September, 16 2009


Rat Terrier

The puppy I am fostering from the local animal shelter somehow got out of our gate on Monday afternoon (9/14). I was especially worried because he is so quick and has no concept of moving vehicles. Plus, he is not familiar with my neighborhood. He is very special being that he was not surrendered once, but twice to the shelter in his young age of 11 mos. He also was diagnosed with an advanced case of Coccidia, an intestinal parasite, and he required medications. We posted fliers, called the shelter, sent mail outs to veterninary clinics, but I assumed someone scooped him up and kept him since he is so adorable and sweet. I was losing hope as day 2 passed. As a last effort attempt, I contacted "LostMyDoggie.com" and in less than an hour, the phone calls poured in. Some extending support, others letting me know they would be on the lookout. Then the call came that said that he was found. But that he was returned to his former owners who had surrendered him to the shelter (his microchip matched the former owner's address). We called the owners but their phone was disconnected. We took the ride to the address provided to us by the neighbors who found him and returned him to the former owners (about 10 miles away) and by golly, they had him!!!! The man told us he was going to bring him back tomorrow. But that doesn't matter. I have him back now. And it's because of this service. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Brooke (New Orleans, LA)

September, 14 2009


Domestic Long Hair

This is the one resource that found my cat. It truly created an extended neighborhood watch for our beloved member of the family. This service provided a sense of comfort with many people calling to let us know that they had either seen Tigger or would keep an eye out for him. I truly thank lostmydoggie.com and my great neighbors for the successful return of Tigger.

September, 9 2009



My dog Macy was missing for 3 days before being found 3 miles away from her home relaxing in a field in the middle of a parking lot of a major corporate campus. We are so happy to have her back home safe and sound! If you have lost a dog, my advice is to utilize all the resources available to you in your search. We posted flyers around our neighborhood, an ad in a local lost pet website, an ad on our regional craigslist, and had lostmydoggie.com issue an alert to 2,000 neighbors. We also hand delivered flyers to as many neighbors as we could, especially those out walking their own pets and those in leadership positions at nearby businesses. In the end, we received several tips from these different efforts, including 2 tips that lead us directly to her location!

September, 1 2009


Labrador Retriever

The service was amazing... After having requested the broadcast, my husband and I went out to post signs and call for the dog. As we spoke to persons walking down the street, we realized that they already knew about Samson, they kept saying, " OH, YEAH! We got the phone call! We will keep our eyes open for him...". To our surprise, almost every person in our neighborhood had received the message and was aware of our loss. Finally, a very nice lady called me and told me that she did not have my dog, however, she had received the message and knew who did have our dog. The networking that took place was incredible. We live in a tight community of about 3,000 homes. Samson was found about 3 miles from within 24 hours of the broadcast. The persons who found him, had tied him up in their back yard for safety reasons. We would have never found him, if the message had not been sent out. Lastly, we made a report out at the pound and so did the lady who found my dog; unbelievably, the pound kept telling us that no one had called to report a found dog. SHAME ON YOU, RIO RANCHO, New Mexico ANIMAL CONTROL! We are so thankful to Lostmydoggie.com. My dog is back home with us, happy and safe.

August, 30 2009



Oh my gosh what a great service! My dad was baby sitting my sisters dog when he jump the fence after being outside for just 5 minutes. I hesitated to use this service not thinking anyone would respond, but within an hour of the phone calls going out (I did the 2,000 phone call package), Oscar was found! My whole family is so grateful for this service!! Next time (and I hope there won't be a next time), I will use this service right away!!

August, 28 2009



It works. Our very small, 9lb, dog, Levi decided to go exploring one morning and snuck out through an open door. We were frantic as we were visiting from out of town. Within 2 hours of signing up for the service I received a call from a neighbor a few blocks away telling me she saw Levi in her back yard earlier that day. As soos as we got to the neighbors house we called and she came running from under the bushes. We are thankful for having her back, for LostMyDoggie.com, and for the nice lady who called the number provided by this service.

August, 23 2009



I lost my precious Lulu on August 22, 2009. She escaped from my dad's back yard. It was raining that day and she was wandering down a very busy road when a very nice couple picked her up. She picked her up in Wendell, NC and left her name and phone number with a person in a house near by where she picked up my Lulu. She then drove my Lulu to Wake Forest, NC, which is about 20 miles away. Thanks to www.lostmydoggie.com and there service the gentleman that this couple left their phone number with recieved the voicemail left by this service and was able to call me with the couples phone number and I was reunited with my sweet Lulu on August 23, 2009. I can not thank www.lostmydoggie.com enough for the service that they are offering, without it I would not have found my sweet dog. Anytime that I hear of someone lossing their dog I will, without hesitation, recommend that they use the service offered by www.lostmydoggie.com. Thank you so very much for what you do and thank you for reuniting me with my Lulu. Toni Farmer Wendell, NC

August, 20 2009


Labrador Retriever

We got our Cole back last night around 11pm. Thanks, in part, to LostMyDoggie.com, almost everyone we asked in the neighborhood if they'd seen him already knew his name, what he looked like, and that he was missing. Without these neighbors' tips, we would NEVER have known that he was in this densely wooded area 1.5 miles from where we were focusing our search. Last night was the happiest night of our lives.... he was missing for 5.5 long days!! Thank you!

August, 16 2009



My Yoshi had escaped from our garage one morning and when I noticed he was missing, after walking the neighborhood and talking to neighbors, I immediately went online to post Lost Dog ads. 'Lostmydoggie.com' was advertised on the page of my email account and I gave it a shot. I received a tip from a caller who said Yoshi had been hit by a car and a lady had taken him. I started to call emergency vets and found him in less than an hour after contacting 'Lostmydoggie'. This service is miraculous. Thank You SO very much. -Vanessa.... and Yoshi :)

August, 13 2009


Miniature Schnauzer

This service truly worked!! A family down the road found my dog and they recived the call from LOSTMYDOGGIE.com and called me immeditley! This is well worth the $$.

August, 7 2009

Lover Boy

Domestic Long Hair

If there are angels on earth...they are the folks at LostMyDoggie.com! After six days without my best friend, within one hour of this service I got the call I had been praying for from a gentleman on the next block..."I think I have your cat in my back yard". When I asked how he knew who to call he told me he had gotten a call from LostDoggie.com about a lost cat in the neighborhood! Does it get better than that? Julie Michaels and Kitty Loverboy

July, 29 2009


Yorkshire Terrier

Ellie was found one hour after the blanket phone calls went out. This is by far the very best service I could have ever asked for and well worth the money! We posted flyers around the neighborhood, went door-to door, and put cards on windshields. We only had a few calls, but no real progress. I honestly don't think we would have had her back without this service. She is a teacup Yorkie and very valuable, so a reward helped too! Thank You so much for giving us back our little girl! :)

July, 27 2009


Labrador Retriever

This program is amazing. My brother was up visiting and his dog went missing about 3:00pm on Saturday. After many phone calls and countless hours looking, a friend told me about lostmydoggie.com. About 10:30 Sunday night my brother created an account and put a picture of "Shepp" on there. Almost 48 hours after he was lost, and only 15 hours after we created the account, Shepp is home. I received a phone call (from great people by the way) about 2:15 on Monday and they had Shepp. He was in great spirits and unharmed after his little adventure.

July, 23 2009


German Shepherd

I can't say enough good things about this service!!! Nala went missing early morning on 07/16/09 and we were besides ourselves looking for her. We don't live in a n average city, but it is surrounded by farily rural areas and we couldn't seem to track down where she might be at. I came across this website on 07/220/09 and immediately signed up. Calls went out that night and Nala was found by 8am the next morning. God bless this service and all of the people that helped to bring her home to us. Jen and Bill Seifert

July, 21 2009


Labrador Retriever

We reported Trapper to Lost my Doggie, and wtihin a few minutes of the service making local contacts we started receiving calls from neighbors with information. about him. That evening we received a call from a neighbor about a mile away who had seen Trapper about 10 minutes prior. We went to his home and found Trapper immediately. Without your service our neighbor would have had no idea who was missing their dog or who to contact. Your service was able to reach so many people that it made our contacts easier. We would stop to talk with people while searching and so many of them told us that they had been contacted by Lost my Doggie. Many of the people told us that they would remember your service if ever they lost their dog. Thank you for your service. I can't tell you what a relief it was to have Trapper back home safe and sound. Mark and Mary