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About Me:

Teacher from Kansas passing through Norman OK and lost my baby girl on the way. Please call me at 785-822-5233 on 6-27-11 at 11:30 am. She is my whole heart. She likes to try to give everyone a kiss on the lips-all white-10lb. Dark drippy eyes. Trusting. soft and fluffy. She is all I have since my husband died and family moved away. I need her. Reward


Profile Information:

Proud Pet Parent Of:
Princess LALA toy American Eskimo, Dash Rip Rock Miniature American Eskimo, MorganButter standard American Eskimo, Oprah-African Dwarf Frog. Lala ate Dr. Phil-African Dwarf frog

How We Met:
I found her on the internet, purchased her over the phone and she flew into Wichita, KS. My husband picked her up after my surgery and we bonded while I recuperated.

Pet Likes:
She loves to trick you, run away and come back, meet new people and try to kiss them on the lips, loves kids. She won a costume contest at PetCo and dresses up. I have a whole drawer full of her clothes waiting for her. Yes she has pink heart sunglasses and a pink wig. She will knock over a trash can to chew up gross tissues, etc. I keep my trash in the garage. She likes to look out the window and bark when even a bunny hops by.

Pet Dislikes:
She is happy and friendly all the time. She does not particularily enjoy her bath.

Favorite Spots:
She likes to get on my bed or sit on the top of the couch in the sunshine.

Favorite Toy:
She only wants a toy when the boys have one. She likes the fight over it, but if they let her have it she doesn't want it. She just wants the fight.

Silliest Habit:
Kissing everyone she meets on the lips if she gets a chance and running away making me catch her. I didn't this time.

Sweetest Moment:
When she sits on my lap and looks into my eyes every day and then kisses my hand and looks up again.

My Pet Is Unique Because:
She cannot be replaced. She is the royal princess and expects to be treated as such. She is used to getting whatever she wants. If she didn't get it, she would demand it with a loud bark. She has no fear and once attacked a full sized pit bull when she weighed 4 lb. Luckily the dog just looked at her like...Are you serious? until we could get her pulled off.

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