Pit Bulls

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This group is for anyone who wants to talk about pit bulls. You don't have to have one to join this group, if you've got an opinion or perhaps own one, this is the group for you. So much is written about pit bulls and there are so many misconceptions about this breed, hopefully this group can shed some more light on them.

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08:24 AM EST

Jan 2016 on tropicana by the fire training center our family dog Izzy was stolen while my son was taking her for a walk . we had just moved to that area and have since moved . I know it was a year ago but someone has to know something please .. There is a 200$ reward for whoever brings her home no questions asked... She is very missed and loved .. Please ..


08:34 AM EST

Hello, I think I may have seen your dog on an adoption sheet. This dog was found May 2016, female, approx. 1 yr 4 mo old. Go to Pet Harbor, select Adopt, select Dog, select Female, select Black. Maybe this is your dog. You may reach me at teresa.turner@live.com. Would like to hear from you if it is or is not your pet. Good Luck. Fingers crossed

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