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Yes a dog next to a busy road is know good, some times the best rescue would be a swat to the nose just hard enough they know you aren’t playing and a stern GO HOME. My dog got out for the fist time in a year and was seven feting in a suv 20 minutes later and two times scence. That’s steelin not rescuing. He has a name and phone number on his collar a rescuer would of used that to bring him home not just drive off. Very big very cute very friendly people love him. Cowlitz county pets on Facebook or friends of rose valley on Facebook have pictures of him with us if you are a person who post found dogs without a picture and want to if him and that he is ours my girlfriend of 7 years (wife) and myself please look there. He is a runner so he will get away again who knows were but there is only one buders if you meet him you will remember him hopefully you might remember this and help him home

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