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Found 1 Lacey

Pet Owner: Christy S. (FL)Pet Name: LaceyDate Lost: 03/28/2017

I found my dog two hours after the amber alert went out. Don't have enough good to say. Because of flyers and this service I got her home. Thank you so much


Found 1 Church

Pet Owner: Fernando S. (CA)Pet Name: ChurchDate Lost: 03/30/2017Date Found: 03/30/17

We are so blessed for this website. We were lost without a clue and I was rushing home from San Jose to Stockton when I found this website and less than 5 minutes I recieve a call with an exact match and it was our baby girl without a doubt. I wasnt even home yet and we had a confirmation that our puppy was the right one. We are so grateful beyond measure to have this site and the many people who responded swiftly with the same match. Thank you Jesus. We want to thank LostMyDoggie and all the people who worked to restore and reunite us to our babygirl. God bless you all, in Jesus name. Sincerely, Pastor Fernando


Found 1 Nibblet

Pet Owner: Laurie M. (CA)Pet Name: NibbletDate Lost: 03/21/2017Date Found: 03/26/17

Losing my dog was the most stressful week of my life. she was found by someone a day after she went missing. I think the lady was going to keep her for herself. With the help of the Lost my doggie fliers and being able to post on social media I think the pressure got to her and she called me 4 days later and said she had my dog. My dog is micro chipped but she never took her to be checked. That's why I say she was going to keep her. Knowing the animal shelter, vets offices and social media sights had her poster plastered everywhere all for free was such a help. My fur baby is 14 years old and a little teacup Shih Tzu. She almost never goes outside so for her to be lost it was devistating. So glad she is home now.


Found 1 Caramel

Pet Owner: Sherry Ann Y. (HI)Pet Name: CaramelDate Lost: 03/21/2017

It's comforting to know there are businesses such as yours in helping my crisis. My Caramel is back home with me, her mommy. Thank you again!


Found 1 Teddy

Pet Owner: Ivette G. (MN)Pet Name: TeddyDate Lost: 03/24/2017Date Found: 03/28/17

I posted my dog on this site as LOST with little to no hope that he would be found and 3 days later my pet was brought home. I want to sincerely thank everyone who reposted this ad. I am very happy our fur baby is home. :)


Found 1 Zoey

Pet Owner: Rod S. (CA)Pet Name: ZoeyDate Lost: 03/23/2017Date Found: 03/27/17

Thank you for helping us recover our lost zoey. The poster we made from your website resulted in the people who found her returning her to us. A happy ending


Found 1 Niko

Pet Owner: Elizabeth B. (AL)Pet Name: NikoDate Lost: 03/11/2017Date Found: 03/27/17

Thanks for your assistance with getting the word out on Niko. So appreciated!! We caught him on Saturday evening using a 5' x 10' kennel. We tied a rope to the gate so the owner could close it when he went into get food.


Found 1 Widget

Pet Owner: Elise R. (AL)Pet Name: WidgetDate Lost: 03/25/2017Date Found: 03/26/17

Wow! What an unbelievable resource. Thank you so much for acting so incredibly quick. Our dog Widget went missing after a bad thunderstorm. Although she has a large fenced yard AND a radio fence, Widget somehow got out of our yard and was lost for 2-days. On the 2nd day, I called our local Humane Society that instructed us to register her missing. Lost My Doggie was incredible, as it issued an alert similar to an Amber Alert to my local vets. Within minutes, I received prepared flyers which we posted in our neighborhood. We were fortunate to come across a sweet lady who was taking down one of our flyers. When I asked her if she had seen that dog, all she could say was "follow me". My young daughter was so happy, she burst into tears after hours and hours of searching. We were so happy to be reunited with our sweet dog. Thank you so much. We cannot tell you how grateful we are! Love, The Ropers


Found 1 Murphy

Pet Owner: Sam C. (MI)Pet Name: MurphyDate Lost: 03/24/2017Date Found: 03/25/17

What a great site ! So many features offered to those who have lost their dog(S). I cant thank you guys enough for allowing me to create a flyer in a quick manner which I was able to distribute to local friends as well as post on local Facebook pages. Thank you so much. I will definitely use this site again should my dog become missing . I highly encourage other dog owners to use this site as well when needed. All the best. Sam


Found 1 Deuce

Pet Owner: Yatzeni A. (CA)Pet Name: DeuceDate Lost: 03/25/2017Date Found: 03/25/17

Once again this site has helped with my lost pet. Though I recommend people put that they are giving a reward on their posters even if they are not. Unfortunately there's a lot of dishonest people out there. People in my neighborhood claimed to not see my dog until I offered reward, then suddenly they knew where he was. As irritating as it is, I'm just happy to have my dog back.


Found 1 Junipar

Pet Owner: Katlyn J. (IN)Pet Name: JuniparDate Lost: 03/13/2017

Thanks to the help of lostmydoggie .com we were able to find Junipar. So glad to have our sweetie home!!


Found 1 Milo

Pet Owner: Karla G. (CA)Pet Name: MiloDate Lost: 02/26/2017

Thank you so much! A wonderful great Samaritan found our Milo through this Dog Alert! Our family is complete again!!!!


Found 1 Cocoa

Pet Owner: Othoniel R. (NJ)Pet Name: CocoaDate Lost: 03/22/2017Date Found: 03/23/17

The fact that several shelters, vets, and volunteers were notified was great help. Several assisted in sighting our little girl and helping us find her.


Found 1 Elsie

Pet Owner: Adam G. (TX)Pet Name: ElsieDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/23/17

A Very Special Thank You to all the Vets, Shelters and Volunteers that helped with the recovery of Elsie. A very special Thank You to Elsie's hero. It's a VERY HAPPY DAY for our family.


Found 1 Sydney

Pet Owner: Sandy C. (CA)Pet Name: SydneyDate Lost: 03/01/2017

Sydney is back with her family! Thank you to all of the kind and amazing people who texted, messaged and contacted me on Facebook with leads, pictures any info on my girl. Even if a dog resembled her they contacted me. You are all angels out there helping these fur babies find a home or reunite with their families that miss them. My girl was gone for 20 days and not once did I give up hope. She ran away in Downey and found in Long Beach/Bixby Knolls area. We spent a lot of tearful days going from shelter to shelter. I want to thank anyone that spotted her and tried to befriend her, and give her some water or food. Not only would I leave the shelters in tears because my dog wasn't there, but because of all of the animals just waiting to find love and a second chance. Please open your hearts and give these babies a second chance at life. They don't need you to live in mansion, they'll love you unconditionally regardless of what you can give to them. ?? Thank you to the following: #pawboost #downeylostandfoundpets #longbeachlakewoodlostandfoundpets #fidofinder
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