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Found 1 Ruby

Pet Owner: Giselle V. (CA)Pet Name: RubyDate Lost: 03/21/2017Date Found: 03/21/17

Although i didn't find my dog through, I am still very pleased with their services and their effort to find my dog. If i were to ever lose my dog again, I would definitely use lostmydoggie and i'll definitely recommend it to friends/family!


Found 1 Belle

Pet Owner: Christine C. (FL)Pet Name: BelleDate Lost: 03/20/2017Date Found: 03/21/17

This site helped locate Belle, my neighbor saw her photo and contacted us immediately. The response of those willing to help in any way just because they received notification of our Belle missing was unbelievable, phone calls, emails, faxes thankful for each of you. It's amazing how caring people are! Restores your faith in people and the world we live in. Thank you so much


Found 1 Pup Pup

Pet Owner: Taylor F. (TX)Pet Name: Pup PupDate Lost: 03/18/2017

So thankful for this website! They faxed a flyer to local hospitals and shelters right away and an hour later got a phone call from the hospital down the street saying they received the flyer and have my baby! :)


Found 1 Crooked

Pet Owner: Sharon A. (AZ)Pet Name: CrookedDate Lost: 03/18/2017Date Found: 03/20/17

I would like to say thank you too lost my we found our dog when someone spotted him and picked him up and then saw our Flyers and also checked online they called us and we had our dog back in one day thank you so much for having your site up so many people need you and I hope and pray that other people find their pet as well thank you thank you thank you sincerely Sharon


Found 1 Boss

Pet Owner: Heather D. (CA)Pet Name: BossDate Lost: 03/13/2017

We found our baby the very next day! Thank You!!


Found 1 Chanel

Pet Owner: Kathy B. (OH)Pet Name: ChanelDate Lost: 03/04/2017

So happy Chanel was found as a result of the flyers we circulated in the area she went missing, I received a call from a very nice lady named Angie who found Chanel on her porch on Thursday 3/16/17 she had been missing for 12 days! she was tired and weak but she is doing much better now!


Found 1 Gunner

Pet Owner: Wendy M. (CA)Pet Name: GunnerDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/19/17

We found Gunner!!!! He is ok?? hungry and thirsty and a little bit dirty.. Thank you everyone who share my post and was out looking for gunner, most of all Thank you Jesus he didn't get hurt , The owners and I are so happy Gunner is home ?????? we really do appreciate it Thank you for putting gunner info and picture on your webpage, a lot of people been sharing.. you are such a blessing


Found 1 Chip

Pet Owner: Kari N. (OH)Pet Name: ChipDate Lost: 03/19/2017

Thank you for your help


Found 1 Chance

Pet Owner: Tracey O. (AR)Pet Name: ChanceDate Lost: 03/11/2017

Our dogs came home on their own this morning after a week and one day God only knows where. However, I do appreciate your help in trying to find them.


Found 1 Lady

Pet Owner: Maria P. (CA)Pet Name: LadyDate Lost: 03/17/2017

Great site to help you find your lost pet! Faxes were sent out and the next day i got the call that the vet. Hospitol had her. She was ok. Somebody had dropped her off she was down my street from where she got picked up. Thank you very much.. "" i been sharing with coworkers and my frienda and family.


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: carol d. (NY)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 03/18/2017Date Found: 03/18/17

great service that enabled us to rapidly and easily distribute information about a lost dog whom we had found.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Scott K. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 03/18/2017Date Found: 03/18/17

I found a stray at about 1:30pm this afternoon. After getting her some initial veterinary care, we began looking for the owners. I posted to nearly 10 different facebook groups dedicated to lost pets in the area, called every petco and petsmart within a 25 mile radius, created craigslist posts, contacted local vets, everything we could think of... with no results. We feared our stray was actually abandoned. I posted a 'found pet' listing on, and within half an hour I was on the phone with the owners. Lostmydoggie had forwarded my listing to the owner's vet, who promptly contacted the owner. Our stray was picked up at about 8pm. I'm honestly shocked at how well, and how quickly, this service worked! If I EVER lose one of my own pets, this is the first place I'll turn!


Found 1 Shelby

Pet Owner: Elizabeth C. (CA)Pet Name: ShelbyDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/17/17

Its because of sites like this that my dog was brought back to me so quickly. I will be forever greatful!!!


Found 1 Skipper

Pet Owner: Marilyn G. (FL)Pet Name: SkipperDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/17/17

Thank you so much ! Without lost doggie , he'd still be gone !


Found 1 Sebastian

Pet Owner: Alicia S. (TX)Pet Name: SebastianDate Lost: 03/13/2017Date Found: 03/16/17

This website was fantastic! I found my dog within a day of posting here. They give you a free poster to print and it was very helpful in finding my dog. Thank you very much for all of your help! I know where to turn if ever in need again.
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