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Lost & Found Dogs
FREE lost and found dog postings. If you've lost your dog feel free to post here with a picture and description. Our community can hopefully help in your lost dog search. Also if you've found a pet you can post here too so lost dog owners can review this group for possible sightings of their lost dog.
Losing A Pet 633
Lost & Found Cats
FREE lost and found cat postings. If you've lost your cat feel free to post here with a picture and description. Our community can hopefully help in your lost cat search. Also if you've found a cat you can post here too so lost cat owners can review this group for possible sightings of their lost cat.
Losing A Pet 107
Rescue Room
A place for rescue groups, volunteers, fosters, transporters, etc. A group for all rescues big and small and to post animals in need, transport info and more. Help connect and provide important information to the community.
Helping Animals 60
Pit Bulls
This group is for anyone who wants to talk about pit bulls. You don't have to have one to join this group, if you've got an opinion or perhaps own one, this is the group for you. So much is written about pit bulls and there are so many misconceptions about this breed, hopefully this group can shed some more light on them.
Dog Related 54
Dogs 101
A place to share your doggie stories and tips with other dog lovers. This is an open forum to discuss anything from helpful tips to cute dog stories.
Dog Related 38
Helping Animals
This is the place to lobby for animals, speak out against cruelty and discuss the latest news and petitions. With enough support we can educate others and give a voice to animals who can't speak for themselves.
Helping Animals 32
Pet Grieving Group
Losing a beloved pet is never easy for anyone. Let others help your hurt and know that you aren't alone. This group is to help members grieve during a most difficult time. A pet will live on in your heart forever and getting through the grieving process will help you remember the blessed moments you did share with them.
Losing A Pet 25
Pet Care Tips
Information and discussion regarding the health of and caring for your pet. Discuss anything from what type of food you should feed your pet to how to care for sick and elderly pets.
All/Other Pets 19
The Lounge
Come on in and talk about anything your heart desires. You do not have to talk about animals. Post a joke, a story you read, let out your frustrations. This is a great place to get to know the community and take a quick break from a stressful job or tough relationship.
All/Other Pets 16
Way Too Cute!
A gallery of the way too cute, way too funny, and way too goofy animal pictures. This is a place to post adorable and silly pet photos to share with each other. We hope to bring smiles to everyone who stops by our group. If you have any way too cute animal photos be sure to post them for everyone to enjoy :)
All/Other Pets 16
Cat Corner
It’s all about the kitties. Give and receive advice on all things feline.
Cat Related 14
missing a pet
this group is about me helping you find youer lost pet i what to help you find youer lost pet
Losing A Pet 14
Happy Stories
Share your success stories here. Abused animals who were saved, sick pets who recovered, lost pets who you were miraculously re-united with. We want to hear it all, these uplifting stories make life worth living.
All/Other Pets 12
Why are so many dogs missing?
Many people in our group have searched sites & Craigslist. We are noticing a trend of pure bred dogs & pit bulls (gang affiliated dogs) being missing/STOLEN. Then, later we find them posted for a re-homing fees. Does anyone in the law enforcement or Humane Society or general public have any suggestions to stop this dog stealing ring? Dogs have been stolen right out of the owners fenced back y...
Dog Related 8
Animal Hospital
Ask the Doctor or staff health related questions!
Helping Animals 7
lost a dog.. join this group to see who can help you find your pet dog.
Dog Related 7
Helping you find your dog and helping you coupe with a death
Here we will try to help find your dog to the best of our abilities. We will also give advice on how to Handle the death of your best friend I personally have had dogs die of unnatural couses but most natural.
Dog Related 6
MPA Group Forum for Lost Dogs
For our Missing Pet Alliance guardians with lost dogs. Please submit posters, comments, share other guardian's lost dogs.
Dog Related 6