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Dog Related 1
Dog Related 1
thay have felling just like us.put your self in thair fur.
If you wear an amilal how would you feel if someone just throw you out of a home or kicked you around or throw stuff at you or did wat ever thay felt like with you .you would fight back. and more then half of this world cant say thay wouldint because thay would be we have to be thiar voice and say !!!!!!HEY NO MORE ANAMILE ABOUSE !!!!!!cause you no wat anamile abouse is child abouse...
All/Other Pets 1
Time Hasnt Helped
Time has past since the loss of your pet and still have not found any ease of the pain. "Feels like it happened yesterday after all this time"
Losing A Pet 1
Thor , missing Havenese dog, 11 lbs., white, grey stripes on each ear, black nose, brown eyes.
Dog Related 1
Yes he is a dog, but we consider him our son.
Please, we need help coping with our dog being gone. Bucci's brother, Gucci is so depressed. I can't even begin to understand his hurt. We need help. Each day my heart is heavy. Any suggestions for us, and Gucci?
Dog Related 1
YorkiePoo Richmond, VA
I let my baby out to poop and he wondered off. Let him stay out too long. He was picked up that the corner store across the street on Darbytown Rd... I was informed that it was 2 young girls about age 18 and 20 riding with who seemed to be their father. They were in a red pickup truck pulling a small trailer and parked at the Cookie Monster Cafe'. I was also told that the family actually waited...
Dog Related 1
How Do You Unsubscribe
I've hired a pet detective, so I don't feel I need a group right now. I have hope. Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from the group forums? Thanks, best of luck to all of us & God Bless!
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