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Total: 2738 stories


Found 1 Trucker

Pet Owner: Graham H. (AR)Pet Name: TruckerDate Lost: 06/29/2014Date Found: 10/20/14

Trucker was found 900 miles from home because of his microchip.


Found 3 Rooster

Pet Owner: A.T. B. (MA)Pet Name: RoosterDate Lost: 08/01/2014Date Found: 10/16/14

This service is fantastic. It alerts the community that an animal is missing. Because of the fliers we were able to distribute, this lost chicken's plight was posted for the community to jump into action. The neighbors sympathized with the lost bird and assisted in his recovery. We had a very happy ending for this little rooster!


Found 1 Maggie

Pet Owner: Bill O. (NC)Pet Name: MaggieDate Lost: 10/18/2014Date Found: 10/19/14

Very pleased with the way this site works. Our dog was found and is back home. We are impressed with the timely manner that this site posted notices to our local animal centers. Thank you.


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Stacey H. (PA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 10/18/2014Date Found: 10/18/14

Great service. I highly recommend


Found 1 Bridget

Pet Owner: Emillee S. (PA)Pet Name: BridgetDate Lost: 10/17/2014Date Found: 10/18/14

I can thank this service enough for finding my little Bridget!!! I had a woman call me because she had gotten the phone call and saw the ad on the internet for her. All this was within 5 hours of my signing up with this service! I would highly recommend LostMyDoggie to everyone who loses a pet! Thank you so much!!


Found 2 Chico Dusty

Pet Owner: Mary Allison C. (GA)Pet Name: Chico DustyDate Lost: 10/17/2014

The people at Lost My Doggie were so helpful! They helped me remain calm and collector while I searched for my cat, Chico. He eventually came in through my cracked and chained front door about 24 hours from when he went missing. Thank you again!


Found 1 Penny

Pet Owner: Cindy A. (TX)Pet Name: PennyDate Lost: 10/04/2014

Penny is home! Neighbor found her in their front yard this morning and recognized her from the lost dog poster at the corner store - she looks like she's been cared for and well fed for the last two weeks, so it's still a mystery where she has been but we are super happy to have her back!


Found 1 Our daughter's best friend

Pet Owner: Christine C. (TX)Pet Name: Our daughter's best friend Date Lost: 10/03/2014

Because of this posting on, I was able to be located by the good Samaritans that had my dog. 11 days later, Dixie was returned and to our family, it was a miracle. Thank you


Found 1 Ace

Pet Owner: Sharon G. (PA)Pet Name: AceDate Lost: 10/16/2014Date Found: 10/17/14

I was so pleased to see a free service that would help to locate a missing pet. The faxes and emails they send and the flyer they help create are valuable tools in a situation that seems overwhelming. I wouldn't have known where to start. Wonderful resource!


Found 1 Sami

Pet Owner: DONNA R. (OH)Pet Name: SamiDate Lost: 10/12/2014Date Found: 10/17/14

I was happy to find this sight and know how much you do to help find lost pets. Unfortunately our Sami was hit by a car before we found her. I will definitely use this sight again, if needed. I am just hoping I won't need to. Thank you for everything.


Found 1 Daisy

Pet Owner: Lynnetta N. (PA)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 10/06/2014Date Found: 10/17/14

Thanks so much to this site!. I posted the add for my friend who lost her dog and I figured least I could do was try hit any social media site I could. And I came across this one and immediately posted about Daisy. Well Daisy was found this morning!:). She was found in Spartansburg up where the sharp bend is coming into town. My friend is beyond happy to have her furbaby back. Daisy is thinner she must not been able to get food much over the week or so she has been missing but my friend will have her back to healthy weight in no time!. Thanks so much to this site and people banning together to help others because even though some say that they are just animals well to everyone on this site they are defiantly more then animals. They are our family our babies. is fast in getting the word out there they are on the ball. I will make sure to let everyone know about this site. Thanks once again! Maya


Found 1 Dakota

Pet Owner: Travis J. (TN)Pet Name: DakotaDate Lost: 10/16/2014

Great service, my dog is home safely


Found 1 Harley

Pet Owner: Raynette B. (NM)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 09/24/2014Date Found: 10/16/14

I am so grateful to have Harley back! Thank you for all your efforts!


Found 1 Chulo

Pet Owner: Andrea S. (KS)Pet Name: ChuloDate Lost: 10/15/2014Date Found: 10/16/14

I felt hopeless while I was filling out my dogs information on lost my I felt like this is a waste of my time, but at least I can say I tried. My dog Chulo ran off while we were outside playing and we searched everywhere throughout the neighborhood looking for him til after dark with no luck. So I went to and filled in the blanks. In less than 15 hrs I received a phone call from a veterinarian clinic saying they had my dog Chulo. They had received a fax from with all of Chulo's information on it and called us right away! It was the best news!


Found 1 Rocco

Pet Owner: Phyllis L. (IL)Pet Name: RoccoDate Lost: 10/05/2014

Rocco was found by a women after being lost for six days. She fed him and put a crate and blanket on her porch to keep him warm. It was 34 degrees Friday when she found him. She called animal control in the morning and they told her it sounded like my dog and gave her my number. It was wonderful what she did, I never thought I would see my baby again.
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