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Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Debra W. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 11/23/2015Date Found: 11/24/15

I am so happy to say I have found his owners first thing this morning. Thanks to this site the owners contacted me via the local veterinarian. . So awesome!


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Todd Y. (CA)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 11/01/2015Date Found: 11/13/15

This testimonial will be short and sweet. I've never heard about this sight until my female boxer, Charlie, went missing. She was listed on this website by a person who was temporarily taking care of her. Once I received information about the website I immediately accessed it and found my girl listed with a picture. Without this site I might not have been able to be reunited with her. Thanks to the website and the woman who took care of my girl!


Found 1 Bullet

Pet Owner: Claudia V. (MN)Pet Name: BulletDate Lost: 11/18/2015Date Found: 11/23/15

I found my elderly, half blind fur baby 6 days after it went missing. I used this site and printed flyers and didn't give up. Losing an animal is heartbreaking but don't give up on them. Keep searching and list them everywhere possible. Thank you lostmydoggie! I'm forever grateful!


Found 1 Gina

Pet Owner: Maria H. (NY)Pet Name: GinaDate Lost: 11/20/2015

I am very lucky to have found Gina after 2 nights. After finding her I took her to the vet and they had posted her lost flyer with her picture that they received from It is the easiest way to reach vets and shelters around you that your pet is lost! Thank you!!


Found 1 Tie-ann

Pet Owner: Candice P. (FL)Pet Name: Tie-annDate Lost: 11/21/2015Date Found: 11/22/15

When our beloved Shiba Inu slipped her collar at a busy outdoor shopping mall at a vaccine clinic, I turned to for guidance. By putting posters everywhere around the area we lost her at a concerned person who had seen the posters on the second night of her disappearance while picking up a pizza and returning home spotted her miles away from the mall. She called us to report her sighting. We raced to the spot in the pitch dark and along a busy road with cars whizzing by and us on foot calling her, she emerged from the woods. She was terrified and soaking wet due to the night and day of torrential rain but nevertheless in one piece. What a godsend this site was!


Found 1 chuck

Pet Owner: Chauncey G. (ID)Pet Name: chuckDate Lost: 11/21/2015Date Found: 11/22/15

This is a pretty cool site and definitely gives peace of mind when you're frantically searching for your pet. Knowing that they send out notices to pet businesses is awesome and that's all for free. If my dog wasn't for.d I would have absolutely paid for the membership of all the other services they offer


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Rose C. (TX)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 11/15/2015Date Found: 11/21/15

Thank you your tips helped me find my pup Rocky!


Found 1 Nala

Pet Owner: Jenny S. (MN)Pet Name: NalaDate Lost: 11/10/2015

Nice, easy service:)


Found 1 Coffee

Pet Owner: Roxanne R. (NM)Pet Name: CoffeeDate Lost: 11/16/2015Date Found: 11/20/15

Thank you for an amazing service. I wish everyone much luck and hope for a happy ending like ours.


Found 2 Bailey

Pet Owner: Tina C. (OH)Pet Name: BaileyDate Lost: 11/16/2015Date Found: 11/20/15

We found Bailey underneath the porch when we got home this evening. The services rendered by were outstanding. Within a few hours, every vet and kennel knew he was lost. Thanks for the help. The results were the same. Thank you


Found 1 evy

Pet Owner: josh l. (WA)Pet Name: evyDate Lost: 10/20/2015

Lost my doggie was initially helpful but in the end it was BC we didn't give up. One of the flyers we made was saw by someone in a neighboring town 30 days later and called us!!! Just glad she is back


Found 1 Diamond

Pet Owner: Freddie M. (TX)Pet Name: DiamondDate Lost: 10/03/2015Date Found: 11/18/15

Okay Everyone, I was gsonna post in the morning but, I am just so excited I have to Thank everyone that shared Diamonds post to help locate her and guess what ??? SHE IS HOME!!!! Never give up hope. This is a Happy Tail. Thank you everyone and to for sending the email with contact information. I want to personally thank Jill McCormick McKeown for sharing when i couldn't and walking with us every step of the way. Also, Sharron Swope Mirikitani you also kept my hope up through this process. Love ya'll all and thank you Jesus for giving us the faith we needed to bring her home. Goodnight and thanks again.


Found 1 Bear

Pet Owner: Aaron A. (OH)Pet Name: BearDate Lost: 11/10/2015

Thank you for your help. Even though we have found Bear, on our own, I am glad to know that services such as yours is available. Neighbors did receive phone calls and the flyers were throughout the neighborhood. Your service was very helpful. Thank you.


Found 2 Mr. Bunny Feet

Pet Owner: Mary S. (MI)Pet Name: Mr. Bunny FeetDate Lost: 10/27/2015

Mr. Bunny Feet was gone for exactly two weeks, but had never left the complex! In the end, he actually found *me*! I stopped on the landing on the stairs up to my apartment on the third floor, and looked out toward where he had disappeared, and low and behold, this time he was looking back, right at me, from the hill between the parking lot and line of woods at my apartment building, almost exactly where I last saw him! I tossed him treats, progressively closer to where I sat down, and he eventually got close enough to me that I could pet him. I think he recognized me! I managed to carry him to my car, and after he calmed down, I put him in the cardboard carrier that I had gotten and kept in the backseat 'just in case.' His brother Lovebug and I are so happy to have him home, and he seems to be happier than ever! Thank you for your assistance!! I saw the poster up at my vet's office shortly after I signed up, it was wonderful to know that I had support in finding my little guy. :) Mary


Found 1 Lili

Pet Owner: Damond B. (TX)Pet Name: LiliDate Lost: 10/04/2015

I wanna thank for helping puppy, the free flyers help so much an I was able to get her back
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