November, 23 2009


Australian Cattle Dog

Our dog Zoe went missing and we quickly realized that we needed to spread the word about her dissapearance in as fast and efficient way as possible. Another lost dog family in our neighborhood had used LostMydoggie.com to make calls to the area and put the word out. We were recipients of such a call and that's how we became aware of the service. We immediately emlisted LostMydoggie.com to make automated calls in the area where Zoe went missing. We heard from many people involved in the search, that they had received or knew someone who had received calls about her. It was definitely what I consider money well spent as we can report that the service did increase awareness of our missing dog in the area. Thanks Marc + Katie (Zoe's owners)

November, 11 2009


OMG I just put this on this morning! This lady a mile down the street just called me and PEANUT IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you so much! This is so great!!!! I am going to post you on my facebook and myspace and send a mass email out at work. I am in the military and will make sure to let everyone on base know! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. my 2 and a half year old is soooooooooooooooooooo happy with her peanut!

November, 7 2009


Jack Russell Terrier

We found our baby WHISKEY!!! I cannot stress enough how important this site is....not only did it alert the neighbors about our poor dog being gone, but it allowed me to meet some of them and see how much people really have a love for animals. I received 11 calls with-in 1 hour of the neighbors being called with sightings of him and/or offering help to find him. Do not hesitate - for as the time goes so does the chance of getting them back safely. We found whiskey on 11/6 thanks to a phone call of someone who had found him on their walk and took him home. They were talking with a neighbor who mentioned the recording and they said I think we found that dog on our walk....they called right away and my husband and I went to their place and sure enough it was our little whiskey safe and sound. Thanks so much!! Plus the service was great and the gal there who answered the phone friendly

November, 6 2009


Domestic Long Hair

Thank you lostmydoggie for the great service. My indoor cat got out and was missing for 5 days. I thought for sure he was gone for good. I tried putting up notices everywhere I could think of, but got no response. Finally, I came across your website and thought I would give it a try. Within 30 minutes of my alert going out, I received about 10 calls from people who had seen my cat hiding in their yards and trying to get in their houses. One of those people fed him and brought him to the local Humane Society where I will be picking him up as soon as they open! I will recommend your service to anyone who is missing a pet.

October, 29 2009


Miniature Schnauzer

When I lost my furry companion one morning I was devastated, I just new she was gone for good. It wasn't until I calmed down and remembered seeing something on the news about another woman who had lost her dog and found him again because of this website she went to. I figured it couldn't hurt and my Daisy was worth every penny. Because of the help from this website I got my Daisy back in one piece, safe and sound and even made friends with the couple that was good enough to go to the trouble to try and find me. I'm convinced that if it wasn't for the help of this website I would have lost one of my best friends forever. I will forever be in the debt to the people who run this website, I can't thank you enough. Regards, Lora Laughlin-Laurel (and Daisy). :)

October, 18 2009



This was one of the last resorts I thought would help out. We put up about 200 fliers in the area and had checked the pound every other day. We even put ads in the paper, but because of the economic times, some papers aren't published but every other day or longer. After using this service we only got 2 calls. The first one spotted a dog like ours but it turned out to be the wrong dog. The second call was from the person who had our dog. She did not actually get a call, but one of her neighbors did and called her to tell her about the call. We had not branched out with fliers yto their neigborhood yet. And without this service they might have never known. I recommended this service because it worked for us.

October, 17 2009


Shetland Sheepdog

I want to thank "Lostmydoggie.com" for helping me find my dog. My sister was the one that came across the website so I thank her too! I myself was out in the wilderness, looking for Tucker, so I had no way of getting my information out there except with pictures and posted signs. I received many phone calls with people asking about my dog being lost. Many were intrigued by the phone call because they had never received a call like that before. The animal control officer contacted me because of the influx of phone calls coming in to her about the dog. This has probably got to be the best way to get the message out to people that your dog is lost! Lessons learned from this, I didn't have my dog microchipped or have any identification on him. My dog got lost in the woods after chasing a chipmunk. Don't ever tell yourself "It could never happen to me" because it can! Dogs depend on us for food, shelter, and protection, and when they are lost- they lose that from us. Robin

October, 11 2009


Domestic Short Hair

This service is the best thing ever! Within an hour of posting my lost cat, I got a phone call from someone who had seen one matching my cats' description. It wasn't him, but there is no way I could have gotten the word out to so many people within the range that he could be. The message was succinct but contained all the data. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has lost a pet.

September, 29 2009


Labrador Retriever

The service worked superbly! Literally within 2 minutes of receiving my personal copy of the alert, I had 2 people on the phone, one of which had my dog. Both they (as pet Owners) and the local Animal Control, were equally impressed with the service. I would Highly recommend your service to anyone who has lost their pet! Joe in Maryland

September, 28 2009


Shih Tzu

Our dog Mattie was returned today as a direct result of using your service, one of our neighbors friends seen the dog after they had talked about getting the alert from your service. It worked the first day Thanks for the help Paul 214-801-8012

September, 26 2009



Donna, the adminstrator that I was so fortunate to have contacted, was an exceptionally wonderful human being who truly cared and called not once, but three times, to verify that all our information was correct. What a wonderful service, and what a wonderful lady. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CARE AND CONCERN IN THIS VERY TRYING TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Very Sincerely, Kellie Annett and Family P.S. Thanks to my Mom, Pam Brewster,. for finding this site to help locate Sarah.

September, 24 2009


Jack Russell Terrier

Great thing to be able to do I got lots of call of people who saw him thank you

September, 23 2009


Flat-Coated Retriever

I wasn't sure if this would work, I am a National Transport Coordinator for Rescued Animals helping them get out of Shelters to Rescues/Asopters and foster homes. So I was skeptical. I asked the Temp Foster in MD where Lucy was staying to ask her neighbors if they got a call about Lucy and she the temp mom said that she didn't have to ask that while she was out the night Lucy was lost she saw some people out and asked one woman if she saw Lucy. The lady had said no that since she received the phone call about Lucy missing she had been keeping an eye out for her. So yes I guess this does work. This did help find Lucy as she stuck by the home and came back on her home with the use of a live trap and food, but I am sure that it would have helped as she was spotted by people in the area so we knew she was there Cheryl Roads of Hope Animal Rescue Transport http://www.roadsofhope.org

September, 17 2009

Precious & Spirit


It was a Sunday afternoon and our Pugle and Bogle ran out of the back door as one of the children did not shut it all the way. It has happened from time to time and we live in a gated community of about 100 houses, fortunately, we have always found the dogs within minutes of them escaping on their adventure. However, this time, we did not and it was raining. My fiance' and mother were leaving to meet our priest for a blessing before our wedding and we had the babysitter and the children go on a rescue mission with a few neighbors and after several hours, they were unable to find our dogs. The next day, we put up posters, informed all the neighbors, went driving around for hours and contacted all the local pounds. No luck. Being a business owner and doing a great deal of internet marketing, I went to the internet and found a great resource in www.lostmydoggie.com I carefully read all of their pages and for their FAQ's and testimonials most helpful. I did some further research and thought it was worth the small investment to try and find Spirit and Precious...I completed everything online and with in a few minutes I received a call back from the company. They verified some information and said they would have the message sent out within in hour...It was around 6pm est and sure enough around 7pm, I received the seeded voicemail message. It only took about 90 minutes and I answered a call from a gentleman who saw a poster on a telephone poll a mile from my neighborhood saying someone found two dogs! I contacted them and was told the bad news and the good news. The bad news was, one of the children from their neighborhood tried to claim our dogs as their own and while they attempted to remove them from the cages they were keeping our dogs in, our Pugle tried to run away and was run over by a Van, who hit and ran from the incident. We were fortunate enough to find our Bogle alive and well I wished I would have found the service sooner. I would highly reccomend www.lostmydoggie.com to anyone who has lost their pet.... Thanks for your professional assistance and for following-up with me to ensure a positive outcome as well! Best Regards, Paul J. Simino President & CEO www.onesimpleloan.com

September, 16 2009


Rat Terrier

The puppy I am fostering from the local animal shelter somehow got out of our gate on Monday afternoon (9/14). I was especially worried because he is so quick and has no concept of moving vehicles. Plus, he is not familiar with my neighborhood. He is very special being that he was not surrendered once, but twice to the shelter in his young age of 11 mos. He also was diagnosed with an advanced case of Coccidia, an intestinal parasite, and he required medications. We posted fliers, called the shelter, sent mail outs to veterninary clinics, but I assumed someone scooped him up and kept him since he is so adorable and sweet. I was losing hope as day 2 passed. As a last effort attempt, I contacted "LostMyDoggie.com" and in less than an hour, the phone calls poured in. Some extending support, others letting me know they would be on the lookout. Then the call came that said that he was found. But that he was returned to his former owners who had surrendered him to the shelter (his microchip matched the former owner's address). We called the owners but their phone was disconnected. We took the ride to the address provided to us by the neighbors who found him and returned him to the former owners (about 10 miles away) and by golly, they had him!!!! The man told us he was going to bring him back tomorrow. But that doesn't matter. I have him back now. And it's because of this service. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Brooke (New Orleans, LA)