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Total: 2765 stories


Found 1 Chelsea

Pet Owner: Zandra E. (TX)Pet Name: ChelseaDate Lost: 10/24/2014Date Found: 10/29/14

Thank you SO MUCH for your assistance. You helped add pressure to the point that our stolen dog was literally dumped back into our backyard. I kid you not. I believe that the added notices going out to surrounding areas really assisted with getting the word out even further and created a situation where it just became a liability to have her. Thank you for all that you do and for such a great service. Chelsea is skittish right now and is scared for anyone to pick her up (which was unheard of before this incident), but I know plenty of TLC and time will get her back to herself. Thank you again for helping us get our baby back.


Found 1 Nalani

Pet Owner: Ada Z. (NY)Pet Name: NalaniDate Lost: 10/28/2014Date Found: 10/29/14

I just want to thank you guys for helping us finding our dog Nalani. Our home is completed once again. Thanks for your posters that helped out alot. I would also love to thank the lady that found her and had the courage to take her in her car and drop her off somewhere safe. Thanks to the Newburgh Animal Shelter for being wonderful to her. We are so happy to have her in outer home again. Once again thank you "lost my doggie" you guys are amazing.


Pet Owner: Margaret S. (IL)Pet Name: ROZIADate Lost: 10/26/2014

We found our kitty!! After 5 days she just came back!! Thanks a lot for helping and giving advises how to find her.


Found 2 Isis

Pet Owner: Jeanne S. (CA)Pet Name: IsisDate Lost: 10/20/2014Date Found: 10/27/14

5 stars experience Although I found her tonight in my neighbor garage - I was happy with the free service LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM provides. Lost and found flyers and a site to for lost and found pets.


Found 1 Luna

Pet Owner: Rachael H. (WA)Pet Name: LunaDate Lost: 10/18/2014Date Found: 10/27/14

My Siberian Husky was taken in my neighborhood. She was sold the same day on a website and app called OfferUp. Luckily, a good samaritan found her and emailed the information to me, so I contacted the police and got her back after 5 days. This site didn't directly aid in finding my dog. However, within a few hours of enrolling in their free program they had send her missing flyer to 33 vet hospitals/pet stores/animal shelters in my area which significantly helped cover more ground. If she had been taken in by a caring neighbor, I am confident she would have been returned at least this quickly. This site was wonderful.


Found 2 Nikka

Pet Owner: Stephanie F. (PA)Pet Name: NikkaDate Lost: 10/20/2014Date Found: 10/27/14

LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM was a great resource for me to get the word out that my cat was missing, especially when you don't have time yourself to do all of the work. A combination of the sites efforts and neighbors made me feel more confident that Nikka would be found. In the long run, she just came home on her own unhurt but hungry; perhap after leaving a trail of used kitty litter down our neighbors back yards that was suggested. Thank you.


Found 1 Shelby Lynn

Pet Owner: Tanya H. (WV)Pet Name: Shelby LynnDate Lost: 10/23/2014Date Found: 10/26/14

The lost pet tips were a huge part in helping to bring my dog home. I live in a very rural area and my home is surrounded by acres and acres of woods. We searched for three days ever inch I even recruited family and community members to help do a grid type search of the wooded land closest to my home. I followed all of the tips especially the last one. I took the blanket off my chair that we always cuddle with and cut it in half. I cut up half of the blanket into strips and made a trail in the woods with a few pieces on branches and a heavier concentration as I got closer to my home. I placed the other half in the area of the woods she was last seen with a bowl of water as suggested in the tips. My dog found the scent and her way home. She returned the next morning and we were all so happy to be reunited!


Pet Owner: Stephen P. (MD)Pet Name: HannahDate Lost: 10/17/2014

Hannah is home safe and sound. Thank you to all of the wonderful Cape St. Claire neighbors who helped us in the search and the marvelous neighbors who spotted her and messaged me on Facebook.


Found 2 snuggles

Pet Owner: Tracy N. (NV)Pet Name: snugglesDate Lost: 08/24/2014Date Found: 10/26/14

I would like to Thank everyone @ for everything they have done to help me find my CAT they were wonderful. It took awhile to find my CAT and I was giving up hope but was told not to by and I didn't and did find my CAT THANK YOU SO MUCH WONDERFUL SITE TO FIND ANY PET. TRACY N.


Found 1 Ace

Pet Owner: Dylan C. (CA)Pet Name: AceDate Lost: 10/25/2014

Thanks for the fliers. Facebook found ace through a lost and found pets group!


Found 1 Syrah

Pet Owner: Rory H. (CA)Pet Name: SyrahDate Lost: 10/16/2014Date Found: 10/25/14

I lost my dog in the mountains, she went after a rabbit. It took me nine days rain for 3 of them, one all day long . I learned a lot from this experience, if the dog gets lost other than your neighborhood. It is good to have somewhere to post your dog, gives you hope. Lots of people putting out the thought waves combined with hope and not giving up, I would say is what found her. Thanks for the hope and good luck to others who have not found theres yet and don't give up, even if you thought they will be eaten by coyotes or mountain lions, dogs are survivors!


Found 1 Katrina (DEAF)

Pet Owner: Wayne G. (NV)Pet Name: Katrina (DEAF)Date Lost: 10/23/2014

It's wonderful to have the to assist in finding beloved lost pets... it's re-assuring to have so many people helping... I'm thrilled that my furbaby was located miles and miles away and identified by her microchip... so glad to have that technology.


Found 2 Pomona

Pet Owner: Vanessa N. (WA)Pet Name: PomonaDate Lost: 10/19/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

My cat actually found her own way home, but I felt better using Lostmydoggie while she was gone. It gave me some peace of mind knowing that vets and shelters were notified. I also printed the poster and attached it to bright colored poster board around the neighborhood. It was worth it!


Found 1 Jazzie

Pet Owner: Brenda W. (TX)Pet Name: JazzieDate Lost: 10/22/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

This site comes highly recommended. Posting was expedited... user friendly and a very valuable service. Comes highly recommended. Thanks for being available


Found 1 Tinkerbell

Pet Owner: Larry M. (TN)Pet Name: TinkerbellDate Lost: 10/20/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

My family is so happy that our baby Tinkerbell is safe and back home. I am so thankful to this website. We did all that we knew to do, but with the help of amber alert it made it possible to reach the people that we was unable to reach with a flyer. Thank you so much!!!!! I will recommend this website to everyone I know that is a pet owner. I hope they do not have to go through what we went through, but at least we have a happy ending. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Larry, Darlene and Courteney Moore.
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