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Found 1 Major

Pet Owner: Percy D. (CA)Pet Name: MajorDate Lost: 03/11/2017Date Found: 03/13/17

Used the lost dog template provided and by posting flyers near our house we were able to receive a phone call from the house that had held him for me. Thank you so much for your assistance I couldn't have done it without the constant support!


Found 1 Oakley

Pet Owner: Jeremy E. (LA)Pet Name: OakleyDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/12/17 was a great resource for our peace of mind as far as for notifying local vets and shelters. The resource for creating flyers was great too. I'm sure your service helps locate many, many pets!!


Found 1 Squeak's

Pet Owner: Roxanne M. (PA)Pet Name: Squeak'sDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/12/17

He came home on his own after 3 days. But thanks for lostmydoggie for the awesome resources they have to help people find thire loved pets.


Found 1 Coors

Pet Owner: Aaron R. (TX)Pet Name: CoorsDate Lost: 03/09/2017Date Found: 03/11/17

This is seriously one of the best website ever. If it wasn't for their help we would've never found Shores he was located in less 7 hours and home safe the next morning. We are going to share our experience and gratitude for all the people who workers so hard and tell everyone we know.. Thank you


Found 2 Allie

Pet Owner: Lisa D. (FL)Pet Name: AllieDate Lost: 03/08/2017



Found 1 Joy

Pet Owner: Jonathan J. (IL)Pet Name: JoyDate Lost: 03/11/2017Date Found: 03/11/17

Thank you for your quick services of alerts. This was very helpful on finding my dog and I am truly grateful.


Found 1 Jodie

Pet Owner: Paul A. (VA)Pet Name: JodieDate Lost: 02/23/2017Date Found: 03/10/17

FOUND! Thanks EVERYONE for the help! The more people to know the better, we had sightings almost every day on Jodie but she was so elusive. Gina Highfield's trap got her at the recycle center with fried chicken... :) Such a Blessing WE GOT JODIE!!!! She's went to the Emergency Vet tonight. She had a serious raw spot under her left leg from her harness that apparently caught on something and rubbed her in the struggle to get lose. She only weighs 29.4 lbs and is on a special diet and some medication for 4-6 weeks while she heals. Please pray for a quick healing. She is so happy to be back with her sister, too she didn't want to go anywhere without her. They rode together to and from the vet. SOOOOO Happy she is HOME now. Thanks SO MUCH for EVERYONE's prayers and help! God Bless you all!


Found 2 Solo

Pet Owner: Grace W. (NY)Pet Name: SoloDate Lost: 03/09/2017Date Found: 03/10/17

This websites is absolutely amazing. I recommend it to everyone with an animal. Knowing my cats flyer was sent out to all those places by gave me comfort in the midst of total fucking chaos while my cat was missing. It's made me feel like there was a team of people helping me find my cat. I am very thankful.


Found 1 Two German Shepherds

Pet Owner: Lydia F. (CA)Pet Name: Two German ShepherdsDate Lost: 03/09/2017Date Found: 03/09/17

A I found 2 great dogs this morning and was to find the owner before 5pm because of this site.... So thank you...I think what you do is great thing... By letting people post that they have found someones pets... Gives people the opportunity to let the shelters get inform and still do what they feel is right and try to keep as many animals back to there owners and out of the shelters...


Found 1 Aspen

Pet Owner: Alyssa G. (NM)Pet Name: AspenDate Lost: 03/07/2017Date Found: 03/09/17

Aspen was found within a few hours of posting to this site. Thank you to everyone who helped find her!


Found 1 dudley

Pet Owner: Sharon h. (TN)Pet Name: dudleyDate Lost: 03/08/2017Date Found: 03/08/17

Thank you for the flyers! They got my dog back home quickly!


Pet Owner: Elaine A. (NC)Pet Name: LucieDate Lost: 03/05/2017Date Found: 03/07/17

What a great service. I responded to a listing of a found pet (I had lost mine) but hours later had not received a response from the "finder". I called the website phone number and was given the party's phone number. We connected and met and I have my doggie back!


Found 1 Happy

Pet Owner: Yera H. (NY)Pet Name: HappyDate Lost: 02/27/2017 helped spread the word to many different sites! Thank you!


Pet Owner: Cynthia F. (CA)Pet Name: Whispers (calico )Date Lost: 03/04/2017Date Found: 03/07/17

a nice lady found her in there garage, she had one of the flyers I put out in a two block ratios. so happy she back


Found 1 Diamond

Pet Owner: Gordon C. (CA)Pet Name: DiamondDate Lost: 02/25/2017

I found it to be a good resource for us but also for us to help others find there lost pets
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