Reunited on 10/16/16
My name is Lorenzo. My dog went missing a week ago, and he was back in my possession in 1 week with the help of lost my doggie.com. I filed a police report and checked the humane society but no one had had seen or heard from my missing dog. The nice lady told me to go to lost my doggie.com website and I could post his information and picture there so that flyers could be made after I printed them off the website to put up where I wanted them. That site also post your information to the vet clinics, humane society, animal controll, I think the dog pounds and pet shealters. They also sent out phone called alearts to people in and out of the community with your pet information describing your missing pet and and contact information. After I posted the flyers up in my community and other communities and a few places for the public to see with a nice reward people were calling me thinking they may have or saw my dog but when I checked it was not him. Just when I felt like I was never going to get him back a nice civilian called me up and said that he think he has my dog. I had him to describe him to me in detail and send me a picture of him and it was a exzact match. I still needed to see the dog in person to know for sure so he sent me his address and was waiting for me to get there. As soon as I got there when I saw the dog I knew that he was mine. He went from being happy to a super happy dog to be reunited with me his owner. The nice old man collected his reward and we went home. I was so happy that this website help me put the word out along with me doing my part to find my dog. If not for the photos of the dog that I posted I may have never gotten him back. My dog was like a family member to me because I have had him for so long and he has been in the family for so long. Before I had him my brother had him. Before my brother had him our 1st cousin had him, and before my 1st cousin had him his 1st cousin had him. I was his 4th and last owner who was able to give him love and care and his permanent home. I just want to thank this website and everyone else who help along with the person who found him and returned my dog back to me and to his home.


Pit Bull

Pet Details

Pet Name:

(ID# 147990)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Pit Bull
Pet Color:
Brown, White
Date Lost:
(205) 399-9471
Area Last Seen:



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