October, 9 2018

Found Dog Foxy



Big thank you to lostmydoggie.com, 4 hours after posting a listing I found my dog!

October, 5 2018

Found Dog Missy


Yorkshire Terrier

This is a great way to find your lost dog, the Amber Alerts really work. Thank god with the help of Lostmydoggie.com she has been found alive and well. Thank you!

September, 24 2018

Found Dog Migo


Siberian Husky

So my dog escaped and honestly I didn’t think I’ll ever see him again. He was gone for a full day and for some people that might be short but it was really long for my siblings and I. We did miss him and hoping we would see him again. Then I received an email from someone who thinks they found my dog. Turns out she did and we were very happy to hav whim bag thanks to her. This site reunited my dog and I and if I hadn’t put my dog as lost on here I don’t think I’d get him back. Thank you to this site and the person who found my dog and looked on here!!!

September, 22 2018

Found Dog CHEWY



When our boy Chui went missing, we used LostMyDoggie's automated phone call service to reach out to neighbors. The man who found Chui had received one of those calls, recognized Chui, and got him home to us right away. We are so grateful to have Chui back! Thanks, LostMyDoggie.com!

September, 15 2018

Found Dog Buddy


Pit Bull

I was a little skeptical of spending so much money on a MAYBE, but i am glad I did. Shortly after purchasing the plan I received a phone call from a neighbor a few blocks away telling me my dog was at his house that earlier that morning and he had animal control come pick him up, and that he confirmed it was him with the picture posted on this website. Long story short LostMyDoggie was a great system and very effective in a speedy recovery.

September, 7 2018

Found Dog Paulie


Cocker Spaniel

Wow! I was hesitant on purchasing the amber alert, I wasn't sure if it would be real. But, after contemplating, and being really worried for my pup after a week of him being gone, I purchased it. I purchased the most affordable one at 3pm and at 6pm a woman called me saying she thinks she has my dog, so I went and there he was! Within a day my baby was home.

September, 4 2018

Found Dog Angel


Miniature Schnauzer

A family found her and took her to a vet. There they saw my flyer faxed by lostmydoggie.com!! They stated, this is the puppy on this flyer! The vet immediately called me to reunite us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

September, 4 2018

Found Dog Brenda



We are so grateful for this service! Our baby was found because you sent out information to the shelters. I would recommend this service to everyone! Thank you so so much !!!

August, 31 2018

Found Cat Paisley


Domestic Short Hair

So grateful lostmydoggie.com was recommended when I lost my kitten. Site is very user friendly and cost effective. They expedited the search for my pet so much quicker than I could have done. Hope I never need them again, but I will certainly recommend lostmydoggie to others!

August, 30 2018

Found Dog Roxy


American Staffordshire Terrier

I got my dog back , Thanks to the services you provide. I printed and laminated the flyers before posting them throughout the neighborhood on the same day Roxy went missing. The next morning I received a phone call that she had been found and was ok. We were reunited in less than 24hrs. I’m very thankful for the help.

August, 23 2018

Found Dog Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Mixed Breed

My dog was found in less than 24 hours. The shelter called me after seeing one of your flyers with my dogs information saying a dog was dropped off that looked like mine. I truly credit this service with getting my dog back to me so quickly. Thank you!

August, 20 2018

Found Dog Bella Faith

Bella Faith

Mixed Breed

Our daughter was missing for 6 days!!! A man found HER in an empty house in the A/C duct. He called me from a poster I made with the flyer attached!!! She is now home safe and sound resting!!!

August, 19 2018

Found Dog Louie



Amazing story and truly the place to go if your pet is lost or you find one! I came across this website and I took a leap of Faith and Desperation on behalf of my elderly neighbor. "Louie " disappeared on the evening of August 16, 2018. Hours of worry and fear consumed us. This dog is a piece of our family and neighbors that searched for him relentlessly to NO avail. Heartbroken and at a loss, I had to do more..... YOUR service has proven that indeed you followed through with your partners within the Community. Within 6 hours "Louie" was FOUND!??????, This was a Miracle indeed as time seemed to not be in favor of finding this little SCARED dog. However, THANKS be to lostmydoogie.com, for your excellent service. I STRONGLY advocate on behalf of this professional and trustworthy business! Like my neighbor, we have RESCUE animals, 3 dogs and 3cats. They are my constant companions and family. Although they are ALL seniors now, they've been with me ten years plus. I cannot imagine my life without them. I'm totally disabled and living with multiple Cancers and illnesses which limit my mobility and finances. This is so reasonable for every single thing they do on behalf of your lost or found PET. I'm so impressed and thankful for having found our neighbors dog "Louie "! If ever by chance I would lose any of my dogs, I'd immediately come back here! Again, within 6 hours of my original POST...... he was FOUND and my elderly neighbor whom is bedridden now has a HAPPY ENDING. Many thanks to EVERYONE who acted to bring "Louie " home!??????????

August, 12 2018

Found Ferret Emmy



We lost our ferret Emmy on Friday and found her on Sunday thanks to LostMyDoggie. We did an Amber alert and the basic free listing. Try it. It really works! Gary & Cindy Conner

August, 10 2018

Found Dog Tommy


Miniature Pinscher

Thank you so much! This site is amazing. We were able to find our Tommy in less than 48 hours. If it weren’t for this site I don’t think we’d be able to be reunited with him. An awesome family found him and I was informed right after I posted his photo. Thanks again!