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I can'tfind my little Muffy, she got scared when the airshow closeby made a horrible racket and ran away.she was in my arms shaking uncontrolably, after some time she quieted down and I thought she would be ok. She was not seen since.I have three other Shih Tzu,s so I didn't notice her missing right away. Maybe she got out and someone picked her up. She has a collar with I.d.. I have put up posters signed up with different help agencies and now I am waiting for her to come back to me. I'm crying constantly I miss her so much. I want to know : has she eaten, is she cold, scared thirsty I am devastated


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How We Met:
She was brought to me by my son who could not have her in his appartment. I fell in love with her and she was mine....she had 5 babies and I kept 2 the other ones are with close friends.

Pet Likes:
She doesn't like hugs and kisses to much but scratch her belly anytime

Pet Dislikes:

Favorite Spots:
Flat on the floor or in mamas bed at night

Favorite Toy:
She was getting a little to old to play with toys and never really liked toys throughout her life

Silliest Habit:
Running in circles when you come home

Sweetest Moment:
When she pushes her head against me when I hold her like saying "closer mom"

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I adore her and no other will do.

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