Lost: 04/11/2015Date Found: 04/15/15

thank you so much for hlpeing me find brutus i appreciate your service thank you


Found 1 Bizkit

Pet Owner: Kim P. (TN)Pet Name: BizkitDate Lost: 04/13/2015

We got very lucky and found our small dog. He must have gotten lost in the woods- we have a lot of coyotes, bobcats and other predatory animals and it was a scary couple of days. I also learned of other small dogs in the area that had recently been stolen. It is so nice to have a professional company that offers advice and support in such a trying time. I hope to never have to utilize their service again, but if I do- I will not hesitate! What a great service- I am very thankful for your help! Thank you! Kim Phann


Found 1 EB

Pet Owner: Vickie H. (CA)Pet Name: EBDate Lost: 04/14/2015

great site. Thanks for your help


Found 1 Botero

Pet Owner: Nadia K. (FL)Pet Name: BoteroDate Lost: 04/14/2015Date Found: 04/15/15

I want to thank everyone at LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM for helping me and my family finding our dog. They were a part team working hard to finding him. Their site send a Amber alert and within the hour I got a call from a local Vet office that they saw him. They called me to inform me that my boxer was scan for a chip early in the day by the man who found him. This was great relief that he was found and okay. This a great service especially when your dog is lost and don't know where to start. I am grateful for the man who found him, Lost my, and Broward animal service who posted lost dog and we were able to reunited. Thank you and Thank you and I would recommend this site to everyone. Nadia


Found 2 Zoe

Pet Owner: Dana C. (CA)Pet Name: ZoeDate Lost: 04/02/2015

I highly recommend this service if you have lost your pet. It does what it claims. 2 things it did for me. 1. Alert my neighbor that if you have my pet please let her go. 2. If you dont have my pet please look out for my pet. My in door cat that ran out was found 2 days after I sign up with the service.


Found 1 precious

Pet Owner: Steve T. (TX)Pet Name: preciousDate Lost: 04/08/2015Date Found: 04/14/15

Thank you for your site, we have our baby back because of this site!I would recomend everyone who has missing pets to use you guys!! I give 5 stars!!


Found 1 sugarbaby

Pet Owner: Gina j. (CA)Pet Name: sugarbabyDate Lost: 04/03/2015Date Found: 04/14/15

Im so very happy to have my puppy sugarbaby back, a neighbor found him at my gate, after missing for 10 days, Im not sure if who ever had him mabie of seen him on this website and brang him back , but I Thank the Website for posting him .
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