Reunited on 05/08/10
Although, lostmydoggie.com was not directly responsible for my cat being found. It did play a role. My cat got loose while moving from Colorado to California in Arizona, six hours away from our new home. I used tabbytracker.com, lostmydoggie.com, and petamberalert.com to help bring him home. A lady in the area he was lost found a cat that fit Francis' description and was able to contact me using tabbytracker.com. She said she had recieved the call from lostmydoggie.com and remembered someone looking for a cat. She did a search of lost black cats in her city, and tabbytracker.com was the first listing on the search engine to come up. Although the cat she found was not my cat, it brought me back to the area, where I then went around and took flyers and talked with neighbors, which ultimately lead to the locating of my cat. I had hired the services of lostmydoggie.com which made calls to the area your pet is missing. The majority of neighbors and businesses I talked with had received this call, which is very comforting. Francis was fresh on their mind, when I inquired about a seeing a lost cat. I also used the services of petamberalert.com which was to send flyers to the area via mail. Not one person I talked with relieved this flyer. I was very grieved to hear this. Fortunately, with a some posters I printed up and a couple of hours of passing out my own flyers I was able to locate Francis three weeks after he got loose from my car. He was about a mile from where he was last seen, surviving in an abandoned building. Moral of the story: do not give up searching and do not give up hope. When he heard me call for him, he started meowing back and running to me. It was a moment of pure joy. Thanks lostmydoggie.com for your service. Although I hope to never need your services again I would in a heart beat if needed and would recommend to all of my friends and family if they lose a pet. It brought peace to me when I felt helpless and distraught. Mikelle and Francis


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(ID# 1809)

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86337 (SELIGMAN, AZ)