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Found 1 Beanie Boy

Pet Owner: Kim S. (NC)Pet Name: Beanie BoyDate Lost: 01/26/2017Date Found: 01/27/17

I can't say enough about how grateful I am as my puppy was found within 16 hours of posting! As my puppy is a very beautiful pure breed, I was worried someone would keep him or try to sell him. But all dogs need a vet and by 10:00 AM the next morning I was contacted by a vet in the next town over. Upon receipt of my payment, this site sent faxes out with his picture to vets in a broad area the night before. This particular vet had seen him the afternoon before and recognized him from the fax immediately!! The cost was worth every cent and we are still celebrating getting our future therapy dog and beautiful King Charles Spaniel baby back home! I will be eternally grateful for this site and how they jump on the process of finding your pet so quickly!!!!


Found 2 Butch

Pet Owner: joan m. (MA)Pet Name: ButchDate Lost: 12/08/1916Date Found: 02/04/17

When our Butchie went missing we were devistated. Our vet recommend we try this website. They got the word out and two months later we have our boy home. Our sincere thanks for all you have done to bring Butch home safe and sound. We highly recommend this website.


Found 2 Koda

Pet Owner: Gloria E. (TX)Pet Name: KodaDate Lost: 01/27/2017Date Found: 02/04/17

Thank you so much for sending out the flyers in our search for Koda - my son found him 3 blocks over in some bushes. He's very skinny, but looks and acts okay. We're already on to fattening him up!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Laurie A. (CA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 02/03/2017Date Found: 02/03/17

Found a VERY happy pet owner and reunited her with her little Shih Tzu dog within about an hour. Thank you to this service!


Found 1 THOR

Pet Owner: Jamie D. (AZ)Pet Name: THORDate Lost: 01/30/2017Date Found: 02/03/17

What a great service. I was so impressed with the speed that Lost My Doggie reached out to the community to help me find my baby boy. Will highly recommend to anyone with a lost pet.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Donna C. (OH)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 01/30/2017Date Found: 02/02/17

Thank you so much for your amazing service. The Flyers you faxed to the vets and shelters are priceless. It's saved us so much time, that we used to do other activities to find the owner of this wonderful dog. Thank you again Donna


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Tracy C. (AL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 02/01/2017Date Found: 02/02/17

Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service to those whose pets are family. The animal alert information was already posted at my local vet's office when I took the lost young little girl in to be scanned for a microchip. Great work!!!


Found 1 Zoey

Pet Owner: Carol S. (GA)Pet Name: ZoeyDate Lost: 01/22/2017 was very instrumental in finding our baby puppy. They were professional, on time, and really did help. I think the phone calls were very helpful in getting the word out. We're so happy to have our baby back!! Thank you, LostMyDoggie!!!!!!!!


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Marni Z. (FL)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 02/01/2017

This is a wonderful service. We were lucky my dog came home.


Found 1 Ralph

Pet Owner: Esther B. (PA)Pet Name: RalphDate Lost: 02/01/2017Date Found: 02/01/17

Thank you, I recover my dog in 2 hours was great.


Found 1 SARA

Pet Owner: Joyce R. (CA)Pet Name: SARADate Lost: 01/20/2017Date Found: 01/23/17

Because of this service my Sara was found. Three days missing was an eternity. I am so happy to have her back.


Found 1 CoCo

Pet Owner: Derrickka D. (VA)Pet Name: CoCoDate Lost: 01/30/2017

This site was very helpful in my search for CoCo. They posted flyers and alerted me with updates. I really appreciate great websites like this!


Found 1 Chloe

Pet Owner: Anderson C. (AZ)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 01/26/2017Date Found: 01/30/17

I'm very happy and satisfied of this website and to the people who found her and to the people that help us to look for her...if it wasn't for this organization I wouldn't able to find her again! We're very happy to have her back!


Found 1 Rex

Pet Owner: David R. (NC)Pet Name: RexDate Lost: 01/26/2017Date Found: 01/30/17

I make many flyers with pictures of my dog,and go to many neighborhood around .And one lady in the page of her neiborhood see someone find dog like Rex. She call me and I send more pictures about Rex and she send my information to the people have my dog. They call me for pick up my Dog. We are happy together now


Found 1 Shelby

Pet Owner: Becky C. (NY)Pet Name: ShelbyDate Lost: 12/23/2016

Thank you for helping me reunite with my Shelby girl!
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