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I was fortunate and lucky that a neighbor found my 5-dogs who had dug their way out by tunneling under the side-yard gate. The neighbor had spotted the dogs running around her yard, which was approximately 3-4 blocks away from my house. She was most kind and considerate guardian angel in spirit and action, and quickly called them into her backyard, provided them with water and dog food (she has dogs and cats of her own), and then set-out to post signs stating that she had found the dogs. Eventually, she came across several of my many 'lost dog' signs I had posted all around the area, while out looking for the little rascals. Although my posting with LostMyDoggie.com did not lead to the recovery of my beloved dogs (all rescued dogs this past year), it gave me great comfort that the Web site is/was available for me to post my alert for assistance in finding them. I applaud the 'service' and trust that anyone who experiences the discovery that their loving pets managed to somehow get out and lost in the scary city streets and communities realizes how much the LostMyDoggie.com site means to the owners of lost animals. One has to get the 'word' or 'notice' out there as soon as humanly possible -- and likewise, in as complete and wide of coverage as possible. I am convinced that the LostMyDoggie.com site is an imperative as a most helpful community service. Thank you for the opportunity to utilize your service, John Matson


Terrier Mix

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(ID# 18057)

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Pet Breed:
Terrier Mix
Pet Color:
Tan-Cream, White
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Area Last Seen:

85284 (TEMPE, AZ)


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