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Why are so many dogs missing?

About This Group:

Many people in our group have searched sites & Craigslist. We are noticing a trend of pure bred dogs & pit bulls (gang affiliated dogs) being missing/STOLEN. Then, later we find them posted for a re-homing fees. Does anyone in the law enforcement or Humane Society or general public have any suggestions to stop this dog stealing ring? Dogs have been stolen right out of the owners fenced back yard. 1 person saw a man pull over to her fenced yard, grab her dog and take off. This is happening in ...

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11:03 PM EST

Dog theft in our area (the Pacific Northwest) is huge. People are bold enough to break into people's homes to steal purebred dogs -- they then sell them at flea markets, on craigslist, ebay, and anywhere else they can. Mixed breed dogs they use for fight bait, or wait for "Reward" posts, to gain a few easy bucks. People steal dogs out of cars in parking lots every day for the same reasons. My dogs (see photo) LOVE to go for car rides -- which is great, but if I'm running errands and can't keep them within eye-sight, then I wait to do that errand later, or take my dogs home. NO DOG should EVER be left unsupervised in a yard or car. My next door neighbor had their two shih tzus stolen out of their yard a couple of years ago -- never saw them again.

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