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Pet Owner: Emily O. (AR)Pet Name: RumleaDate Lost: 11/07/2014

Thank Ya'll. With the help of this site my Rumlea was found. Our neighbors had stolen him n someone read bout him on site and contacted me. Bow he is home and safe. Thanks to everybody.


Pet Owner: Emily O. (AR)Pet Name: RumleaDate Lost: 11/07/2014

Thank Ya'll. With the help of this site my Rumlea was found. Our neighbors had stolen him n someone read bout him on site and contacted me. Bow he is home and safe. Thanks to everybody.


Found 1 Lucky

Pet Owner: Bridgette A. (CA)Pet Name: LuckyDate Lost: 11/13/2014

We are so happy that our lucky is home!


Found 1 Sally

Pet Owner: Steve C. (AL)Pet Name: SallyDate Lost: 11/19/2014

On November 19th, 2014, our twelve year old Golden Retriever was missing from our fenced in backyard. We have a dog door and an electric shock collar, as well as a chain link fenced in yard. She somehow managed to escape those safe guards and we discovered her missing upon our return from work. That evening my husband drove the roads in our area and spoke to many neighbor's. On Thursday and Friday my husband searched shelters and neighborhood, with no luck. We made flyers and on Saturday as my husband was posting the flyers and I was using my social media to search for Sally and posting my lost pet post, Steve received the call that she was found. He was able to immediately recovery Sally and bring her home to her waiting family. Had she not been found and I knew of this site earlier, I would have posted on here from day one.


Found 1 Yoda

Pet Owner: Patricia J. (FL)Pet Name: YodaDate Lost: 11/20/2014Date Found: 11/22/14

Thanks to the "Animal Alert" that offers, my dog was returned to me safe and sound. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has lost their pet. My vets office recommended that I use this site over all the others and I'm so glad I did!


Found 1 Zeus

Pet Owner: Deborah W. (GA)Pet Name: ZeusDate Lost: 11/22/2014Date Found: 11/22/14

This is a wonderful service. I was contacted by animal control because they saw the flyer on the site. Although, it was not my dog, it was a dog that looked a lot like my dog. It is good knowing that the flyers are sent out quickly to ensure a speedy return. If and when I come across lost dogs I will post to this site and encourage all pet owners about this site. It is truly awesome! I found my dog in the neighborhood via flyers. Someone was walking and he followed them home and they kept him safe.


Found 1 Morgan

Pet Owner: Janice D. (MI)Pet Name: MorganDate Lost: 11/17/2014Date Found: 11/21/14

This service was great! Using this allowed is to easily and quickly contact all local vets, and that is exactly how our dog was found. We assumed most people knew to contact the humane society, but with our dog, that was not the case. So glad we used this service.


Found 1 Kiwi

Pet Owner: Ryan G. (CA)Pet Name: KiwiDate Lost: 11/16/2014Date Found: 11/20/14

Kiwi found her way back home. I just wanna thank this site. I was in a panic knowing that kiwi was out of my reach scared and alone. I really do appreciate the help of sending out info to local vets and shelters. She was found by some hikers that had seen the flyers this site created for free. I cant honestly thank this site enough, that and the angels who actually spotted her and gave me the call. Life is GRAND again!


Found 1 Jack

Pet Owner: Sarah G. (MD)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 11/20/2014

Thank You for all of your assistance in getting the word out. It appears that someone had put him into a strange yard and they called us when they got home.


Found 1 Dutchess

Pet Owner: Thomas D. (PA)Pet Name: DutchessDate Lost: 11/18/2014

Thanks to the flyers, someone called me and confirmed they had dutchess! Thank you!


Found 1 Spadez

Pet Owner: Eugene R. (NY)Pet Name: SpadezDate Lost: 11/15/2014Date Found: 11/20/14

this site was very helpful, I printed out the posters and put them up all over the neighborhood and lots of people called.


Found 1 Fluffy

Pet Owner: Maria T. (CA)Pet Name: FluffyDate Lost: 11/17/2014Date Found: 11/20/14

Fluffy was found thanks to you guys! We cannot begin to express our forever gratitude! A lady found him wondering the streets and took him to a local clinic and the clinic had his info thanks to you.


Pet Owner: Melody A. (CA)Pet Name: CanadaDate Lost: 07/18/2014

we thank you for all your help and everyone that is part of lost yes we had found Canada and he had just gotten to the shelter that evening when we had received a post from a lady bless her heart and thank you , that she had tried to find someone who knew him or seen him before she had to have him picked up. and my cousin had been familiar with your site. she had seen me on FB and was able to give me your site to and since I have had several friend and aqaintances whom have now use this site. We thank you for helping to find a safe return for our loved ones .


Found 2 Smudgy

Pet Owner: Colleen B. (NY)Pet Name: SmudgyDate Lost: 09/25/2014Date Found: 11/19/14

After 8 long weeks our cat Smudgy was found. It was made possible because of all of the neighborhood calls and excellent flyers that were sent to local vets by lostmydoggie/kitty. He was found about a mile away by someone who had gotten a call and then saw the flyer about him at the vet's office. We can't thank lost my doggie and lost my kitty and Heather enough. Without them I know we wouldn't have gotten him back.


Found 1 Kaos

Pet Owner: Juliet R. (TX)Pet Name: KaosDate Lost: 11/09/2014

I used the free flyer template on and posted them all around my neighborhood when our dog was stolen. Five days later, a family saw the flyer on a light pole and brought our beloved dog home. The flyer is very well laid out and was very helpful during a time that we were so distraught and missing our dog. Thanks for the awesome help and service!
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