September, 28 2010



My neighbor recently lost her puppy Buddy over a holiday weekend. She is disabled and on limited means, and I knew how devistated she was at the loss. Being an animal lover myself, I immediately stepped in and made posters and began knocking on doors. When those didn't turn up any leads, I was off to the local shelters to widen the search. We were once again let down with no leads. One day while I was checking out local listings for lost/found pets, I came across LostMyDoggie.com. The service provided showed so much promise and the cost was reasonable for what was offered. So I signed up for the mailings and the "amber alert" package. Everything worked like clock work wtih them and their outstanding service (DONNA) was beyond my expectations. With no leads after almost 3 weeks, I received a call. Our only call too. It was a man that had Buddy! He had somehow managed to travel over 8 miles away to another city. But somehow the man had seen one of the fliers from LostMyDoggie.com and called me. THANK YOU LOSTMYDOGGIE.com!!!! Buddy is now home with his rightful owner. And just as further precaution I had him microchipped and bought him a new collar with tags. This was the most stressful 3 weeks ever. All I can say is DON'T GIVE UP your search. No matter what. You never know when that phone is going to ring. And thanks to the support and service of LOSTMYDOGGIE.com to help Buddy come home safely. We are forever grateful. Tracy Clemente Milpitas, CA

September, 19 2010



Oh my God, just after ten minutes of posting the information in this website, I received a call from a neighbor telling me that she knew a neighbor that had my dogs. The best 110 dollars that I have paid. I would like to thank the guy (didn't even get his name) and her sweet daughter. My dogs got lost around 10 am and this gentleman picked them up around noon and kept them in their house until 6:30pm when I finally picked them up. I would like to thank also the lady that called who told me who had them. God bless!

September, 7 2010


Domestic Short Hair

Hello, Thank you for a wonderful and efficient service. I have not seen my cat, Zena since August 2, 2010,and I have searched my neighborhood, SPCA, local Shelter, posted many ads on the internet, and distributed flyers. I was frantic. It has been over one month since I last saw her. I posted my ad to your service, this afternoon. At 9:33 pm this evening, I received a telephone call from one of my neighbors two blocks from my house. They informed me that they have been feeding Zena for two weeks. I drove to their house and confirmed that the cat they had was my Zena, and Zena is now safe at home with me again. Thank you so much for providing this service to pet owners. I can't express my gratitude enough. It has been less than 24 hours since I placed my ad with your service, and I have my cat at home with me.

August, 27 2010


English Bulldog

This website really worked for us! We lost our english bulldog when he got out. We spent all night driving around looking and posting fliers on mailboxes with no luck, and continued looking the following day. We came across the lostmydoggie website and signed up. We received 2 phonecalls within a couple hours (must have been right after they sent the calls out) the second phonecall got us our dog back. He had wandered farther away than we had put out fliers or looked. This turned out to be a great service and we got our dog back in a short amount of time!!!

August, 18 2010


Labrador Retriever

Thank you so much! Maverick was found, and taken to a local vet that was contacted by your service! I appreciate your service we are so excited to have him home!

August, 8 2010



THIS WORKED! Turbo went missing around 8am Sunday morning. We spent the day driving the neighborhood and posting flyers. I saw this web site at about 5:30pm. I hurried up and registered - it was 5:50pm and the phone blast would go out at 6pm and I wanted to make the 6pm deadline. At 6:04pm my phone rang- a lady who lived about a mile away had Turbo! He had actually spent most of the day at her house with her Boxer. Apparently, he showed up at her fence shortly after our fence suffered a breach. He did not have a collar on -HUGE mistake. He is microchiped, though. Her neighbor got the call from LostMyDoggie and she called me right away! Her plan was to take him to the humane society in the morning to get him scanned for a chip. I would have been SICK not knowing where he was all night!!!! THIS WORKS!!!! Worth the $100 fee to reach the neighbors so quickly. I highly recommend this and will share with the dog trainer, her clients and with the Prescott Dog magazine!

July, 26 2010



Today I received a call from a Humane Society that was many miles away in St Louis. They explained that they received a flyer with my dog on it and that they had received in a dog that looked like mine on the 17th of July. The dog was found 4 miles from my home the day after she went missing and the woman was 99% sure that it was mine. So I went to the Humane Society on Macland Ave and it was my ZOEY! She had been missing from our home for 10 days and we were afraid that she was gone for good! I want to thank you guys sooooo very much! If it wasn't for the flyer that you mailed out, she would have been adopted out to someone else and we would have never seen her again! So thank you sooo soooo soooo soooo very much! Your service really really DOES work! Shawn Chevalier

July, 19 2010



Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Because of your website and because I upgraded to have my dogs picture on your homepage, I got a call the day after I subscribed from a man that had seen my dogs the previous week. He was able to tell me who had the dogs and where they lived. The next day I found the loves of my life tied up in someone elses yard. Thank you for your service and fast attention to help finding my dogs! They are my life!

July, 15 2010


Italian Greyhound

I definitely feel this service helped me locate Lily. So many of my neighbors reported receiving phone calls from you. You definitely helped get the word out. Together with posters I feel everyone in my immediate area knew Lily was missing. Thank you.

July, 7 2010


This service was a life saver. Some people think these kind of things are just going to rip you off, but it helped loads on the search to find my dog Pippi. On our search, we put the flier this service made us in hundreds and hundreds of mail boxes all over Prosser WA. We have been working so hard talking to every single person we saw on the street. We got many calls from people who saw the flier, and had seen her around town. Eventually it got to the point where we were handing fliers to people who had gotten the recorded message AND seen the fliers in town. The fliers and recordings lead us to the most amazing people of Prosser washington, who spent there own time driving up and down streets calling her name, and going door to door handing out fliers. Finally though, after many nights of not sleeping, and a lot of money spent on Fliers, and business' she was found by the Husband of a woman at the printing store. This morning (July 7th - missing for 3 days) at 7:00 we went to get 500 Fliers printed at the Printing store in Prosser WA. The rest of the day until around 1:00 pm we drove around like every other day, puting fliers in windsheild wipers, on door steps, in mail boxes, talking to everyone we could, in every neighborhood in this town. I got a call from my dad (in Canada) telling me "someone from somewhere you printed papers this morning has a small black and white dog, with a purple collar" So, we rushed down to the print shop as fast as possible, and there she was... sitting there tired and dehydrated but so happy to see us. I now love Prosser WA, and Lostmydoggie.com <3 Kaylan Yerex (and pippi, the lost and found dog)

July, 4 2010


Labrador Retriever

Our Family Dog got scared and ran away during the fireworks last night. We were up all night looking for him, put an add in the paper etc. We found lostmydoggie.com, registered and with in two hours we had over 10 phone calls directing us to our dog. We found our dog less than four hours after we posted on this website. This service was worth every penny we spent on it. Great Job, lostmydoggie.com. Thank You for saving our dog, and family.

June, 24 2010

Cha Cha


SHE'S HOME. Our entire neighborhood new what was going on because of the phone calls you generated. We also did put up posters on every intersection and stuffed mailboxes with flyers. THANK YOU!

June, 19 2010


Labrador Retriever

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! What a wonderful day. Recieved a "Private" cell phone call today @ 10:54 am. I normally do not answer these call, BUT I thought this might be the call you have been waiting for. It sure enough was a lady who lives in Terrell, TX. This is approximately 8 - 9 miles from where we live in Kaufman. I immediately ask about her pink and green camo collar and her shiny chocolate coat and she answered affimative to both questions. She also told me that she had found her running with two other dogs by a dumpster @ IH 20 and SH 34 with a cut on her chest wihcih she doctored and it has healed. At that point I knew it was Maggie. We set up a time to meet @ 6:30 pm this evening. We met @ McCoys and as soon as she started across the parking lot with her I knew it was her by her carry, gait and perky ears. My son called her name and she came running and wrapped the leash around my legs. SHE IS HOME LAYING AT MY FEET AND WILL LIVE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE!! THANK ALL OF YOU WHO POSTED, CROSS POSTED, CALLED US AND HAD US IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. MIRACLES DO STILL HAPPEN!! Richard, Phyllis, Sam (Young Son Who Went With Me), Harley (Grand Daughter) and MAGGIE

June, 14 2010



This is a fantastic service. Our Marley (boxer) got out of our yard along with our husky. The husky was caught by a neighbor, but we couldn’t find Marley. We found out about lostmydoggie.com one day after. Right after the alert was broadcast, we received three phone calls with sighting information. Marley eluded us for 10 days, but during that time, due to flyers, ads, some prayer, determination, and this service, everyone was on the lookout for her. We got lucky when the son of a local police officer saw her, knew who she was, and was able to bring her back home. We are forever grateful for this powerful, effective service. It was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it. Thank you !

June, 2 2010


German Shorthaired Pointer

I noticed my German Shorthaired pointer missing within minutes of her launching herself from the wood pile to over the fence! These dogs are capable of running miles within a very short amount of time. After calling and calling her ( I live on top of a mountain and I'm surrounded by lots and lots of forest) I immediately called all the Vet's offices, the shelters, and posted a notice on Craigslist. Then I went on line to see what else was available to assist owners of lost dogs. I found Lostmydoggie and after reading all the reviews, I decided the more people knew of her being missing, the better my chances of finding her quickly. I subscribed to the 500 people radius. Within two hours I was called. I quickly went to the address and started my calling and search. To no avail. No Ziva. Then the neighbors in this same area said they spotted my dog. Again the search was one.. I spent 5 hours riding the roads and knocking on doors and passing out my flyers. Many of the houses I went to said they had received the message from lostmydoggie! That was the point I was convinced that this is a great service. All said and done, the neighbors in that neighborhood were mistaken in what they thought was my dog. The Sunday paper ad is what put Ziva back in my arms! However, I would be most happy to recommend this service to anyone who has lost their pet.. however, remember time is of essence! Don't wait. Also, if you have a big ranging dog, ie.. hunting dogs, make sure you expand that calling area!