Name: yvonne j
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Proud Pet Parent Of:
colby bryant johnson

How We Met:
looking for our first pet for the kids so we bought him at traders village at that moment he was a keeper at the same time his sister was also bought at the same time by another person they had to be taken home.

Pet Likes:
he loves to sleep with the kids, would love to eat food we cook,loves to run in circles in the living room, loves to teas the kids when they are not listing to him and see if they run after him,he has to have lots of attention.

Pet Dislikes:
I dont like it when ziy goes out of town,when she goes to school and i have to stay home till she gets home.when blake is away i lay on his bed just to smell him while they are gone i dont like it when they are playing outside and i cant be out there thats how i got lost i ran from my dad and know i cant find my way home.

Favorite Spots:
bed,couch,ziy's back while she sleeps,i like being with my family on family night just relaxig,i love blankets really love them they keep me warm and i can smell my family

Favorite Toy:
i love suff animals,playing with socks, playing with zanids hair while she lays on the floor

Silliest Habit:
i love running in circels, i love bouncing of the side of the couch ,i get so excited when my family comes home i go crazy jumping and running back and forth that i forget that the kitchen floor is wooded floor.

Sweetest Moment:
when my kids are home from where ever they had been. when ziy gets up and cleans up my mess so mom wont find out,when im laying in bed i lay my head on my pillow and have pillow talk with ziy and thats when mom comes in tell us to go to bed so we pull the blankets over our head for the night

My Pet Is Unique Because:
i resembel ziy she and i are so much alike that thats what makes us the best of friends! we cant be still,and like to stay bussy i love how she loves me and i love to be abel to wake blake up every morning

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