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Found 1 Echo

Pet Owner: Robert S. (CA)Pet Name: EchoDate Lost: 02/11/2017Date Found: 02/14/17

First I would like to thank this site and the help it provided. The site was easy to maneuver through the pages and the areas that was needed to supply all the info needed. It also made me more at ease waiting for an answer to my dog being found.


Found 2 Princess

Pet Owner: rebecca b. (FL)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 02/02/2017

We got a note that a cat like ours was at a local Animal Shelter, we went to four, it wasn't her but we took all the advise that day gave us, we prayed to St Francis, put out 50 flyers on close neighbor's mail boxes, we spread spent litter around the edge of the property and sat outside at dusk and talked in normal voices about her. Seven days after she disappeared, she walked up to the house that night....Go figure, what worked? Don't know. I do know there are a lot of caring people out there that were part of Princess finding her way home. Thank you for being a great part of the process.


Found 1 Penelope

Pet Owner: Eric M. (FL)Pet Name: PenelopeDate Lost: 02/13/2017

This website helped find my Siberian Husky in less than 12 hours.


Found 1 Luna

Pet Owner: Adam S. (CA)Pet Name: LunaDate Lost: 02/10/2017

This service was great! I actually found my dogs and took them to the vet to get a chip... where they had a flyer from LostMyDoggie posted in their lobby!


Found 1 Devo

Pet Owner: Mike B. (FL)Pet Name: DevoDate Lost: 02/05/2017

Thanks for sending out the alerts it really helped in getting Devo back Thanks Mike


Found 1 Archimedes

Pet Owner: Ethan C. (TN)Pet Name: ArchimedesDate Lost: 01/31/2017Date Found: 02/06/17

I have to say that without the assistance of Lost My Doggie, my dogs may not have been located and more importantly, that no one would know who their human was to contact me. Thank you for an invaluable service!


Found 1 Sadie Butters

Pet Owner: Ethan C. (TN)Pet Name: Sadie ButtersDate Lost: 01/31/2017Date Found: 02/07/17

Lost My Doggie notified all the rescue organizations in the area and I feel that was the key to having my dogs located and for them to call me to say they were found and where to pick them up. This is a GREAT service!


Found 1 Baby

Pet Owner: Janice A. (AZ)Pet Name: BabyDate Lost: 02/10/2017

Within 2 hours of the email alerts going out, our dog Was located ?? Great service and I would recommend LostMyDoggie Thanks ??


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Lisa L. (NJ)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 02/09/2017Date Found: 02/11/17

We are pleased to announced the Rocky and home with his family!!!! We would like to thank all the shelters, vets, volunteers and my neighbors for spreading the word about our precious Rocky. Thank you all for sharing his posters! We want to especially thank the Good Samaritan who located him and brought him into the Atlantic County Animal Shelter located in Pleasantville, NJ this morning! Thank you for keeping him safe and cared for until we picked him up! Rocky is home, happy, healthy and safe! THANK YOU ALL!!!!


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Amanda S. (IN)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 02/09/2017Date Found: 02/09/17

Very happy with this service! found owner of animal - happy ending!


Found 1 diamond

Pet Owner: amber J. (CA)Pet Name: diamondDate Lost: 10/15/2016Date Found: 02/08/17

Thanks to microchip she was found almost 4 months later ! We are so happy to have our fur baby home !


Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: John D. (NJ)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 02/03/2017Date Found: 02/07/17

Thank you so much for helping with the social media and providing flyers for me to print. It took 5 days but we were able to finally recover Max. The website was great, but I hope I never have to use this site again. Thanks again!


Found 1 MJ

Pet Owner: Chrissy B. (PA)Pet Name: MJDate Lost: 02/02/2017Date Found: 02/07/17

Thank you so much for your service. We were able easily to print lost dog flyers that aided in locating our puppy that had been missing for nearly 6 days. We are so thankful and relieved to have her home!


Found 1 Jack

Pet Owner: Sarah S. (FL)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 02/06/2017Date Found: 02/07/17

Although did not help directly with Jacks safe return, the resources they provided were fantastic. I would strongly recommend using this site. Thank you very much!


Found 1 Slick

Pet Owner: Shelby M. (CA)Pet Name: SlickDate Lost: 01/27/2017

I love this site, thank you for All of your help!!
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