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Found 1 Zahzu

Pet Owner: Dee A. (SC)Pet Name: ZahzuDate Lost: 12/13/2016Date Found: 12/15/16

Zazhu was found by a neighbor late last night. Home safe and sound. Thank you all for helping bring him home.


Found 1 Cleo

Pet Owner: Becky R. (CA)Pet Name: CleoDate Lost: 12/13/2016Date Found: 12/14/16

I am very thankful for this site, we printed out the flyer & plastered it every where.


Found 1 Andy

Pet Owner: Martha S. (IL)Pet Name: AndyDate Lost: 12/07/2016Date Found: 12/14/16

I just want to thank to for the effort they took on bringing my dog back. My dog was stolen by some real cruel people on December 7th and thanks to everything rhey did we were able to be reunited with him this early morning December 14. Thanks again for everything Sanchez Family


Pet Owner: Barry H. (TX)Pet Name: BootsDate Lost: 12/07/2016Date Found: 12/13/16

Great tool available. The family and i was devastating that our dog ran away and "lostmydoggie" website and facebook helped to find our dog. Thank you for this website to help one another. - Huddleston Family


Found 1 Batman

Pet Owner: Tara W. (NC)Pet Name: BatmanDate Lost: 12/10/2016Date Found: 12/13/16

I am very pleased with the LostMyDoggie service!! On the same day I purchased, we received a call with a sighting of my dog, who had been missing for 4 days. We were definitely able to reach more people with the calls. Thank you!!!


Found 1 Peach

Pet Owner: Daniela C. (CA)Pet Name: PeachDate Lost: 12/04/2016Date Found: 12/05/16

Found our Doggy!! Thank you to lostmydoggie for sharing the message and opening a community of the nicest most helpful people!


Found 1 Hatchie

Pet Owner: Yvonne V. (CA)Pet Name: HatchieDate Lost: 11/13/2016

we found him at our local shelter


Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: Rufus W. (SC)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 12/03/2016

We found dog, thsnks


Found 1 cookie

Pet Owner: Maria L. (TX)Pet Name: cookieDate Lost: 12/09/2016Date Found: 12/12/16

I am so happy to find my doggie. I follow all the tips that this website offer and that's the way work. Thank you so much Maria ??


Pet Owner: Shayna D. (CA)Pet Name: Emery has Avid MicrochipDate Lost: 11/09/2016

A good samaratin took Emery home with them that had no internet accuse or car and tried for a week after she went missing to get animal contrll for the county to get them to come to their home and scan her for a microchipand they refused. 18 days lattera relitive from out of state with internet accuse came to visit and check craigslist on the night they found her, which was the night she got out sae her photok knew it was her called me came and got her and brought her out to the car and I knew right away it was her. Emery also reconized me and jumped from the ladies arms right into my lap. The next day I took her ti mmy vet and had her scaned which confermed that it was her. Shes happy and does not want to leave my side now.


Found 1 Opie

Pet Owner: Marie S. (MN)Pet Name: OpieDate Lost: 12/10/2016Date Found: 12/11/16

Opie is so happy to be back home. He stayed with a very nice family last night. I'll be able to sleep now, so grateful for all who helped.


Found 1 Kody

Pet Owner: Kissie P. (NJ)Pet Name: KodyDate Lost: 12/10/2016Date Found: 12/11/16

Thank you for everything, this service was very helpful with the finding of my dog. I will let everyone know how great this company is. Thank you so much again


Found 2 Saluda

Pet Owner: Bethany M. (UT)Pet Name: SaludaDate Lost: 12/08/2019Date Found: 12/10/16

We just moved to this area and two of our pets went missing. The alerts through this website gave us peace of mind that we were doing everything we could to find them. Our dog showed up at our door and our cat was spotted and scooped up by a neighbor. We are so relieved that all our animals are safe.


Found 1 Atlas

Pet Owner: Kyle B. (MO)Pet Name: AtlasDate Lost: 12/10/2016Date Found: 12/10/16

I didn't think it was going to help at all. However, i put up the add and got a phone call within an hour. I was very pleased with this service.


Found 1 Dahlia

Pet Owner: Bethany M. (UT)Pet Name: DahliaDate Lost: 12/05/2016Date Found: 12/08/16

The pet alert service made me feel like I was doing everything I could to find my dog. Dahlia ended up making her way home on her own, but I felt like this service was invaluable and I would absolutely use it again.
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