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Total: 5133 stories


Found 1 stance

Pet Owner: meredith m. (GA)Pet Name: stanceDate Lost: 11/17/2016

I used the free flyers offered by and within 36 hours my fur baby was back home. Thank you


Found 1 Montana

Pet Owner: Cary C. (NJ)Pet Name: MontanaDate Lost: 11/24/2016

Thank you for everything


Found 1 Tasha

Pet Owner: Martha M. (CA)Pet Name: TashaDate Lost: 11/24/2016Date Found: 11/24/16

Even though our Tasha was found within 20 minutes of posting on your site, we just want to say thank you with all our hearts and want to let you know that your site gave us such a sense of hope and comfort, and we have already recommended your services to our family and friends. THANK YOU ??


Found 1 Digger

Pet Owner: Missy S. (OH)Pet Name: DiggerDate Lost: 11/23/2016Date Found: 11/24/16

What a wonderful site to help you when you are so desperate to find your dog. I highly recommend this site to all. Thank you for this service and so thankful we found our dog!


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: RON C. (CA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 11/21/2016Date Found: 11/23/16

this is an excellent site!


Found 1 Maximus

Pet Owner: Gary K. (TX)Pet Name: MaximusDate Lost: 11/23/2016Date Found: 11/23/16

This is a wonderful service even the free one. Once I put our Maximus's handsome face up and his sad story it was but 30 minutes that we got a text from a lady who was given our number by an unrelated individual who saw our ad. The network was just second to none. Thank you thank you. Our Max thanks you because tomorrow he will be able to get his 9th turkey leg for 9 wonderful Thanksgivings.


Found 1 Evan

Pet Owner: Amanda R. (TX)Pet Name: EvanDate Lost: 11/08/2016Date Found: 11/22/16

The main thing that I liked about the website was I was able to print of flyers for free. I didn't have to money to try the other stuff, so mainly all I was able to do was print flyers and post them around town; which helped people to see what he looked like. Thank you!


Found 1 Blue Peinhardt.

Pet Owner: Alisa P. (AL)Pet Name: Blue Peinhardt.Date Lost: 11/13/2016

Thank you so much for helping us find our family dog!we would not have located him without your help! You guys are awesome!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Margot S. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 11/05/2016Date Found: 11/20/16

Today we reunited a lost dog with her happy owner!! Lost my Doggie helped us by generating a flyer that we posted. Happy ending ??!


Found 1 Coco

Pet Owner: Melany A. (FL)Pet Name: CocoDate Lost: 11/20/2016Date Found: 11/20/16

Thank you for this wonderful website, I was able to find my small white Maltese who got lost this morning. A vet tech from petsmart, told me about this website and that many people in the Orlando area use it. I'm so Happy!!


Found 1 Rudder

Pet Owner: John L. (TX)Pet Name: RudderDate Lost: 10/15/2016

Found. Lostmydoggie is a great tool and I did receive calls about a black dog being sighted, but Rudder was found independently and right after I paid for the service. Keep up the good work, it just didn't help in this case.


Found 1 Bella

Pet Owner: Kris M. (CA)Pet Name: BellaDate Lost: 11/11/2016

After a sleepless and terrified night, my veterinarian informed me about LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM the morning after my Bella (a 14 lb. white Maltipoo) went missing. We immediately created a profile for Bella despite my fear that she had been snatched by a coyote. (We had seen one at dusk during our daily walk and I was certain, when she did not come in for dinner, that he had followed us home). Within an hour or so of registering on your site, we received an email regarding a possible lead on Bella. Melissa, an volunteer from your Pet Rescue team, had proactively researched nearby Animal Shelters and sent me an update. When I called, she wisely advised that I disregard the misinformation posted on the shelter's site and take a look at the photo of a doggie that had arrived at the shelter that morning. I couldn't believe my eyes! Looking haggard but alive was my missing little girl! She was not wearing her name tag when she went missing and the microchip call center had no information on her when I called. Melissa's commitment and efforts spared me prolonged hours of grief. My relief was immediate! When I arrived at the shelter, they were swamped and the process was slow. It may have been hours before they could have contacted the chip company and me so my gratitude for your site and Melissa runs deep. Thank you for your love & dedication to our pets. Your site and your volunteers are truly amazing!!! With much Love, Bella & her grateful Mama


Found 1 Squishy

Pet Owner: david h. (PA)Pet Name: SquishyDate Lost: 11/10/2016

Squishy is found! Not sure what alerted the lady that squishy was ares but she called Joe brother in law and asked a lot of questions and Joe has him!!


Found 1 Belle

Pet Owner: Sandra C. (NC)Pet Name: BelleDate Lost: 11/17/2016Date Found: 11/19/16

Belle was lost by a friend of the family in Greensboro, NC. Thank God we put flyers up in the neighborhood where lost praying someone would call and actually having her. Last night we were very pleased to report Belle is home and happy with her family.


Found 1 Titan

Pet Owner: Lacy C. (TX)Pet Name: TitanDate Lost: 11/16/2016Date Found: 11/18/16

Thank you so much for this site. I got flyers out quick and we got Titan back before the weekend. Thank you this site is awesome. Recommend for sure. Thank you.
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