July, 5 2015



The humane society advised my daughter to use this website. Immediately after I went into the sight flyers were sent out to veterinarians, the spca, and anyone else you can think of that might be able to help. Our veterinarians office called me two hours after I went on this website. A man had brought in a dog right after they received a fax with her information and picture on it. They called to tell me that it looked just like my dog. When I got there it was my little girl! Thank you so much to Mylostdoggie.com for helping me bring Sassy home quickly and safely. I would recommend this website to anyone missing a pet.it was fast, efficient and it helped me to bring my dog home within two hours of posting to them. Thank you again mylostdoggie.com I couldn't have done it without you!!!! Sincerely, Sassy's Happy Mommy

June, 29 2015


American Shorthair

When my beloved cat, Smokey, was lost, we were desperate to find him. I first contacted another service, PetAmberAlert.com. They failed to initiate the phone calls in a timely and advertised manner to residences within a small radius of the site last seen.. They failed to reveal on their website that these phone calls would not be made over the weekend-- I had placed the order and my card was charged on a Friday. No satisfaction -- or even a requested call back was forthcoming. Worrying about the time sensitive nature of finding a lost pet, I then contacted Lost-My-Doggie.com on Saturday morning. The calls were initiated later that same day. I was able to reach a real, live customer service rep on the phone (other company you could reach a real person only by choosing phone tree option for people wanting to initially buy their service and that person knew nothing about existing orders).. Lost My Doggue was responsive, fast-acting and helpful. And when I later wanted to expand the search area for additional phone calls, they worked with me to determine just what that expanded area should be. I am very happy with Lost My Doggies service -- and I am happy to report that Smokey was found-- safe and unhurt, on Day 25.

June, 10 2015


Yorkshire Terrier

We lost our Yorkie on vacation of all places in Tampa Florida. I easily submitted my dogs information to lostmy doggie.com and was stunned that within one hour a voice recording was sent to homes in the area. Moments after that began calls from neighbors and residents asking if the dog was still missing and obtaining a better physical description. I asked a couple of the collars where they lived and found out the calls had reached out almost to a 2 mile radius, much further than canvassing the neighborhood or posting signs in the immediate area would've covered. Long story short, our dog was found by chance through word of mouth. But if not for that chance encounter which reunited us with our dog, I am 100% convinced that lostmydoggie.com would be the only effective way of communicating with large numbers of neighbors in a short amount of time. I simply cannot recommend this service enough for anyone who has had the misfortune of losing a family member.

June, 4 2015



Outstanding!!!!! Words can not describe who wonderful and helpful LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM was. The tips and when they called surrounding neighbors that i couldnt reach was the ticket. Now my Pudgy is home safe. Thank you LOSTDOGGIE.COM for all your help. Joyce O'Dell

May, 28 2015


Bull Terrier

I used LostMyDoggie flyers to spread around my neighborhood, local shelters, petco, and petsmarts. I posted flyers on facebook, placed ads on craigslist. In the end it was the LostMyDoggie flyers that helped locate my puppy, beyond ecstatic to have him back!

May, 8 2015


Australian Shepherd

LostMyDoggie.com produced a tip that led us in the direction he traveled. Neighbors in my area confirmed they were called, though we ultimately found him through a FaceBook tipster a few miles away -- people in the area where he was found ALSO confirmed receiving a call, as did friends who lived in-between. So, without a doubt, they make the calls they say they will, and if fortune favors, someone in the calling range will have seen your animal. Regardless, I highly recommend LostMyDoggie.com. In fact, the day we recovered my missing dog, my cat slipped out and hasn't been back since. I already put in my LostMyKitty.com order. I can only hope to be successful in his recovery, as well.

May, 6 2015


Lhasa Apso

we placed this notice today and within 20-30 minutes I got a call from the person who found our dog Foxxy Very pleased...thank you

May, 6 2015


Domestic Short Hair

The phone message was clear and concise with all the information I provided. She was found pretty quickly. We are so very happy to have her home.

April, 21 2015



I received a text from my wife at 2:30. By 3:30 I had registered and updated a photo. I received call at 4:30 (recorded messages) that went to all the neighbor. After going to an office store to get flyers printed (from this website), I had 4 calls by neighbors approximately a mile away who saw my dog and one house which was able to secure him! He had been out 3 hours chasing deer, wading through woods and swamps. We were fortunate to get him back. The best $200 I spent as the calls worked! Great service and I highly recommend it!

April, 12 2015



Someone called us after receiving a call from your service. He had been gone for almost two days. Found him within two hours after receiving that call. Thanks Joe!!! Thanks "Mylostdoggie.com"!!!! Sincerely, Daniel, Tammy, & Tyson

April, 5 2015


American Staffordshire Terrier

The first day that the phone messages went out, the VERY FIRST call I received was from a woman who had received the phone message and she subsequently led me to the person who found my dog. The End.

March, 20 2015


Border Collie

We received a call 30 minutes after posting to lost my doggie. She was sighted but un able to catch her. After 2 more days she was found after numerous sighting phone calls from people that had received a call or got a flyer! Thank you It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March, 9 2015



This service really does work! We wete driving around looking for our dog and a man called us who had heard the alert about six hours earlier. He had spotted him on his street, and we eventually found him on that street. If that man had not heard our alert and knew that we were looking for him, we might never have found him.

March, 4 2015


Bichon Frise

My wife and I were so thankful that someone suggested we view your site for assistance. What a terrific service you provide to folks in a time of need, especially if you've never experienced a sudden loss of one of your "family members". We received numerous words of encouragement and acknowledgement from other dog lovers and additional advice on what we could do. This saga has a happy ending for our family - Sampson was returned home around 4:30 pm today - 23 hours after he first disappeared. It's reassuring to know that with all that goes on in the world today that there are people who take their time to do the right thing - these folks picked him up near the front of our house in foul weather and provided a safe haven overnight. Thank you!

March, 1 2015



I'm thrilled with the results of LostMyDoggie.com...within 30 minutes I received an alert that someone had found my dog. I highly recommend this site. Thank you LostMyDoggie.com for getting Giblet home!