April, 1 2009



Although we found the best cat in the whole world trapped in a neighbors garage, we ar grateful for the quick service and peace of mind of knowing we could contact so many of our direct neighbors in quick fashion. It gave us peace of mind to know that while we were working, there was someone on the hunt for our lost cat. Thank you, Julie.

March, 26 2009


Yorkshire Terrier

Thank You so much Lostmydoggie.com.

March, 22 2009

Mindy & Puppers

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Greetings, LostMyDoggie.com was instumental in getting the two missing dogs of ours back home. A man had picked them up after coaxing them into his truck and had taken them home to keep. The soon to be ex-wife was told that Daddy had gotten the kids a couple puppies. The Mother of the soon to be ex-wife rec'd a call from the LostMyDoggie service and called me right away. Within an hour of getting the call we had the dogs back home. Everyone that I talked with was very impressed with the calls that they had gotten and wanted more information about the service. I thank LostMyDoggie.com for a superb job and commend the speed at which the service provides. I along with everyone that rec'd a call will use the service should their pets disappear. Thank You again!!!! Gene Meyer-Wisconsin

March, 18 2009


Border Collie

Just a quick word of Thanks to your staff, I was totally amazed at the response I received from the neighbors, I had received so many useful calls that helped so much in locating Casey (my dog).I received calls from people that never saw her just to let me know that they would keep an eye out for her and let me know if they see her. I highly recommend this service to anyone that loses a pet it help me in recovering my pet. Thanks again to all involved, Bill Adams, New Hartford, CT

March, 16 2009


German Shepherd

We lost our beloved Maddie on a Monday afternoon. After searching relentlessly for 24 hours we found lostmydogggie.com. We had to find her no matter how much the cost she was worth it. The following day we received 3 calls from our neighbors saying that they had seen her but it was Monday evening in our neighborhood. We searched and searched and then we received another call from a woman from the opposite direction from which we had been searching. The morning after that call came in we found her in the area that the woman had said she had seen her. We cannot express our gratitude enough, what an amazing product. Not only did one of the callers add the site to her favorites but our local animal control office will be using it as well.

March, 14 2009


Great Dane

Although I ended up not needing the service, I think it is great to have an organization that does this. Had someone not picked my dog up and cared for him overnight and then bring him to the SPCA in the morning, I don't know how I would have found him. I think this website was a great idea. I will definitely spread the word.

March, 13 2009



Your service was easy to use and the calls were placed promptly. We almost immediately began to receive calls from people to get more information to help us with the search. We were blessed to get our dog back safe and in good shape.

March, 13 2009


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Our Corgi, Crystal, got loose late on a Friday night. I heard about LostMyDoggie.com from one of my friends. On Saturday morning, I signed up and within hours I heard from 5 neighbors, one of them having seen her. We had her back by 4 PM that day. I was extremely impressed with the response time and the service. Thanks!

March, 11 2009


Boston Terrier

Your services had excellent results. I lost my dog in a small town 300 miles from my home. I immediately got a call of a sighting withing 15 minutes after the calls started. Over the next 4 days, as I went through the small town posting signs, many people mentioned getting the calls. If I ever lose another pet, LostMyDoggie.com will be my first call. Great service with an effective product.

March, 11 2009


Scottish Terrier

Nigel was found after being outside on the streets for five nights with temperatures dropping to -5. I still can't belive how lucky we are. As I was taking down posters people approached me and we so pleased to hear he had been found. They said they had received the phone calls and were really hoping things would work out. Living in a city, we chose to call 1250 of our neighbors, and according to the information I requested it reached neighbors in a 1 mile radius of our house. Choosing to do this really made me feel proactive.

February, 25 2009


Labrador Retriever

OTIS IS HOME. The local shelter received a call, Thanks Alyssa