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Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Dee P. (AL)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 05/04/2016

Thank you so much for helping me find my lost baby. Buddy was reunited with us within the day.


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Gloria A. (AZ)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 04/25/2016

Charlie was found on Friday, wet and muddy from the storm. Went immediately to the vet and he was in good health. For such a little dog he survived the elements and he is happy to be home. I can't thank your recovery system for the help. Many people called with sightings and helped us find him. Will tell all my friends about you. Little Charlie is a celebrity in our village. The flyers and telephone calls made such a difference in locating him. Thank you so very much.


Found 1 Francis

Pet Owner: Ellis D. (NY)Pet Name: FrancisDate Lost: 04/28/2016Date Found: 05/03/16

Thanks for your help! We don't know exactly where the folks who found our Francis in their backyard got our number from, but all the things we did worked in combination to get the word out. Our baby is home. Hooray!


Found 1 BREES

Pet Owner: Taylor S. (CA)Pet Name: BREESDate Lost: 05/01/2016

This website was very helpful. I will use again should I need to, let's hope not!


Found 1 Princess

Pet Owner: Lori Q. (TX)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 04/24/2016

It was helpful to have lost my doggie give updates and get the word out, thank you


Found 1 Paris

Pet Owner: Sylvia G. (CA)Pet Name: ParisDate Lost: 04/29/2016 was super effective. In the past, I have had dogs run off never to be seen again and this was before the age of microchips and the like. With no chip in Paris, my german shepherd, I opted to hit the internet for assistance. By happenstance, I was able to stumble upon and put up a flyer. Miraculously, the next day, I received a phone call that someone had found her. Thank you and supposedly Wags, which was how he said he found the flyer. Thank you and I would highly recommend you guys to anyone with a missing animal.


Found 1 Precious

Pet Owner: Amanda Z. (PA)Pet Name: PreciousDate Lost: 04/26/2016Date Found: 05/02/16

With the advanced technology and the assistant that lost my doggie has provided gave the ability in finding my lost pitbull dog. With the use of this free service that provided Flyers faxes and the ability to Reese social media sites such as Facebook Etc was such a huge help access and Recovery of my animal.


Found 1 Sasha

Pet Owner: Demetrius W. (FL)Pet Name: SashaDate Lost: 05/02/2016Date Found: 05/02/16

Thank You Guys For EVERYTHING! You Are So Awesome


Found 2 Julio

Pet Owner: Susan P. (FL)Pet Name: JulioDate Lost: 04/26/2016Date Found: 05/02/16

Thanks to the wonderful flyers I was able to print out and deliver to all of my neighbors I was able to track down and find my baby boy! It is easy to have them drawn up through Just fill in the information they ask of you and upload a photo. Then they create a wonderful informative and attractive flyer you can put up in your neighbor hood. Thank you guys for being there to help us find our baby boy!


Found 1 Gidget

Pet Owner: heather e. (TX)Pet Name: GidgetDate Lost: 04/27/2016Date Found: 05/01/16

We were very pleased with this service. We had a individual return her to our house but we are lucky there are sites like this one to help people find their pets.


Found 1 Sidney

Pet Owner: barbara e. (FL)Pet Name: SidneyDate Lost: 04/22/2016

Hi there....thank you so much for all the dog Sidney has been found.....again thank you so much for the help.....


Found 2 MAX (has microchip)

Pet Owner: Lillian or Rob O. (AZ)Pet Name: MAX (has microchip)Date Lost: 04/25/2016Date Found: 05/01/16

Max came home today. Thanks for all your help. Will definitely refer anyone to your service. Used litter, favorite food and an old rag that I urinated on were placed outside. Heard that urinating on clothing or rag is much more effective than just a worn piece of clothing. Don't know if that did it, but I just placed that urinated rag outside yesterday evening and today he's back. Appreciate all your efforts.


Found 2 Pamela

Pet Owner: Irma Myriam O. (CA)Pet Name: PamelaDate Lost: 04/30/2016

I am so happy,! My baby back. Thank you for all your help??????


Found 1 Maisie

Pet Owner: Becca T. (TX)Pet Name: MaisieDate Lost: 04/24/2016Date Found: 04/30/16

Maisie came home all on her own, but the six days she was gone were miserable. It helped to know that this site might be a way to find Maisie. Anybody who has lost a beloved pet needs supportive sites like this to help them through the ordeal and get the word out as quickly as possible. Thank you for providing this service.


Found 2 Bond

Pet Owner: Tiffany M. (FL)Pet Name: BondDate Lost: 04/20/2016

I just used the free service and the same day the flyers went out I started seeing rescue groups posting them on Facebook. Bond eventually found his way home on his own, but everyone knew he was missing thanks to this site.
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