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Found 1 Kimber

Pet Owner: Amy T. (MI)Pet Name: KimberDate Lost: 01/09/2017

The quickness and all that was done all free of charge was Amazing. Such an awesome website and service. Thank you all!!!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Kelly F. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 01/04/2017Date Found: 01/09/17

This is a fantastic website that is so easy to use! It was recommended to me by my vet and the flyer that sent out was the reason the dog we found was reunited with it's owner! The dog and the owner had a wonderful reunion and it was such a happy ending!


Found 1 Wiggles aj

Pet Owner: Shawnna B. (WA)Pet Name: Wiggles ajDate Lost: 01/05/2017Date Found: 01/08/17

Thank you so much!!!!


Found 1 Rosco

Pet Owner: KAT E. (TX)Pet Name: RoscoDate Lost: 01/01/2017Date Found: 01/08/17

Thank you lostmydoggie. Rosco is now safe at home and my son is no longer a wreck. This is an awesome program. Thank you. Its been a very long week, but you brought him home. Praise God!! God bless all pet owners and lovers!!


Found 1 Ivy

Pet Owner: Jen A. (UT)Pet Name: IvyDate Lost: 12/08/2017

Ivy was found 2 days and 2 night after being lost in the mountains. Lots of people were out looking for her and aware of her being missing. Your services helped bring her home. Thank you very much for your help. We are so happy to have her home


Found 1 Riley

Pet Owner: Kenny P. (SD)Pet Name: RileyDate Lost: 01/07/2017Date Found: 01/08/17

The Humane Society just called, they found Riley last night! Thank God, it was really cold last night. Now we have to get the money to get him out.


Found 1 Trixy

Pet Owner: Grace D. (FL)Pet Name: TrixyDate Lost: 12/28/2016Date Found: 12/29/16

We did find Trixy. Not through Lost My Doggie, but through our efforts and about 200 flyers that we placed in our neighborhood. However, I was pleased to learn that a local vet had a notice that came from Lost My Doggie. So I know they do get the word out as promised in the website.


Pet Owner: Linda W. (FL)Pet Name: SugarDate Lost: 01/04/2017Date Found: 01/06/17

I got several calls about the location of this dog. As a result of it being posted online I found her with a lady 2 blocks away. Thank you so much.


Found 1 Luna

Pet Owner: Kevin C. (NJ)Pet Name: LunaDate Lost: 12/23/2016

I want to first let everyone know that we captured Luna last night at 7:30-8:00pm. She was back in her home at 8:30pm. Our 15-day painful odyssey happily coming to an ending. She was taken to her Vet first thing this morning to be thoroughly examined. All her vitals were very good! We are fortunate she was in excellent condition prior to her deciding to tour the cities of Wayne and Totowa. She is extremely skinny and her pads are raw and hurting her a little. We have meds that will be mixed with water to soak her paws and other meds for precaution purposes. We also are having a complete blood work done on her to determine if any additional meds or treatment is required. I am very confident she will be back to normal within the next 2-3 weeks. Luna and I offer our love and thanks to all! Kevin


Found 1 Gauge

Pet Owner: Cheyenne C. (NM)Pet Name: GaugeDate Lost: 01/03/2017Date Found: 01/06/17

We found Gauge yesterday(1/5/17)!!! He is warm and safe at home with his family, as it is snowing and only 16 degrees outside! Such a blessing! A huge THANK YOU to for contacting local animal hospitals/shelters in the Roswell area with his information, and for the flyer you created for us to print! Thank You! Ahmed and Cheyenne Carrasco


Found 1 Winnie

Pet Owner: Cheryl S. (GA)Pet Name: WinnieDate Lost: 12/30/2016Date Found: 01/05/17

Thank you for the quick and simple method you provide to list Lost and Found pets. Your system is easy to navigate and I was so happy to be able to create a flyer at the push of a button!


Found 1 Coco

Pet Owner: Sharon C. (GA)Pet Name: CocoDate Lost: 12/26/2016Date Found: 12/28/16

Not sure how helped but I felt better using it. I signed up for additional items such as extended listings, etc. which I believe I saw some were refundable depending upon if and when the pet was found. I contacted them via phone and email to inquire if what I had read was correct and to get a possible refund but never heard back from them. I would use them again simply because you have to do something but not sure in my case it helped. My pet was found because both my parents and the woman who found her had called the Humane Society. The end result is, my dog is home which is what I wanted.


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Constance M. (TX)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/05/17

This website, along with flyers in the neighborhood, helped reunite the dog we found with his owner! yeah!


Found 1 Midnite

Pet Owner: Andrea B. (IL)Pet Name: MidniteDate Lost: 01/04/2017

My Midnite has returned!! I am soo grateful to this fire you really gave me a glimmer of hope that my puppy would be found!! I will definitely recommend this site to all my pet owners!! Thank you soooo much!!


Found 1 Riley james

Pet Owner: Sharmaine B. (NM)Pet Name: Riley jamesDate Lost: 12/23/2016Date Found: 12/28/16

When my dog/best friend and world, Mr Riley James went missing the Friday before Christmas, I was scared, lost, beyond devastated and scared for my 21/2 yr old yorkie. He's never been alone before and what if he was scared after his adventure when he came outta his runaway trance and realized he didn't recognize anything. We just moved downtown in Albuquerque as a gift to ourselves for a better life and I now had nobody to bask in the joys with. I didn't know where to turn. Who could help. Riley had never been registered with the city. Had on nothing but a collar on. My friends knew what my dog meant to me so I posted on facebook to share my situation. My friend Evelyn Trujillo opened me up to Facebook's dog loving community who turned me to animal humane, pet finder and lost and I registered him on each of their sites. Being that Riley had no tags was the biggest fear factor because anyone could just find him and pose as him as their own. For 2 days I went on foot trying to see what he would keep him going and the neighborhood became large and vast. I visited the sites until Christmas nite he showed up on the west side Animal shelters found list. I finally was at ease. I thank everyone from Evelyn to those at each of the sites and finally Westside Animal Humane who cared for an adventurous ?? and a scared mom who found comfort in Albuquerques Dog Community. Sincerely Shari Boing
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