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Found 1 Shadow

Pet Owner: Jeanne S. (AL)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 01/04/2017Date Found: 01/09/17

Placed an add with and there was picture with information put on there website in no time. With in a day got a call about a dog that could be mine. Had a couple days of bad weather so could not get out. When I did went to look at the dog that could be mine. It was my Shadow. This is a fast way to get the word out about your lost dog and it is sent to different places that could have your dog. I am so glad I heard about Ever have a dog lost please try them the word goes out so fast. Thank You Jeanne Shine


Found 1 Gorilla the Dog

Pet Owner: Dawn W. (VA)Pet Name: Gorilla the DogDate Lost: 01/11/2017Date Found: 01/14/17

Our Puppy Gorilla was found thankyou to this networking, & a neighbor, Dee & her husband, who found him & this networking who showed his photo!!!! I'm still in tears, happy ones finally after 4 days, our puppy is home! Unfortunately, his brother Captain Woof, you will also see on this site, is still missing, we're still searching and if you see him please Contact us. Thankyou all from my families hearts for this site, & Gorillas Mommy, Sonta who is So happy to have her baby home. Love to all pet owners, Dawn. Thankyou,forever!!!


Found 1 Shadow

Pet Owner: Bruce K. (TX)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 01/12/2017Date Found: 01/14/17

Our precious West Highland White Terrier of eleven years found someway to get out of the house. When we got him he had never been outside for the first ten weeks of his life. Just grass was an experience for him. Once we got him his shots we introduced him to the outside world, well only our backyard. Since then he has been an inside dog except for his business. Imagine our heartbreak and horror when he went missing. We searched the neighborhood most of the night and into the early morning hours of 3:00 AM. Our tears began to flow early that morning and we could not think straight. It was absolutely heartbreaking as we walked the neighborhood and rang doorbells. We made fliers and began distributing them. Day 2 we still had not heard from anyone. We began to despair contacting the local pet agencies including Petco. We left a flier there as well as at the local vets office and others. We found lostmydoggie web site and signed up for the service. They did everything and more than we had done in less than half the time. I do not know which flier that was sent to Petco was the one that did it, but one of our neighbors took the dog in and they called to let us know that they had found the dog, and the person was there ready to return him to us. What a surprise when we found it was someone we knew well. Our life is back to sorta normal now except that now we appreciate our pet even more now.


Found 1 Bambi

Pet Owner: Karolyn T. (CA)Pet Name: BambiDate Lost: 12/23/2016

Bambi looks like a small coyote. On 1/10/17, she was wandering about during the day. She finally found a place to take shelter early afternoon: under a portable trailer at Beckman High School, 4.5 miles away from where she was seen at 8am! Since it was during school hours, the high school called animal control to remove a coyote, but since we constantly remind them that our missing Bambi looks like a coyote, they called us immediately. Sure enough, it was her! After 18 days of wandering, she finally made it back home and without a scratch! We are so happy and relieved that she is with us again.


Found 1 Liem/Panda

Pet Owner: Oscar M. (NV)Pet Name: Liem/PandaDate Lost: 01/11/2017

UPDATE!!! He has been found!!! They found him in a neighborhood directly behind my brothers. He was cold and scared but they got him! He's home now for a bath and then a vet check! Thank you all for spreading the word and your prayers!!


Found 1 Satchel

Pet Owner: Cindi A. (CA)Pet Name: SatchelDate Lost: 01/06/2017

Thank you for putting the word out about our beloved pet Satchel. We felt so much better knowing we weren't alone in our search.


Found 1 Gimmekiss

Pet Owner: Christina F. (CA)Pet Name: GimmekissDate Lost: 01/09/2017Date Found: 01/12/17

I want to thank for helping me find my Gimmekiss. I thought I had lost her for good and almost lost hope when I came across your site. I am truly blessed and thankful to have my little girl home.


Found 1 Chomper

Pet Owner: Samy G. (CA)Pet Name: ChomperDate Lost: 01/11/2017Date Found: 01/12/17

I am so happy to have our pug chomper back home safe. Thank you so much for the help and what you do to help other people who have lost their pets on this website.


Pet Owner: Maria G. (TX)Pet Name: BrunoDate Lost: 12/31/2016

We found Bruno! Thanks to the flyers and our neighbors ?


Found 1 Gypsy

Pet Owner: Chelsea H. (IN)Pet Name: GypsyDate Lost: 01/05/2017Date Found: 01/12/17

Lucky for my family, Gypsy came home on her own! The flyers that created were wonderful and a huge help when talking to neighbors about my girl. I received so many calls about possible locations for her just by handing them out and posting them nearby my home. It was also a huge help that emails/faxes were sent to nearby pet businesses. Hopefully I never have to, but if I do, I will definitely use again!!


Found 1 Gigi

Pet Owner: Donald H. (TX)Pet Name: GigiDate Lost: 01/10/2017Date Found: 01/11/17

One of the only sites that actually appeared to do something to find your lost one. With no expenses, they reached much more than I could have on my own. I appreciate this site, and, with all hope against it, if I lost another pet, this is where I would come to get the word out.


Pet Owner: Debbie A. (CA)Pet Name: BreeDate Lost: 01/11/2017Date Found: 01/11/17

Our dog has been found ....this website was an awesome instrument to help our search. Lost My Doggie was recommended by Highland Kritters in Highland Ca.


Found 2 Stacher

Pet Owner: Brittany B. (VA)Pet Name: StacherDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/11/17

After our cat ran away from the fireworks on New Year's Eve we immediately started posting on Craigslist and putting flyers up near our area. It wasn't until someone saw our cragslist add and told us about After 13 days of searching someone 2 miles down the road said that they had seen our cat and she looked like the cat she had seen on through amber alert. What a amazing site. We got at least 6 calls from people who said that they got the Amber alert and had thought they had seen her. We found her less then a mile from our home and she was in good health. Thank you so much Brittany


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Kent H. (AL)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 01/10/2017Date Found: 01/11/17

Very user to use and it was totally free. Very happy.


Found 1 Dozer

Pet Owner: Jessica P. (CA)Pet Name: DozerDate Lost: 01/09/2017

Thanks to all involved we have found dozer!!!!! Yay our family is once again whole thank you! and God Bless
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