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Found 1 Twinkie

Pet Owner: Monique B. (CA)Pet Name: TwinkieDate Lost: 07/21/2015Date Found: 08/03/15

Even though my dog was STOLEN not missing, someone has finally let her go and found her. I can tell shes been through Alot and had lots of seizures. I can also tell that she has been abused and is start of being touched, it looked like she havent been eating and is afraid to sleep. But what help i did get from this website was the fliers That i printed from Thank you.


Pet Owner: DOLORES H. (PA)Pet Name: QueenieDate Lost: 08/03/2015

Thank you to everyone who was involved with Queenie's safe return. She is reunited with her family and doing well.


Found 1 Lincoln

Pet Owner: Oscar L. (CA)Pet Name: LincolnDate Lost: 08/02/2015Date Found: 08/03/15

Thank you guys this was a big help putting the flyer help. So I could post and got a hit right away.


Found 1 Luna

Pet Owner: Brenda S. (CA)Pet Name: LunaDate Lost: 07/31/2015Date Found: 08/03/15

I'm just happy that there is sites like this that can help dog owners spread the word out about there lost pet. I'm very grateful that my doggie was found. I feel good knowing that I did everything I could to find her.


Found 2 Sami

Pet Owner: Julie K. (MN)Pet Name: SamiDate Lost: 07/30/2015Date Found: 08/03/15

Although my cat was found by one of my neighbors, I am glad that I found this site. I hope not to ever have to use it again - as that would mean one of my animals was missing. On the other hand, this site was so easy to use. I could not believe how many places they faxed/emailed my cat's info. That would have taken me a very long time to contact all the places the notice was sent. Thanks you!


Found 1 Petey

Pet Owner: Amy or Bill G. (NC)Pet Name: PeteyDate Lost: 08/01/2015Date Found: 08/03/15

Very happy to have found my dog safe and sound. A local neighbor found him, but this site was very easy to use and I will always recommend it to anyone who has the unfortunate task of trying to find a lost pet.


Found 1 Ruby

Pet Owner: Lacey S. (MI)Pet Name: RubyDate Lost: 08/01/2015Date Found: 08/01/15

After Ruby went missing, i searched for places to post, and came up, I ignored it until our vet reccomended using it. I was amazed that they were able to reach so many vet clinics, shelters, and even pet suppy stores! The "lost" poster was so valuable, we made copies and put them on corners and in businesses and people responded! I hope we dont have to use this service again, but i would reccomend it to anyone. Even the free version is an amazing help!


Found 1 Teddy bear

Pet Owner: Deborah E. (MN)Pet Name: Teddy bearDate Lost: 07/25/2015

Thank you so much Teddy bear has returned home safely thanks to everyone helping me find her we are from florida and she was so stress now its time for belly rubs and a good night rest!!!!


Found 1 Christmas

Pet Owner: Misti C. (TX)Pet Name: ChristmasDate Lost: 07/30/2015Date Found: 07/31/15

SHE'S HOME! Am extremely grateful there are still kind people in this world. I received two calls through this service from sympathetic ladies, one because she couldn't understand the messages, the other with a possible sighting 5 miles away at the time of her disappearance. Regardless, still had hope. Found her(she found home) the next morning at 6am. Wether this service worked or not, will use it again! Thank you!


Found 1 Cosmo

Pet Owner: Catherine R. (GA)Pet Name: CosmoDate Lost: 07/23/2015Date Found: 07/24/15

Thank you for all your services.


Found 1 KC

Pet Owner: Tara M. (MN)Pet Name: KCDate Lost: 07/28/2015

Thank you for getting the word out so quickly on her missing.


Pet Owner: Lorri R. (FL)Pet Name: IsabelleDate Lost: 07/15/2015

The website was easy to use and quick to list my pet missing. My dog was found the same day.


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Mary Anne B. (CA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 07/27/2015Date Found: 07/30/15

I am ABSOLUTELY PLEASED with the results I experienced with LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM. I found a lost dog 3 days ago. The dog was scared, staving and thirsty. The pads of his feet were torn and to top it off he had surgical stitches on his head. I did the whole bit--signs, vets, newspaper ad, etc. You name it, I did it. At the close of the 3rd day, I received an e-mail from Lost My Doggie saying someone might have info about my post. Long story short--There are four very happy people and the "Duke". I'm not implying that should you lose or find a lost pet that you won't have to knock on doors, get on the internet, and go to your local shelters. Just make sure you include LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM. On a scale from 1 - 10............... 15


Found 1 Ralphie

Pet Owner: Jasmine N. (CO)Pet Name: RalphieDate Lost: 07/20/2015Date Found: 07/30/15

Lostmydoggie was very quick and at first I was scared it was a scam until I saw fliers and such appearing around town!!! Glad to say Ralhpie is safely home.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Tania C. (CA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 07/28/2015Date Found: 07/30/15

We found a lost dog on our street and within hours of posting his picture and info on lost he was reunited with his family! Right after they sent the fliers though fax and email, the local humane society contacted us informing that they had the flier of a lost dog that looked exactly like the dog we had, I got the information, called the owners and voila! Kane returned to his loving family.
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