March, 11 2013


Bearded Collie

Very impressed with this service. All the phone calls were made as advertised. Uploading her picture was easy and the flyer was nicely made and it color photo-copied well. I paid this company, LostMydoggie and another web-based company...but this LostMyDoggie service made the phone calls, the fax was already at the shelter when I arrived. The other company hasnt performed any services. Stick with this company! LOSTMYDOGGIE.com I was also able to contact them through their phone number and spoke with a person when i had questions while my dog was missing. My experience was very positive, I highly recommend this service without any hesitation. I followed the tips for flyers and scented items on front yard etc, my dog was found within 26 hours.

January, 15 2013


Yorkshire Terrier

I am so thankful for finding this site and upgrading to the phone calls to the neighbors. We had just moved to this area and Leah was not familiar with our new home. I hope I never to need to use this site again but would highly recommend it to anyone that has lost a pet. Thank you so much!!!

October, 23 2012


English Setter

I write this with tears in my eyes because I was dreading the thought of having to tell my ten year old son that his best friend was gone and that my 74 year old father had lost his hunting companion. Casey went missing on a Monday morning while hunting with my father. By Tuesday mid-day we were feeling desparate because she was lost in an area that had pockets of dense briars that were impossible to penetrate and we were worried about predators like coyotes. I did a search for 'lost dogs websites' and came across lostmydoggie.com. Within three hours of completing the forms my father's phone rang. The first three calls were from people who lived in the area and volunteered to help find her. The fourth call came at 6pm from a woman who had heard barking coming from well beyond her property line. She wasn't able to get close to the source of the barking because of the thick ground cover. After my father it took him about 30 minutes to cut his way into the general location where they believed the dog to be located. He eventually found her is a briar prison - wet and thirsty. On the way back to the car the little dog was pulling at the leash, wanting to go out and hunt again even though it was nighttime. Thank you for providing a terrific service. We wouldn't have found her without the phone call outreach that you executed. I will be telling every dog owner I know to bookmark your website!

May, 24 2012


Border Collie

This service is amazing. I recommend the phone calls to people in the area of the lost dog. I received many phone calls with sightings and got my dogs back after three days. I am so relieved and would like the thank all of the kind people out there. You have restored my faith in humankind. Shelly C., Kuna, Idaho

May, 23 2012



I'm so happy I found my dog. Thanks to lostmydoggie.com someone in my neighborhood was able to contact me. The advice given on lostmydoggie.com really help out. Thank you so much.

May, 8 2012


Pit Bull

I am not even sure how my friend found this site but I am so grateful! Lostmydoggie.com service is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I am so grateful to you all, words cannot express. I can't remember her name (Diane?) because I was in such a panic, but she was about to leave work and saw my email and called me about their services. I couldn't even speak so I gave the phone to my friend. She explained the services and fee and my friend was shaking her head no, I said how much?!!! Then she told me and I said DO IT!!! Here is the time frame from lostmydoggie.com calling and me finding Miss Sadie! 6:20 PM original call, 7:01 PM the mass group call went out to over 500 of my neighbors and at 7:28, I got "the" phone call that my dog was down the street in a neighbors garage. Sadie was home by 7:45 PM! She had been missing since 1:30 PM. To top it off she had NO collar on and she is not technically my dog. My girlfriend has had her since 6 weeks old and she is almost 12 now and deaf. WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!! Thank you all for everything!!!! Worth every penny, and not expensive! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

March, 5 2012


Yorkshire Terrier

This is the 2nd time this service has worked. I do yorkie rescue and sometimes, they will climb the fence!! True! Thanks to LostMyDoggie.com, our neighbor phoned us immediately to say she thought we had the pup we had been looking for. Chances are, we would have never found our pup without this service. We live out in the country and everyone is off the road or hidden by woods. No one lives close enough together to go house-to-house. Thank you very much Lost My Doggie!! Melinda www.NCYorkieRescue.org

January, 20 2012


Labrador Retriever

This is a great service, and well worth the expense. There is no other way that I know of that you can as easily contact and alert as many people. The flyer thats made up was especially useful, no need to sit at the computer trying to come up with a properly formatted, etc. This was actually instrumental in getting the dog back. My wife posted them EVERYWHERE, and it reached the one individual that reunited the dog with us. I'd definitely use this service again.

January, 1 2012


Shih Tzu

Excellent service. Thank you for the speedy response. I had my dog back within hours.

October, 29 2011


Rat Terrier

The service was super!!! I found my dog which didnt have a collar or chip within 4 hours of submiting my order. He was at a local winery and the work staff took turns taking him home each night. They received a message from the call service at lostmydog.com, it worked perfectly, thank you! Gus is back home, your service was well worth the price, a genuine value!

September, 8 2011



I just found my dog about 3 hours ago! She's been gone for 4 months. We are so happy to have her back! I have told everyone I know about this service. Thank you so much!!

August, 21 2011



We can not express our gratitude for all your kindness and your help. We truly believe it was your company that lead our puppy back home. The responses we had from those you contacted was what lead us in the right direction. It could have been luck that Honey made it home all by herself, or maybe it was us driving the area that one of your leads directed us to, but without a doubt we would recommend your company to everyone! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, truly Thank you. She meant the world to us! Forever Grateful, The James and Follstad Family

July, 22 2011



This service is the reason my dog is now home. I tried everything from contacting vets and shelters, posting fliers, asking neighbors and driving around. Nothing was working. A week and a day later, a woman called stating she thought she knew who had my dog based on the recording. She provided us with the information, we called and they brought my dog home! It was such a relief to know she was safe adn taken care of!

June, 30 2011



To anyone who is considering using lostmydoggie.com. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this service is!!! When I searched the neighborhood where he was lost, all the people I came in contact with mentioned that they received the recorded message and all were on the lookout for my dog, Alfie. I ended up finding him in exactly the area where the leads came from. You come highly recommended : ) Regards, Denise San Martin Long Island, NY

May, 20 2011


Shih Tzu

This site gave me a sense of security that my Dow would be found. I followed the rules of calling the local PD and Animal shelters- then I went to the site which hosted the search by 1000fold. I found my dog within 10 hrs. Everyone is happy and my kids are truly thankful for such great resources.